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  1. Mission Control was shut down back in January, along with the BattleLore Scenario Builder, the Lord of the Rings LCG Quest Log, and the Descent: Journeys in the Dark Quest Vault.
  2. Nope, look at multiple waves, many of the same names show up wave after wave.
  3. Well. Ebay and even amazon seems to have game night kits for reasonable prices, I assume those come from stores who sell them against the wishes of distributors and then there is always the option to just ask your lfgs to order some kits for your club. As long as you PAY them they should have no issues with providing a club with game night kits and store credit coupons, if you use their rooms it becomes basically a store tournament run by volunteers. Lastly printing out custom cards or custom models is easy and provides a great price support as well. You don't have to play by the FFG rules if you run an unofficial event, which is a huge bonus imho. If the community is small and has a lot of not as invested plays than allowing for proxies is for example a good way to make it more welcoming to new players with small pockets. Furthermore I don't think that the kits are good price support in the first place for long running league. Sure, there's a secondary market for them. But as for having the store order them for them, if the store isn't willing to order the kits and have an event at the store, I feel it's unlikely they'd be willing to order the kits for someone else, but of course they are welcome to try.
  4. Also Chinese, Korean, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Hungarian, and Portuguese. https://www.reddit.com/r/XWingTMG/comments/4uyza5/xwing_festival_of_nations_all_14_languages_the/
  5. Cool! I've learned a bunch of random facts in the course of this project!
  6. Haha! I do have the BB-8, I should add him but it's at work right now.
  7. http://imgur.com/a/Cla3t Took me about 9 months but I finally collected all 14 languages of X-Wing. When I started at Worlds last year I had no idea that some of these existed, and it turned out to be a tougher (and more expensive) task than I'd expected. I owe a big thanks to a bunch of international pilots who traded or donated cards for this project! I only did pilot cards for this, but I have a ton of upgrades as well. I also have some cool bits like Finnish and Hungarian pilot chits, and a Hungarian damage deck and T-70/TIE F/O dials. I'll be at Worlds, and am after some more French, Spanish, and Polish cards if anyone can bring them. For now I am done shipping internationally for a bit though!
  8. Different companies have different policies. If they said to send it back, you have to send it back. Don't really see how there's any room for debate there if you want them to help you.
  9. God that Matt Holland guy has an inspiring voice... I bet he's super handsome too! And good at X-Wing!
  10. I don't see how a 2-day event is that much more of a commitment than an event that goes till 3am on one day. Or if it's local you're going to end up sleeping in or feeling like crap the next day. Realistically you're still going to need a hotel for the single day, unless you don't make the cut. If you don't make the cut for a 2-day, you can leave after day 1 as well. I think 2 day events are a GREAT solution for the excruciatingly long tournaments!
  11. pbpanchotest

    Shield coins?

    By some people's silly logic, playing with acrylic shields, or Worlds maneuver templates, or prize playmats is bragging and not "Fly Casual". What a bunch of BS. Dee and Brad's coin thing was amusing. I took absolutely zero issue with it.
  12. I think the bashing is more for his unjustified bashing of FFG. To complain that someone told him X would be totally reasonable, or if he bashed FFG but when corrected said, "Whoops, my bad, I'll edit my first post to correct it".
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