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  1. Because Cassian was rated in and proficient in flying the U wing.  Bodhi was not.  You can't take an F18 pilot and stick him in a 747 and expect him to land it better than the airline pilot that has been flying it for the last 20 years...

  2. 4 hours ago, FlyingAnchors said:

    Jan Ors? AW yeah!!!

    Would love to know what the rest of your list was.

    I like the knights of ren title allot. Also why would you go back to the title? Did Twin ions feel wasted?

    Also Hat's off to Phil booth, making brobots still a respectable list.

    Brobots have a place again post FAQ and are still very dangerous in the right hands (obviously).

    i thought I would see a lot more stress hogs at worlds and was worried about my defenders getting locked down with stress and never taking actions while keeping guns on.  I faced Asajj once (Nick Belle top 4) and he was pulling stress off with latts anyway, and I faced a Stressbot once (Derek from evergreen running a clever Miranda Biggs Stressbot variant).  So the twin ions were way underutilized and those two points would be been better spent on shuttle title.

  3. 1 hour ago, FlyingAnchors said:

    Thug lyfe and diet palp aces (Omega Leader+ Pure Sabaac+ omicron group pilot)made top 32. (22 and 24th respectively)

    Crack swarm made 50th.

    Rebel swarm made 62nd. It's a very interesting generic list:

    Bandit Squadron Pilot + XX-23 S-Thread Tracers + Guidance Chips
    Bandit Squadron Pilot + XX-23 S-Thread Tracers + Guidance Chips
    Blue Squadron Pilot + Fire-Control System
    Blue Squadron Pilot + Fire-Control System
    Gold Squadron Pilot + BTL-A4 Y-Wing + R3-A2 + Twin Laser Turret


    I want to call this Ren aces, but that's not true, because he's backed up by generic pilots.(63rd):

    Delta Squadron Pilot + TIE/x7 + Twin Ion Engine Mk. II
    Delta Squadron Pilot + TIE/x7 + Twin Ion Engine Mk. II
    Kylo Ren + Swarm Leader + Fire-Control System + Rebel Captive

    Other than that, it's allot of repeats so far. No A-wings, TIE interceptors, TIE Punishers, U-wings,Starvipers,G1As,HWK-290s or TIE Advanced(regular, as in no Vader) have appeared so far. Also only 1 Falcon so far, and that was Rey+Expertise+Engine upgrade+Kanan+Finn. No title, which is very odd. I wonder how that list worked. It was accomponied by a lothal rebel with hera, chopper, and an FCS.

    Also no T-65's outside everyones favorite stached' friend(Biggs), and No Poe's in sight for the T-70s. 

    A handful of Echo's instead of Whispers in some RAC+ lists.

    Brobots made it into 100th place.

    (this is out of Sunday's bracket, or the top 128.)

    The Kylo list was me.  It's called "Knights of Ren" :).  Were I to go again I would drop Twin Ions and bring back shuttle title (what I ran at the system open).

    Brobots was Phil Booth, best brobot player in the world.

  4. That's a long time for a reprint, but not outside the realm of normal.  Looking at how many APs are "at the printer" 1) there is quite a queue and/or 2) once complete there is going to be a massive shipment once complete.  I'm sure we're going to be rolling in APs before we know it.  That's my hope anyway.  I was just at the FFG game store in mn and their selection at the mother store was better but still pretty scarce.

  5. 31 minutes ago, Hawkstrike said:

    Sigh.  Some mistakes in that round 8 streamed game that could have affected the outcome had the judge been on the ball.

    Phild0 was pretty gracious about the outcome. True gentleman.

    What happened?

  6. 17 hours ago, Velvetelvis said:

    So...I have this gigantic millennium falcon card that has an equally gigantic imperial boba Fett on the backside.


    Does anyone know about it? 

    Is it so rare and sought after that people trade entire dice sets for it?


    No - usually goes for ~$20 US

  7. I found flying Kylo Pilot to be the most beneficial.  I can now out PS lower flankers to move behind them.  I know that I'll likely occupy the space of my own ships once they move minimizing blocks and thus opening up actions.  This makes for a long jousting list preventing defenders from K turning behind in a single turn.

    coordinate can be clutch to BR guys off of rocks or give actions post bump if they gotta live.  It's also a mini decloak for squirrelly aces.

    I set up in the corner at a 45 and get my ships ahead of its flight path along a side.  Then let my opponent come to me.


  8. 10 hours ago, Volkren said:

    Kashyyyk top builds / results


       +AC Yager (6th in Swiss, Winner) = Parattani

    Top two:

       +Dallas Parker (4th in Swiss, runner up) = Crack Shot Defenders/x7
    Top four:

       +Benjamin Crain (7th in Swiss, lost to AC Yager) = Rey/Norra
       +Connor Richards (1st in Swiss, lost to Dallas Parker) = Corran/Miranda
    Top eight:

       +Andrew Schlueter (3rd in Swiss, lost to AC Yager) = Parattani
       +Alex Vayhinger (2nd in Swiss, lost to Benjamin Crain) = Palp Defenders
       +David Wong (8th in Swiss, lost to Connor Richards) = Parattani
       +Gordon McDonald (5th in Swiss, lost to Dallas Parker) = Kylo's Defenders

    All this info is from a post in Squad 201: X-Wing Academy Mexico facebook page from which AC Yager is and shared us his victory :D

    I think we should call my list "Knights of Ren" instead of Kylo's Defenders.  My two cents.

  9. Greetings!

    Long time player of FFG games, and just now going full throttle on LotR LCG and LOVING it.  As my OCD requires me to compete the set, I am in search of some of the older adventure packs in an attempt to collect and play chronologically.  I've stalled out in the Dwarrowdelf cycle not being able to find:

    -Watcher in the Water

    -Foundations of Stone

    -Shadow and Flame

    The website just says "out of stock" with no estimated reprint date.  For those of you more experienced players, how often do reprints come and if so, how quickly are they snatched up?

    Aside from eBay and FLGS, anyone have any other avenues to purchase some of the older sets?  Thanks!

  10. Vessery - 4k barrel roll to block the sloop and stay out of Rey's arc from the 3 sloop (the only ship that can shoot him next round)

    Ryad - do some sort of green K turn, probably a 3 for the evade

    Shuttle - 1 forward


    Rey - anticipate the 3 sloop block, do a 1 bank left to set up the sloop next round hoping to catch Vessery off guard and setting up a sloop next round getting back in the game.

    Corran - ADVS barrel roll back, PTL evade, 1 fwd gain a shield clear stress.  Or Focus, evade. Just stay as far back as you can for next rounds double tap.

  11. I got lucky and happened to be on vacation (moving "vacation") during registration this year AND my two year old decided to sleep in that morning so I could afford to sit on my laptop at 6am (west coast time) and furiously hit refresh and re-populate my entry data.  So I don't have much to complain about... but that doesn't leave me any less worried.  Isn't X-wing the MOST POPULAR miniatures game currently?


    -2016 Worlds tickets are already messed up.  This is after already missing the mark on venue capacity for 2015.  So no lessons were learned (apparently).

    -2017 Worlds will be broken up to SW only... but will that cut it?  Why have an exclusive tournament that you need to qualify for when you could be smart, change the venue and have a larger tournament?


    I suppose my point is:  if people are willing to buy tickets and travel, shouldn't every effort be made to accommodate them?  Wouldn't that be the healthiest for the growth of the game?  I'll probably get ripped apart for this idea, but why NOT have a 5, 6, 700 person tournament?  If the game is that popular... shouldn't we celebrate that?  At least people that are willing to take time off work and travel could all do that.   I feel terrible for those players that hold a way better shot at being the next world champion being denied even the ability to compete.


    Maybe I'm just crazy, but I think a crazy big tournament like that would be fun.

  12. Initial engagement should be at range three with your cannons. You get 3-4 defense dice and he doesn't against your cannons. Next round you can get into range one and prevent the stresshog from double proc-ing. Target priorities are Stresshog, Poe then the others like mentioned above. Save crackshots for Poe to punch through shields into unhealable hull.

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