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  1. An excellent and educational write-up. Thanks!
  2. I recently stumbled across Rite of Seeking and had to share. It's as if you crossed The Onion with the Arkham Gazette. If it's already well known I apologize, but I thought it deserved more eyeballs. I particularly enjoyed "Do you guys not have clues?" Daisy Walker says to crowd of booing Guardians and FFG: "We are pleased to finally release Marie Lambeau in a totally different game"
  3. MrDodger

    Arkham Nights UK

    I checked the ticket page - it says “Out of stock”. Is this sold out already?
  4. MrDodger

    Arkham Nights UK

    Excellent, thanks for the link!
  5. MrDodger

    Arkham Nights UK

    Is this the Invocation event, or one like the US?
  6. MrDodger

    Invocation 2018

    Does anyone know when this is happening yet?
  7. MrDodger

    Invocation 2018

    For anyone in the UK, please update in this thread if/when your LGS gets their kit, or at least a firm date. I've spoken to Fanboy Three in Manchester, and they're currently waiting to hear from the distributor (which I would assume is Asmodee/Esdevium).
  8. MrDodger

    Drawn to the Flame: live play

    Well I'm a fan of both your work, so there's that Have you ever considered doing a video playthrough?
  9. MrDodger

    Drawn to the Flame: live play

    Genuine question - are you "noaloha" from youtube? You sound quite similar. Apologies if not!
  10. MrDodger

    UK restock?

    Thanks - just ordered. I ideally wanted to keep my existing order (elsewhere), but they couldn't say when it was expected back in stock.
  11. MrDodger

    UK restock?

    Imperial Assault? Are the lines comparable? I would have guessed Star Wars products would be refreshed quicker, maybe I'm wrong. I do have an order in with a store, they say it's out of stock at their distributor (which I presume is Asmodee UK). Checking many other sites, the stock levels say something akin to "Restock expected - order now!". Hence the question about how long it takes Mansions of Madness products to restock from past experience.
  12. MrDodger

    UK restock?

    Recently got into the game, only to discover that a lot of the expansions are sold out in many UK online game store. For any UK veterans of the game, roughly how often are expansions restocked in your experience?
  13. MrDodger

    Lego Investigators

    Excellent! Now we need some monsters...
  14. MrDodger

    Liberty or Home One?

    Thanks guys, good food for thought ?