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  1. Question on stacking Pen Bonus's If I have weapon with Razor Sharp and I use Eye of Vengeance ( with 4 DOS). Do they stack and if they do, in what order.
  2. I used 1 as bait to hunt pirets. Armed with 3 disruption Macrocannons and over 150000 exrta crew i have caped and maned Cruisers with this beast. To a cunning captain its great for any play style.
  3. Maybe i should clarify. Ill be hunting and caping other ships and striping then to sell there parts for PF. I don't want to destroy then if im going to sell it.
  4. I'm working on a shady pirate who is trying to build his infamy by stealing,capturing and trading ship parts from all races. But i still need a ship to do it. Any thoughts on how to build a ship from the start.
  5. My group is largely Undevided but is lead by a Former Crimson guard Medic who's avoiding the gods all together. His goal is to become the new omnisy.
  6. There's another way to add some power to to a Moritat Assassin. Sin Eater, With all the cool ( and random) things that you may get from a Daemon Composite Bow. You'll need to up you Willpower but it makes the game more interesting.
  7. If your regiment is built for Long-range. Look into a custom pattern weapon(HOTE). Make them all Incredibly Lethal and Recharge cycle to balance the weapons. If there fighting a Cunning enemy theirs a good chance they will change tactics to counter.
  8. First of, thank you for your service and welcome home. And second wow great idea. Must run it past my GM.
  9. Two pointe to make here. 1) Not all regaments have Ratlings or Ogryns. Your right, thay aren't trusted or even tolerated by many in the Imperium of Man. And thats a part of the 40k world. Same with Psykers (Sanctioned or not), thay have no place in some regaments. BUT ,There are millions of cases of severel regaments joining forces to combat a comman foe. And thay may bring there Ratlings, Ogryns and Psykers to the fight for a tactical advantige over there foe. Just remember 1 thing ,YOUR PLAYING PROFESSIONAL SOLDERS. If ordered to work with abumans THAY WILL OR BE SHOT BY THE COMMISSARS FOR INSUBORDINATION. And, If thay had no place in a guard army, then thay would have bin killed to the last by all humans. 2) Ratlings and Ogryns don't have to be played by the hobit and simpleton. Im in a campan that the ratling is a conniving little SOB with a sniper rifle. And the Ogryn is trying to be a big game hunter by learning from the ratling. So theres 2 that are braking there molds. It is 1 of the fun things you can do buy making a great backstory. So don't think that theres only 1 way to play a race or class.
  10. i think you'll see the support spec. in Enemies of the Imperium. And if you aren't playing a 17500+exp campaign, there won't be to much of a power difference between commom guardsmen and support specs.
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