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  1. Any news on when the droidekas are going to be released? I thought they were releasing with the core.
  2. I missed the imperial Arquitens Light Cruiser, and haven't been able to find any in my area. It is said they have reprinted these.
  3. Maybe so, but this book doesn’t accomplish what it should. That is to be a complete items book. I still have to go look through all my other books to find items. I don’t have everything memorized. This means I have to look at this book, and all my others because I don’t know what all was left out.
  4. Having those items in other books doesn’t matter since we have 90% of the items in this book are in other books. My point is, it is disappointing that all of these items are not in this book. If FFG was going to make a book to gather items into one book they should have done it right. The book was stated to have: “This sourcebook gathers weapons, armor, attachments, and gear from all three Star Wars Roleplaying game lines including Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny.” This statement leads to me believe it would have all the items. Again what is the point of making this book if it is incomplete?
  5. I have to say I’m disappointed in the content of the book. I was expecting to have at least the basics of mandalorlian armor, weapons, gear, and mods. What did they give us, NOTHING! Where is the basic armor and weapons? Where is the Beskar armor that one character had in “Friends Like These”? How and why would FFG leave these out? Mandalorians are know for armor and weapons. Some basic items missing I noticed: normal power armor, EE-3, normal blaster rifles, and not a single jet pack . I’m sure there are others. What is the point of having an incomplete book.
  6. Does FFG have a list of all the stores that are hosting Store Tournaments? All I can find is a store locator that lists the stores that have Keyforge. I know with other games they have a list posted of all the stores running store tournaments by state.
  7. No idea who Ved is. Why change something that didn't need it. I was excited when we got Juno, and now I'm sad she has been removed.
  8. Yes. I live in the CST zone. Plus I had been checking all morning just to be safe.
  9. I really need to know about the skirmish cards. How many Death troopers come in the box? Are they still one model per card?
  10. So I was trying to get a Worlds tickets so I could attend with friends that had lottery worlds tickets. I followed the link for Saturday's 1C day. I was online and ready to purchase my ticket. At 11:59am the site stated tickets would go on sale at 12. Then at 12 the site stated, "Sorry, tickets are no longer available online.". I'm guessing FFG just screwed up, and never really had any tickets for day 1C. I figured they would go fast, but not 10 seconds fast. Was anyone here able to purchase a Destiny ticket for Day 1C today?
  11. Damore

    Die App

    Does anyone know or have information if FFG will be adding the Legion Dice to the app?
  12. I understand what random means. I also know what confirmation bias is. Maybe you should add your experience with opening boxes instead of being condescending. I posted my personal experience, but I have talked with people in different parts of the country about the same problem. They are experiencing the same issue. I know that is still confirmation bias. Sorry I didn’t take notes or create a statistical graph. If more people post and share we will get more information. Then we can see if it really is an issue, or just an issue with my friends and I.
  13. I have bought boxes from all 4 sets, and 3 or 4 boxes of each set. Half the boxes have been bought from different sellers. So I would like to talk about the randomness or lack there of with the boxes. 1. The placement of legendaries in the box. From all the boxes that I have opened and seen opened at my FLGS it seems that 2 or 3 of the legendaries are at the top, another 2 or 3 at the top. This has led to players buying about 6-10 packs from the FLGS when a new box is opened and getting 3 legendaries. 2. The duplicate rares. It is hardly random went I expect to get at least 4 doubles in a box. The last box I opened of Legacies had 6 double in the same box. 3. Boxes with the same legendary and rare cards. I buy 2 boxes from the FLGS of each new set. Each pair of boxes have had about 90-95% same cards for the legendary and rare cards. I had hoped FFG would have fixed this issue by now. What are your thoughts, and ways we can address FFG with this issue?
  14. I'm disappointed because I didn't know sign-ups had been done. This is the first year I could go, and I have friends that were accepted for Destiny.
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