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  1. It's all in the reflexes... I love the Shadow-like masked investigator idea. I think it might be a little too comic-book for the Arkham Files theme though. Maybe someone could do a custom mystery-men scenario?
  2. Cool. I'll return the favour if & when I get my second Delta Green scenario done.
  3. Happy to playtest it for you Soakman, if you feel comfortable letting it out yet Well, the offer's there for when you're ready.
  4. MrDodger

    I will make a PDF of your adventure

    Amazing. Thanks for this. If I do get around to writing an adventure, I will certainly take you up on it. I know how much work is involved, so this is a very generous offer.
  5. Funny you should mention TTS - Delta Green - Convergence just got added to Dran's excellent mod The update I mentioned is largely thanks to Reddit user Scion of Yog-Sothoth who gave me excellent and very detailed feedback. Hopefully it won't need to change much from now, but if you find anything glaringly broken please let me know! And yes, TTS is great for testing scenarios to find out which ones grab you and are worth printing out.
  6. Sure do, and I even made one As for doing one yourself, I'd say definitely have a go. It's very rewarding to see it come together, but it can take a LONG time. (Sourcing images takes absolutely forever). Also, if you have any form of OCD its frustrating to say the least to have your little baby uploaded, only to discover mistakes or typos that you somehow missed in the WEEKS you were working on it. Or is that just me? As for the campaign guide, the Arkham Horror LCG mod for Strange Eons allows you to make a campaign guide just like the official ones, with all the same formatting. Shameless final plug, but if you do decide to check Delta Green - Convergence out, I'd love to know what you think. Edit: it’s updated now.
  7. Took longer than expected, but the corrected version is now available. This fixes some mistakes on cards, and a bunch of typos and formatting errors.
  8. Hi, hope this is ok. I've just finished a custom scenario based on the classic Delta Green RPG scenario "Convergence". It's my attempt at both making a modern-day AH:LCG scenario, and trying to tell the story of the adventure in card form. Constructive criticism very welcome - I want to make this the best it can be You can find it here. Thanks.
  9. An excellent and educational write-up. Thanks!
  10. I recently stumbled across Rite of Seeking and had to share. It's as if you crossed The Onion with the Arkham Gazette. If it's already well known I apologize, but I thought it deserved more eyeballs. I particularly enjoyed "Do you guys not have clues?" Daisy Walker says to crowd of booing Guardians and FFG: "We are pleased to finally release Marie Lambeau in a totally different game"
  11. MrDodger

    Arkham Nights UK

    I checked the ticket page - it says “Out of stock”. Is this sold out already?
  12. MrDodger

    Arkham Nights UK

    Excellent, thanks for the link!
  13. MrDodger

    Arkham Nights UK

    Is this the Invocation event, or one like the US?