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  1. Because Cassian was rated in and proficient in flying the U wing. Bodhi was not. You can't take an F18 pilot and stick him in a 747 and expect him to land it better than the airline pilot that has been flying it for the last 20 years...
  2. Brobots have a place again post FAQ and are still very dangerous in the right hands (obviously). i thought I would see a lot more stress hogs at worlds and was worried about my defenders getting locked down with stress and never taking actions while keeping guns on. I faced Asajj once (Nick Belle top 4) and he was pulling stress off with latts anyway, and I faced a Stressbot once (Derek from evergreen running a clever Miranda Biggs Stressbot variant). So the twin ions were way underutilized and those two points would be been better spent on shuttle title.
  3. The Kylo list was me. It's called "Knights of Ren" :). Were I to go again I would drop Twin Ions and bring back shuttle title (what I ran at the system open). Brobots was Phil Booth, best brobot player in the world.
  4. Two 7-0s from yesterday. Believe Nand's squad was covered already. The other 7-0 was one of my 2 losses shoutout to Nick Belle. He had Asajj (standard), Fenn (standard) and Palob mindlink TLT at 99 points. Really good meta call, great player and a great guy.
  5. That's a long time for a reprint, but not outside the realm of normal. Looking at how many APs are "at the printer" 1) there is quite a queue and/or 2) once complete there is going to be a massive shipment once complete. I'm sure we're going to be rolling in APs before we know it. That's my hope anyway. I was just at the FFG game store in mn and their selection at the mother store was better but still pretty scarce.
  6. I have a terrible back because of what I do for work - so I feel ya. Comfy shoes with extra support (I wear my running shoes), and I carry a cushioned mat that I got at BB&B to stand on during matches. Definitely helps.
  7. Yea, it's awesome. Double up with title to ensure you're handing out stress every round.
  8. I found flying Kylo Pilot to be the most beneficial. I can now out PS lower flankers to move behind them. I know that I'll likely occupy the space of my own ships once they move minimizing blocks and thus opening up actions. This makes for a long jousting list preventing defenders from K turning behind in a single turn. coordinate can be clutch to BR guys off of rocks or give actions post bump if they gotta live. It's also a mini decloak for squirrelly aces. I set up in the corner at a 45 and get my ships ahead of its flight path along a side. Then let my opponent come to me.
  9. I think we should call my list "Knights of Ren" instead of Kylo's Defenders. My two cents.
  10. Mexican National champ with Paratanni - his name is escaping me currently. Dallas Parker got runner up with Triple Defenders with crackshot.
  11. I made top 8 with one :). It's a beast!
  12. Just recording - Dutch card guy is a local San Diego guy. They're awesome.
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