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  1. 5 Academy Pilots is 60 points even. That's about as strong if an opener as you can get. Next round you can add Howlrunner and a shuttle, an interceptor or an advanced. Next round add an Emperor and more upgrades into the swarm. Assault missiles might be awesome against 150 points too.
  2. For Trade: 2015 Regional Maneuver Templates (Black) Want: 2014 Nationals Acrylic Target Locks 2015 Nationals Acrylic Crit Tokens AA Guri
  3. Then shouldn't your name be "flyingordy"? You got me there. I think I cooked up that name when I was setting up my parents' AOL account. I should probably change it to what they call me at work... "Baron Nighthawk Von Awesomeness III"
  4. Sure it's been picked apart, but in the round vs. Kyle didn't Dash get rebel captived the turn that he killed Oicun? If so, he couldn't have 4K turned and based upon Soontir's position, the good Baron likely would have had an easier time on arc. Just curious that the TO didn't call it out when it's a mandatory stress. Oh well, I ramble. Great matches my thanks for sharing!
  5. Dumb question. Wiith her ability and TLT would you spend and gain two shields each time you active it?
  6. Captain Needa is pretty awesome as well. I was previously unaware of asteroid placement for epic. Where you have to place two asteroids at a time WITHIN range one of each other, for a total of six clumps of two rocks.
  7. Browsed only the last four pages, so forgive me if this is a repeat. Darth Vader crew on the Raider is boss. I didn't use him until the last round of the game, but to massive effect. Used him four times in the last round destroying around 100 points of my opponents list. Didn't care as the raider was the last guy shooting and it didn't matter how much damage I took as long as I stayed alive. Also, consider 4 IG2000s with HLC, FCS and Opportunist. That would cripple an epic ship really quickly. As Huge ships can't focus or evade.
  8. Upon interpreting the published blind spot on the Tantive, I'm moving camps. I now think that the primary can only be shot out of the forward arc. Secondary weapons may only be shot out of the respective arc(s) (fore or aft) where they are mounted to.
  9. Yet the aft section is where energy is generated and stored, but you can spend it on the forward section to repeat primary weapon attacks.
  10. True, it doesn't even restrict the fore secondary weapons to the forward firing arc. Just the aft secondaries to the aft.
  11. Understood, however the Raider rule book just classifies Raider firing arcs as fire and aft (not primary or aux). It says: "The Raider has three firing arcs printed on the ship token; there is one firing arc on the fore section and two firing arcs on the aft section. If the aft section of the raider has a secondary weapon equipped to it; that secondary weapon must target a ship inside either (presumably either aft) firing arc." It says nothing about the primary weapon being restricted to the forward firing arc in there. Am I misreading something?
  12. This came up in my Epic game yesterday as well. All I could find was the rule stating that the aft secondary weapons must be fired from "either" arc (the rear arcs). By that restriction the primary could be fired through any of the arcs. True, the attack dice is printed in the fore section, but the energy is printed in the rear section and you can spend energy from the rear to perform the fore section attack twice. Has anyone asked an official at FFG for clairification yet?
  13. Maybe ask the game store to front the prize support instead of the $5 buy in. More likely than not, you'll get the interested players to purchase new ships from the store anyway, turning hem an overall profit. Additionally, if the winner prize is store credit, again more often than not people will overspend their limit and make the stores money. Lastly, they'll get loyal customers who will keep coming back.
  14. Anyone put together any good 200 or 300 point lists that included the Raider?
  15. I am sorry that we didn't get to play in San Diego. This list looks fun, intimidating and meta bending. Well done!
  16. Took 3rd in Swiss at the San Diego Regionals with this list. Love.this.list. It's also won another Regionals elsewhere. Always dangle C before B, letting them target C first. You can always run with C if you take too much fire, or sacrifice if necessary. You need B alive to win in the endgame. Take out the ships that take two ships to kill first (Whisper, Corran, Soontir possibly). B can easily solo turrets with thrusters, so take out the squirrelly and maneuverable ones first, before they can get behind you. Have fun with it. It's a blast.
  17. Ill be in Pensacola, FL for the month of September for work. Any good gaming stores in the area for X wing? Wondering if it's worth to bring some of my ships. Thanks!
  18. A fun variant, not necessilary super competitive would be: B&C Expert Handling AdvSen HLC AutoThrusters AdvSen Barrel rolling followed by a green to keep at range or arc dodge is cool in theory. Just not enough consistent damage output without then being able to modify dice. HLC FCS Combo is so so brutal.
  19. I prefer ID on them when running HLC. Key to this build is staying at range 3 (except if running against other brobots). Range 3 keeps wide arcs, gives you defensive bonuses in extra dice if they don't have a cannon AND thrusters, without giving away defensive dice to your opponent. Plus, it keeps your re-attack capability active when in range 2-3 (as you can't activate Bs ability off of primary weapons in range 1). Inertial Dampeners can be used effectively to achieve the above reasons. Additionally, I've used it to great effect to take out ps9 Phantoms. create a range 3 killing field that the phantom is in round 1 of shooting hoping to do one damage per IG88 (stripping shields). Next round they decloak BEFORE you move so you can kind of tell where they are going. Pull ID if you'll be able to keep them in arc then when they've they have to recloak if they don't have a shot on you or just focus. Next round of shooting you'll take some hits from TL focused whisper (although she might not spend those if you have two HLCs breathing down her neck) but again, when you shoot all you need to do is one damage per IG88 and whisper is dead in two rounds.
  20. B&C VI FCS HLC ID AT 98 points to give initiative to all other 8s
  21. I'll call the Jumpmaster5000 the Zoolander ship with his Blue Steel fleet... Not an ambi-turner.
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