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  1. I see a lot of good ideas in here, and as someone who's literally put thousands of rounds of ammo down the range in the last few years and done some minor competition, let me throw in my .02. First, I'll address the Mental stress brough up by cosmic55 - you may not go crazy just by shooting the gun, but what happens after you shoot the gun could possible aid in your mental breakdown. This is why PTSD is a thing with vets and others who have had to kill. I don't care how well you can aim and shoot a gun, but when you have to do it in your defense it'll mess with you and it is suggested that you go see a therapist after it happens. Imagine being in a room full of zombies and shooting one that's a tad too close to you, getting your face sprayed with it's blood and/or it's corpse falling on you or a part of you (like the foot) - it's going to be unnerving for almost any normal human. You could argue some mental stress, but this would probably be in the first session - that first time you kill a zombie, the first time you shoot a non-zombie for whatever reason. It's built into the system and the GM can just hand it out in addition to the physical stress. Now onto physical stress and injuries - I've never seen or heard more than a romor of someone spraining their wrist from firing a handgun. There's a video that went around claiming that a girl broke her wrist, but I watched the video and there's no evidence of a break though it probably hurt a bit. I guess it's possible if they are frail or have weak wrists though...anyway. More common injuries at the range that I have experienced are mostly minor cuts and bruses and, depending on the gun, burns. Here are some specific injuries that I've experienced myself: Brass burns (any semi-auto gun) - i don't care how experienced you are, you get these. I tell everyone who comes to the range to wear close toed shoes and high neck shirts (even the guys, but expecially the girls). My wife has a nice scar between her breasts from .22 brass. Slide bite (most semi-auto handguns, but glocks are known to be the worst) - this is when the slide comes back and the fatty part of your hand between your thumb and pointer finger aren't clear. It hurts pretty bad. It can also happen if you have horrible form and put your thumb behind the slide (i did this the first time I ever shot a handgun long ago, it hurts more than slide bite - I call it slide chomp) burns from cylinder (revolvers) - You can't shoot a revolver like you're supposed to shoot a handgun, with a handgun your thumbs end up touching the slide. On a revolver there is a gap between the cylinder and the barrel, and part of the explosion that propels your bullet leaks out. You can google injuries, I burnt my thumb once mildly because it was too close though I was aware enough not to put it right beside the gap. Some people have lost some of their thumb from holding a revolver improperly, google image search "revolver thumb blown off" if you don't have a weak stomach burns from touching the barrel - shooting a few rounds from a barrel will make it uncomfortable to touch, shooting a lot of rounds through a barrel will cook bacon (google it) - yet, even experienced shooters sometimes get burned because they misjudge the length of time it takes for their barrel to cool. burns from touching a suppressor ("silencer") - so, you know how I said shooting a few rounds from a barrel can make it uncomfortable? Well like 2 will make a suppressor uncomfortable, 3+ can make it burn the crap out of your hand. I always shoot suppressors with heat resistant gloves on because every 5-10 rounds it's good to tighten the suppressor on the barrel, unless they have a quick release or you could loctite it (red, not blue) - but i'd only do that in a real emergency b/c it'll be a pain to get it off. Ok, enough about suppressors. fingers getting pinched (ever gun ever) - guns are machines with a lot of moving parts, if you put a finger or other body part in a place that moves and fire the gun it will get pinched. Garand thumb is a thing for garands (google it), and sometimes you will pinch something when reloading a magazine. I've done this on glocks, but I have fat hands so that goes against me. cuts - there are some sharpish parts on guns, sometimes they catch you and you get cut recoil bruises - if you improperly shoulder a higher caliber rifle or shotgun, it'll hurt and you might have a big bruise the next day or two. pistol grip only shotguns - so, don't ever buy a pgo shotgun - if you want to aim it you have to hold it infront of your face, you could easily break a nose or loose some front teeth if you don't keep it far enough from your face These are injuries from just standing and shooting, no moving. Add moving into that and you've got a whole host of more injuries that can happen, and it'll increase the chances of one of the above happening. You could stub a toe, fall, sprain an ankle, bump into something, a lot of guys who compete moving/shooting competitions wear kneepads because you may have to drop to a knee or go prone quickly and that can damage your knees. So there's my .02, I hope it helps you.
  2. FIRST: IF YOUR GM HAS EVER REFERED TO YOUR CAMPAIGN AS "THREE MEN AND A DROID" AND LOOKS LIKE A VIKING, I WILL COME AFTER YOU WITH A VERY LARGE SWORD IN CHARACTER AND OUT FOR READING THIS. That being said, my PCs have finally gained enough rep and experience for me to bring them into the real plot I had planned for them. They currently work for a Hutt that is a few levels under Jabba. That Hutt gets most of their wealth through the selling and distribution of spice in the corellian sector, most of it coming from the corellian system itself. However, the Hutt has foolishly left the running of the smuggling operation in the hands of a human who is about to double cross it and take over the ring himself. The PCs will be aboard the Hutt's ship for unrelated reasons when the news reaches the crime lord. A hutt sized temper tantrum will ensue, and in the heat of the Hutt's anger it will appoint the PCs to (with the assistance of a few trusted NPCs in the system) disrupt/take over the existing operation, rebuild it anew, and above all - find the traitor and bring him alive to the Hutt. I'm hoping to have enough material while mixing in side-missions etc for this to run 18-20 sessions. What I need to start, as the GM, is some sort of organizational structure and existing operational structure I can work with. So far my thoughs on the spice flow are as follows: 1 - medium sized frieghters bring bulk shipments of spice into the system, leaving hyperspace near the edge of the system and droping the spice off in remote locations. From there they meet up with a larger ship and load up on raw materials to deliver to one of the numerous manufacturing companies in the system. The freighters "work" for a collection of seemingly unrelated delivery companies that are all owned by shell corporations, feeding money to the Hutt as cover. This is so that local law enforcement doesn't see random ships jumping into the system with nowhere to go. 2 - a separate group breaks up the spice shipments into smaller lots and drops them in different locations, possibly canisters in "empty" sections of the system or on moons (deaddrops) where... 3 - another selection of ships without hyperdrives pick up the deaddrops shipments - they would work for salvage companies, mining companies, and courior companies that would be less scrutinized by customs as they aren't able to leave the system. These ships delever to locations on the actual planets 4 - another group breaks up the smaller shipments into even smaller shipments, then delivers them to other deaddrops on the planet 5 - gangs and other criminal organizations pick up the small shipments and are responsible for the final distribution to consumers. Anything there I'm missing? The only knowledge of criminal activity I have is from watching breaking bad, but to me this seems like a solid system with a few possible weak points (large ships that the medium freighters load raw materials from). This set up would require a whole organizational structure for distrobution, shell companies, and criminal groups at each step. What I don't know is how the criminal groups would look. Who would the heads of each area be? Would 1 guy oversee step 2, would it be like a pyramid scheme? Any insight would be helpful, along with some good shell company names for all parties involved.
  3. Try putting them into a brand new install and see if it works. It could be some bad custom data or something like that. Both work fine for me in my test install. That did it, thanks! Great job, this thing is awesome.
  4. I'm unable to open the GM tools exe or the data editor on my machine. It just sits and spins forever. I don't even see the exe listed in my processes. I thought maybe the DL was corrupted, but I downloaded it again and wiped the previous files and it still just sits. The character creator works fine though.
  5. I'm looking for a rules as written answer, currently RAW only supports cumbersome on weapons not items. Also, I could fill a backpack with stuff and try those same things, yet a backpack doesn't have cumbersome. A duffel with a shoulder strap worn correctly isn't that much more hindering than a large backpack. Exactly, it'd even be better just to get a backpack which increases your encumbrance threshold by 4 with no drawbacks. You could just drop the bag, but how much encumbrance threshold does the bag itself have? It increases yours by 2, however that would in my opinion mean that the bag holds much more than that, otherwise the bag can only one heavy blaster? or 2 light blasters?
  6. It's fairly clear - p155. All checks made while using the item are at -1 for every point of Brawn you are under. So the duffel bag allows you to haul more stuff, but at a penalty unless you are strong. A wookiee won't have many problems, but that slender twi'lek or tiny toydarian would be at -2. Your average human with Brawn 2 would be at -1. That seems about right for carrying a massive bag of stuff around. As it's unlikely you'll be _using_ the bag as a weapon, I'd say it applied to things like Coordination or Athletics, but maybe attacks as well. Try fighting like an anime hero carting around a big bag stuffed with junk. I actually like the fact that this game doesn't handwave encumbrance. As opposed to things like Baldur's Gate where you can carry 20-odd suits of armour around with no problems. And don't get me started on things like Final Fantasy... Where do I put my 99 swords again? P 155 states "for each point of Brawn the character is deficient, he must increase the difficuty of all checks made while using the weapon by one" - it's an item, not a weapon.
  7. Of course I have carried a ton of duffel bags, however mechanically in the game cumbersome's description starts with "a cumbersome weapon is large" goes on to say "to wield a cumbersome weapon" and makes no mention of penalties while carrying a cumbersome item.
  8. Can someone tell me exactly what Cumbersome 3 would do to a duffel bag? As far as I can tell, Cumbersome only really affects weapons...
  9. Sent a PM - can you provide pictures and about how much are you looking to get?
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