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  1. Yes it's the ring icon, I thought that meant Lord/Lady since it's always on those cards.
  2. Are these terms used interchangeably or do they have to be specific? For example, Shaggydog has a benefit that occurs when a Lord is under your control. Does this also work when Catelyn Stark is in play? The confusion stems from the fact there is an icon (the crown) for Lord that both Lord's and Lady's have.
  3. What determines if it is summer or winter? I've seen cards that are based on the season, but nothing that says what season it is.
  4. This is a powerful combo without Aegons blade. Just Drogo + Blood of Dragons. Turn one STR 9 with Renown that will kill anything STR 8 or below.
  5. But other str 11 cards cost 7 (in one turn) - Army of the North? And have no special abilities. This combo costs 8 total, cost can be split across multiple turns, and has Renown, Dragon, Lord, and the ability to kill off characters during power attacks. Wow. I'm keeping these in my deck. Just seemed curious since a lot of people seem to say blood of the dragon is not worth it due to cost. I guess maybe if there are common 1 cost attachment removals. I have 1 core and all of the DoN series.
  6. Got these in my starting hand last night. Khal Drogo DON: http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/defenders-of-the-north/wolves-of-the-north/khal-drogo-wotn Blood of the Dragon: http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/core-set/Blood-of-the-Dragon-Core Aegon's Blade: http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/core-set/Aegons-Blade-Core Setup: Played Drogo Phase 1: BoD + Aegons Blade. In Turn 1 I already had a character that attacked (military or power) for 11 STR. I would do a power attack each turn, gain at least 2 power (1 for renown) and kill off a character with <5 str. If we counted BoD I would be able to kill anything <11 str. We assumed that couldn't be right and used the BoD +6 only for STR used to calculate the challenge winner since the card says during challenges. Still this seems like a really deadly and unstoppable combo. It wasn't a game at all, and usually our matches are pretty even. Am I missing something here? Did I play this wrong? Are there ways to counter this?
  7. Tried the Anduin quest twice and I get destroyed in the first few turns. Yikes! That hill troll is mean!
  8. Thanks for the responses. I changed my deck to be a 50 card deck and have mixed 2 types to do so (Leadership and Spirit) using bits from my second core set to bump my good cards to 2 or 3x each. I've played Passage through Mirkwood two more times and have beat it both times. I'm getting a better feel for the game and the theme/flavor is very rich. It's been fun but so far not real challenging, I haven't had a single hero die. I think the high spirit strengths from the spirit sphere makes passage pretty easy. It's probably time to move on to the next quest. I also have the Khazad Dum expansion and Watcher on the Water.
  9. I would love to see auto-assault reborn as a LCG (http://www.ign.com/games/auto-assault-trading-card-game/pc-823703) Or some kind of variation on Car Wars.
  10. Ahh.. I hadn't seen their deckbuilder area of the site. Just what I'm looking for, thanks! I am still curious about public API's/services that cardgamedb is using, or do they keep their own internal storage of cards/sets/etc?
  11. Are there any deck builder apps or sites out there for FFG LCG's? Select your cards, build decks, sort, filter, etc? Also are there any public API's/web services available for developers to build such apps or web sites? Thanks!
  12. Are there any sites or apps that allow you to enter your card collection and construct a deck? Thanks.
  13. When can I play cards that have a phase listed? For example: challenges, dominance, any phase. I believe it's only during my turn during that phase, because only "responses" can be played during the other players turn during a phase. But what about within my turn of the phase? Can I play a "challenges" event, for example, after already commiting my characters for attack and after the opponent has declared defenders? I used a card (I believe it's called Dragon's Fire) this way during a game last night. I commited a dragon (4 STR), my opponent commited 2 defenders (total 6 STR). I then played the event, which is listed as "challenges", to lower the defenders to 4 STR and win the attack. Am I playing these cards right? Same thing goes for abilities.
  14. Treachery cards have an effect on the game and are then discarded.. sometimes they stay on the board, as is the case with a condition you attach to one of your heroes.
  15. I just had this same discussion on some cards in the AGOT LCG. Same wording, same ruling. It seems they could have cleared up a lot of confusion with better wording around the phrases "play from your hand" and "put into play". Play is either an verb (play from your hand) or noun (put into play). When it's a noun, you can't trigger responses.
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