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  1. If you do find it, that'd be cool - but don't knock yourself out over it
  2. Speaking of mass combat... I recall a 50 pieces of awesome segment, with rules for mass combat between corporations or nations. I meant to check it out, but was out and about and forgot later. Does anyone recall which ep that was, or have a link to the doc? Thanks in advance
  3. Indeed, mine came today also. Good job Asmodee
  4. Huzzah! Just got my shipping notification today too
  5. Sorry for the necro. Played this today. I wonder if the official response would be different in my case as my investigator carrying the Journal was "Lost in Time and Space", wandering around Yuggoth and the Great City while my stalwart companions were attempting to close the gate
  6. I should post more often... Just got a status update saying they're out of the parts, so as we assumed, we "second wavers" need to wait for reprints. Nice to know.
  7. Ordered mine on the 15th. The status hasn't changed from "received", so they may be waiting to print more again.
  8. Hey Phil, Just wondered if you are still working on the City of Heroes setting?
  9. I agree on the limited list, seems very punitive. But then, there are people who need to play the game on expert for any kind of challenge, so they might enjoy these options. Fortunately(?) I am incompetent enough that I shall thoroughly ignore them
  10. Absolutely. The "worlds" section (Mars etc) is relatively small. Outside of New Angeles & Heinlein there is a ton of info on the setting itself, such as Media, life in general, the Corporations, the Net, technology, clones and Bioroids etc. It's all pretty essential IMO. And even if you never intend to (figuratively) set foot on Mars, it's still interesting reading, from a historical viewpoint. Now there is some obvious overlap with the SotB book, but if you're at all interested in the setting I don't think you'd be disappointed owning both books (and they look great next to each other on the shelf)
  11. I do own the thing (the book at least) and what the reviews say is true. It's virtually a must-have sourcebook for the setting, although SotB does a commendable job. I'm new to Android before the Genesys book and found it a great help in understanding the world.
  12. Having done it, I'd say that getting the right images for the concepts you have in mind takes at least 75% of the creative time. It might not be something you think of going in, but it really is time consuming.
  13. It's all in the reflexes... I love the Shadow-like masked investigator idea. I think it might be a little too comic-book for the Arkham Files theme though. Maybe someone could do a custom mystery-men scenario?
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