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  1. This never really got much traction, but I still think it's worth finding an answer. I don't feel like initiative is the right answer on this. If that were the case than initiative is going to determine two different outcomes as far as damage output. In the vein of simultaneous fire rules, etc. I feel as if it should be a ruling one way or the other (I.e. Explain which triggers first).
  2. What about with Stygium Particle Accelerators? If you decloak and get the evade that grants, is this done after the clean up phase and you can keep it for next round? What a lame card ability, shoulda been rolling for a crit (1/8) instead of a focus (1/4).
  3. If that's the case and you're flying a Ghost then you probably want to give initiative away then.
  4. Plasma Torps vs. Reinforced Deflectors In which order do they happen? Does the shield get generated and then stripped by the Torps or do the Torps do their thing and the shield is generated after?
  5. Level up Gaming Oceanside, CA 3/13/16 28 Players Winner (yours truly) Gordon McDonald (4th in Swiss) IG88B&C: Crackshot, HLC, FCS, Glitterstim,Autothrusters, Title Second Place: Don Tolentino (2nd in Swiss) Han Solo: VI, 3P0, Luke crew, EU, Title Poe: VI, R2D2, Autothrusters Top 4: David Wong (1st in Swiss) Miranda: TLT, Tactician Stressbot Gold Squadron TLT Bandit Top 4: Glen Smallman Palp Shuttle Howlrunner crackshot Scourge crackshot Mauler crackshot Wampa
  6. Dibs on calling Bossk pilot Boba Greedo crew 'Ménage à Trois'.
  7. I figured. Boba Greedo power couple, anyone?
  8. This is possibly a repost, but I couldn't find a general thread discussing the Boba crew card. With its wording, does 'you' mean you the player or you the ship Bona is flying on? If it's you the player if another ship in your squad gets a crit through you could activate boba. If not, it has to be self contained in the same ship. Either way, has anyone thought of any good combos for him? I thought Boba Greedo on a YV would be the cheapest way. Marolo with mangler (or anything with mangler for that matter) is another. If the definition turns out to be younthenplauer, you could put Greedo on a TLT HWK, and Boba on another one (Palob Torkil or something). Any other cool combos?
  9. Have: 2015 Nationals Crit Tokens Want: 2014 Nationals Target Lock Tokens
  10. Does Youngster work on FOs? My guess is no. I thought that they ruled that he did? Did I dream that?
  11. How is suggesting Juke/Comms relay (a 5 point combo) 'gutting' Oicunn when Crackshot/Stealth a 4 point combo? My only argument was that Oicunn at PS6 is kind of a waste because he wants to move last anyway. Oh well, good luck with your list!
  12. Thanks. The problem with Ion Projector is that it rewards a blocker. If he gets you blocked and then you ionize him, he gets to sit there another round via ionization and I dont get to ram him and make him pay for it. I'd prefer to keep potentially smacking him in the face for 1 damage per round to deter such behavior in the first place. Juke/Comms would be nice, except that even removing Oicunn's VI the point total goes over 100 that way. If we're going to theorycraft, let's at least keep it relevant I don't get what you are saying how ion projecting would benefit the blocked. If your Oicunn moves before your blocked opponent (which at PS4, he likely will) he will damage said opponent. If they run into you ever, it turns into an ion loop (for a small ship) if you can get your front guides so that your one forward is an effective stall. You'll never get actions, but that's ok with this build: Oicunn Predator (no need for actions for either shot that you take) Palp Gunner Ion Projector Omega Leader Juke Comms Relay (see, there are enough points!) Wampa 100 Points.
  13. Not that you asked my opinion, but here are my thoughts. Oicunn wants a lower PS because he wants to move first and bump into other ships. VI is kind of wasted in that sense. Ion Projectors instead of APL (although APL is good) is also interesting with the emperor because if you bump just right you put them in a ion loop that means they'll never move for the rest of the game. Have you considered Juke/Comms Relay on Omega Leader? It's kind of like continuous crackshot. Something to consider. Wampa/Emperor is awesome. I like the list!
  14. Another variant of the list I cooked up has Vrill Gold and Corran... Not much better than Poe, but in some ways more powerful.
  15. Ran this last nights, lost 5 Shields on Vrill... Pretty good MOV: Poe VI AT R2D2 Grey Squadron Stressbot (not a gold) Vrill Anti Pursuit Lasers It was awesome. Ran Vrill down their throats with the grey trailing. Poe flanked and did his thing.
  16. Not a great fit, you need to go green for to R2-D2 to heal you which means missing out on that lovely white T-Roll. You're not T-rolling turn after turn. inbetween t rolls can be used to recharge...
  17. I'm also interested to see how sensor jammers does on brobots. It's more defensive than office without FCS, so I wonder if HLC and Mangler combo would be better to allow for some nice EPT upgrades/tech.
  18. Fire control system is better than ADSensors all day .
  19. Also fun: Jan, Wired, TLT Tycho, Wired, PTL, Test Pilot, Thrusters, Prockets Jake, VI, PTL, Test Pilot, Thrusters, Prockets Jan and Tycho on wired is fun. 6 dice TL Focused attacks back to back is also brutal.
  20. Want: Acrylic Blue and Red Target locks Have: Worlds 2015 Han Solo Worlds 2014 Vader AA Guri Old green and red target locks Acrylic Crit tokens Cheers!
  21. Esteemed Pilots, This year, those lucky enough to get tickets will be gathering in Roseville, MN for Worlds. Many local groups from various have produced some pretty excellent 'Squad' T-Shirts. My question to those that are going: Is there any interest in organizing a swap / sale of extras of these shirts? Please post if there is so I can get an idea on numbers and sizing.
  22. Did anyone think to mention to Target that Sept 4 starts at 12:00, not 12:01. They're robbing us of valuable you buying time.
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