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  1. No I mean naked. Purely a support ship. Save those points to boost offense elsewhere. Either your opponent has to focus down on something that isn't hurting him by dice, only by an ability, or ignore it and focus on other more offensive ships and he HWKs ability stays until late game. It's a unique point of view but I've seen it work to great effect. If your HWK has a great ability it's going to draw biggs like focused fire anyways, might as well save the points for another ship in your squad.
  2. Here's an idea, Leave Palob naked and put opportunist on other guys in the squad (Tensari Point Vets with Mangoer or HLC). So either the opponent has to target Palob not reducing your firepower at all or ignores him to keep Palob hounding him till the end.
  3. Palob Naked Tensari Point Vet x2 Opportunist Syck HLC Serissu Two ships that roll five dice at range 3 on secondary weapons (so no range modifier). Evil laugh
  4. Or just put dead mans switch on N'Dru to make guys think twice about focusing down on him?
  5. Similar list I cooked up. Call it 'jackpot' (ps 777) Kath PTL K4 security droid EU Kavil Blaster turret R4 Aggromech N'Dru Lone wolf Prockets
  6. Boba VI Soontir PTL AT Stealth Academy Pilots x2 99 points
  7. Looking for: dark green acrylic focus tokens Lando (like everybody else) Clear dice Have pretty much everything else except range rulers and maneuver templates. PM me if interested.
  8. I liked Vessery with Chiraneau if you have a Decimator. Or something that shoots first but gets a free TL like Whisper or Echo. That could be a powerful combo.
  9. Excellent trade with kharas1! Very patient and above and beyond dedicated to 'Fly Casual'. When the trade items I was supposed to receive didn't and thought lost he sent more! We recovered the missing items and it's all cleared up! Excellent guy and definitely wouldn't hesitate a second to trade with again.
  10. Backstabber and two academies? If you ignore that, you'll be facing 7 attack every round... Not something to be ignored lightly.
  11. Ok, finally getting to work on this using what you've listed that you own. So with what you've got I've cooked up a list. It's a first draft and may need some tweaking: N'Dru Vet Instincts Inertial Dampeners Kavil Determination Blaster Turret R4 Aggromech Palob Godali Opportunist Blaster turret K4 Security Droid Moldy Crow Kaa'To Leeachos VI N'Dru starts opposite board, and serves as a flanker or distractor. The rest fly in loose formation two of them turrets, one a focus factory and hoarder and another a focus thief. N'Dru could roll 4 attack at range 1 Kavil could roll 4 attack if out of arc Palob is a beast at up to 4 dice with focus steals And TLs Kaa'To Is cheap and can use excess focus tokens from Palob Anyway, like I said it's not perfect but it's a start. Seems like the star viper really tends to want other ships at range one with it kind of negating N'Dru unless you keep him far far away purposefully.
  12. Have you tried adding rebel captive to your decimator? It's killer!
  13. Want: AA Lando and Acrylic Focus Tokens (dark green). Have: pretty much everything else. PM if interested
  14. Oh sorry! Didn't see your squad list in your signature. Lemme think on that and get back to you.
  15. Lone wolf is a better add IMO for N'Dru. For other ships to fill out the list, I would recommend IG2000 or Firesprays, they're faster than smaller ships and you'll field fewer of them. That will allow you to use N'Dru's ability more often. How about: N'Dru VI Mandalorian Mercenary, Predator Recon Spec x2
  16. Predator gunner against a Decimator is overkill. With Han rerolls you'll definitely get his in. I recommend R2D2 crew instead of gunner, keep predator, upgrade to three talas.
  17. I don't care how you spend the extra four points, but you have to call this your Kanye West build.
  18. It's a bit of a stretch as X wing isn't her favorite. Too many little pieces to bump, making it stressful in her opinion. She likes the SWLCG and other such games, GoT the Board game, Dead of Winter, etc. I knew I was in love when returning home from our first date in 2008, she beat 'Paint it Black' on expert on my guitar hero... I got lucky .
  19. Play tested the RAC, Soontir, Darj Curse list against my wife last night. She was flying Han, Predator, 3P0, Luke crew, EU, Title and 3 Bandits. She had really lucky defensive rolls on those bandits but after and hour neither of us had lost a ship. Soontir engaged Han with RAC and DC and lost his stealth and took a damage. He then disengaged and went after the bandits with RAC and DC keeping after Han. That worked rather ok. Not well, just ok. Against a more experienced player, I doubt I would have won that matchup. In summary, Fat Han and his banditos is still very much a threat, even in the new meta. Now what to run for store champs in a week...
  20. Yea, totally excellent points. I think that's why I liked DC or even Backstabber. Both of those are also targeting the opponents (insert fat ship) to help get some more firepower on those big ships. Cause against a fat han list if you don't kill han you lose.
  21. Good points all as I have not played against a Decimator Phantom list. My meta is probably 60-70% rebels so I was primarilary working to counter Dash and Corran. Having that extra ship (Dark Curse) helped there with blocking and an extra two dice. I threw him right I to the fray with the mindset of: 'attack him because he's a threat and each round then is a round my Decimator isn't being targeted' or 'ignore him and he'll wear you down slowly with 2-3 more Attack dice'. I didn't use EU every time, only when it suited me to get into Dash's donut or out of Corrans arc. So some rounds I used TL which was obvious better even than predator. You're right though some things the list was missing points for was Rebel captive and Isard. Should I drop DC for those points on RAC? RAC Predator Rebel Captive Isard Jerrjod? EU Soontir Stealth PTL Hull?
  22. So I play tested tonight: Opponent flew: Dash PTL HLC Title Kyle EU Corran VI FCS R2D2 I flew two separate lists. List 1: Soontir PTL Stealth Howlrunner VI Academy Pilot x4 The game was technically a stalemate after 60min. That being said, my opponent was getting shafted on his offensive rolls and had great defense rolls. So not much damage done either side, after 60 min we rest and I tried a different list. My thoughts: The mini swarm, although dice-wise is efficient enough to kill dash or Corran, you are so bulky in moving them, I didn't get in arc with all 5 swarm every round cause of Dash's boost barrel roll and corran's barrel roll. Dash moves so fast that his 4v3 vs the TIEs 2v3 just didn't get the job done very quickly. Although I did have his Dash cornered at the end and likely would have killed it the next round. Anyway, it was just frustrating having dash constantly boost out of arc. List 2: Soontir PTL Stealth RAC VI EU Dark Curse I dropped Corran with this list and didn't some decent blocking with DC. RAC with that boost is great getting into the donut as well as Soontir. Also, he would be a nice anti phantom counter. And Soontir boost barrel roll is ok against dash. In order to do your 4 green straight you have to be BEHIND Dash. I recommend approaching from the flank, staying out of range 3 until you can get in there into at least range 2, hopefully I to the donut. I also engaged for a round against dash straight on, then broke off with 4 forward getting out of range until I could come about. Thoughts on this against other Wave V lists?
  23. Do you have tacticians, b wings and a y wing? I'm sure you could borrow a Stressbot from somebody for the tournament. That worlds control list that made top 32 was pretty slick. I agree that it's a join 'em type conclusion almost. Dash with those barrel rolls really needs a large based ship that moves after him, has a turret and also has an engine upgrade to get into that donut effectively. That leaves Kenkirk with VI, Chiraneau or Han essentially. Possibly boba Fett, but he's over costed for his ability just for that PS. I'm going to try a mini swarm soontir list tonight and see how it fares against wave 5. I'm also thinking possibly Firesprays could do it as well if you can guess correctly to stay in arc.
  24. Fair enough. It stands up ok with so few ships in the current meta. Especially with a stealth device, it makes range 3 Howlrunner tough to hit. The sooner opponents focus on the easier pickings academy pilots, you have a distinct advantage. It's more of a mental deterrent.
  25. Trying to develop a list that helps counter the Wave V meta. Specifically, I'm trying to handle a Dash Corran list and a Decimator Whisper list. Initial thoughts: Howlrunner PTL Stealth Device BSP Wingman Academy Pilot x2 Soontir Fel PTL Stealth Hull Upgrade 99 Pts for initiative is against whisper lists Every round Howlrunner turtles and BSP strips the stress at start of combat phase so Howlrunner can stay in formation. Soontir is there to get into the donut or run a whisper dogfight. Mini swarm will do well against decimators. Any feedback or other lists that you guys have been thinking of to counter the age of the fat turrets?
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