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  1. Looking for normal or alt art non-English prints of cards and/or bases. PM me if you're interested.
  2. Did someone forget to tell SoCal that Phantoms were terrible now? In the day I faced 3 Whispers total! And two mirror or near mirror Brobot builds. It was a tough day, Phantoms are still very much alive and well as it turns out.
  3. Just got eliminated in the top 8 at the San Diego Regionals: Top 4 lists: Brobots PTL, ADVS, HLC Mangler duo Soontir Whisper Doom Shuttle Whisper Mini swarm Chirpy Whisper Top 8: Dash Corran Thug Life (auto blasters, unhinged, Kavil on one of them and Seismics) Chirpy Fel Brobots (BC, VI FCS HLC ID AT) (my list) Fun day!
  4. Sable, Wonderful hanging out with you this weekend and an honor to see you crush it as always with a meta breaking list. Greedo is OP and totally selfish of you for bringing him, but other than that (being such a main streamer), good job .
  5. Have: Oversized Han/Boba Want: Oversized Luke/Vader
  6. Have: Oversized Han Solo / Boba Fett card Want: Oversized Luke / Vader card
  7. Perhaps the put X wing on Wednesday BECAUSE it's the flagship game they have going for them? That way, it would entice crowds to play more than one game at worlds for a paltry $10 per entry thus committing more players to more games to make FFG more $$. It could be a good plan, had they anticipated the sheer demand X wing would have on the Wirkd tournament as a whole and made room for a bigger tournament. I went to Worlds for the first time last year and I remember thinking "this game and others are just getting bigger, there is no way they'll fit all of this into the game canter next year." Looks like I was right?
  8. Ok, Bear with me though. Using your Concert analogy it was as if last year that concert sold out the venue with a packed house. This year, they restrict the number of seats by half in order to make room fir the opening band fans...
  9. Not attending for scheduling and financial reasons is one thing. Not being able to attend even though you were planning on it because you couldn't get to a computer in a 45 min block is what I think some are frustrated with.
  10. I would have to disagree on Las Vegas being centrally located within the US. I meant via accessibility. It's a worldwide event, meaning many will be traveling via airplane. It's a city that has a very busy international airport with frequent and cheap airfare and a ridiculous amount of locations for venues.No offense to its residents, but Lebanon, Kansas (the closet city to the center of the continental Is) probably isn't going to cut it.
  11. I agree with the idea of holding it in a location that can support the obvious demand in numbers. Breaking out individual games or genres would lead to a fracture in generating interest in multiple platforms, which as a business is understandably FFG's goal. IMHO there is a win-win solution of moving it to a location that can physically support the sheer numbers. If you get more people physically to the location, you're going to generate interest in other games and gain brand loyalty regardless of hosting site. My suggestion: Las Vegas. Huge convention halls Central location within the U.S. Cheap, frequent airfare from around the world. Weather is more palatable during that time of year ... And we can bet on the outcomes! (That last one is a bit of a stretch).
  12. Felswrath69

    So... HHHZ...

    Hawk and Awe has ban making some waves doing very well in the Colorado Regionals. Another list variant is: Dace Tactician Ion Palob Opportunist Blaster Recon Spec (or K4, your choice) Moldy Crow Torkil Ion Binyare Pirate So cool that it's playing so well.
  13. "Now THIS is pod racing!" Hands down, the most pivotal quote in the six movies.
  14. The page just says 'registration goes live at 1200 CST on 15 June. Any idea how that will go live? Via web page, email, phone system? I'm assuming webpage, but will they post a link or something?
  15. ^ I'll trade you that friend for some 2013 Store Championship Acrylic Focus Tokens .
  16. The LCG released Advanced Concussion Missiles with a green shielded tipped head. I hope that they release ordnance that bypasses shields and deals damage directly to hull.
  17. Want: Guri (alt art) TLs 6-10 Have: Vader Chewie Han Biggs Luke 2013 Focus Tokens Cheers!
  18. Haven't seen a whole lot of play with this upgrade card, and I want it to find a home. Initially, my thought was to put it on lower PS ships that are only throwing two attack anyway, so the odds of only one focus coming up is higher. But there are so many other good upgrade cards for those types of ships (PTL, DTF etc) that I just don't see this catching on. Then I was thinking recon spec Mandalorians. But, I tried that to no great effect. You end up using them for defense because of when you shoot back at PS 5, and again, so many better upgrades to put in there instead (predator or VI) Then I was reading about Aaron Bonar's Palob, and it gave me an idea. Might not be the most excellent build, but if you don't have points for opportunist its so crazy it just might work. Consider this: Palob, Calculation, Blaster turret, Recon Spec, Moldy Crow, EU (possibly). Calculation doesn't state that you only have to use its ability once per turn (unless that's FAQed somewhere), so with a boatload of focus tokens you could change EVERY focus to a crit. Anyway, it's not meta defining but could be fun in a game to roll 3 focuses and spend 3 to turn into 3 crits. Mostly just to see the look on your opponents face .
  19. Vessery pairs well with any Advanced with ATC on it. They're not spending that TL when they focus fire on targets anyway. I like Vader, Vessery with VI and Maarek Stele myself. Vader does his thing at PS9 for easy TLs, maybe throw squad leader on him to help keep others alive. Vessery shoots at 8 with a boost from Vaders kept TL. Stele with Calculation and ATC, shooting last after shields have been stripped for a potential of 2 crits that you can choose the cards for (ahem, maybe two direct hits?). I like calculation over marksmanship because he's only rolling two dice and I want to save the points for Hull. Think Stele will be the one focused upon.
  20. I made top 8 in a ~60 player regionals last year with: BH x2 Soontir Fel PTL, Hull Upgrade The list is tanky, but weaknesses now that we have more waves out: -no after movement reactions (boost or barrel roll) pending to weakness on high PS agile ships like A wings, interceptors, Dash and Agressors -dual arc, but large base allowing for agile ships to get in close -3 large bases which can lead to bumping especially if successfully blocked reducing actions this signifigantly reducing offense and defense -lots of hull so very vulnerable to crit makers like mangler, chirpy etc. Strengths you already listed. I think it will hold its own against a lot of lists, if flown right. Just sharing my experiences having flown dual firesprays and soontir for a long time.
  21. In a formation, Strom will have to be in the front row in order to maximize his ability. Staking so many academies might get in the way of gaining that benefit. Something to consider.
  22. TheRealStarKiller and Danath gave me an idea: Are there any non US players out there that would want to trade your non English cards and possibly bases for English ones? I would love to trade multiples of cards one for one for some non English versions. PM me if interested.
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