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  1. the lack of news, dosent this worry anyone else? No FAQ, not even announcing the release of new the add-on and no information on the eu release. Sadly and really bad customservice!
  2. That is no prove...look others game news....
  3. Hi. What is going whit this game, no news, no faq, nothing? Are FFG abandoned us?
  4. Where You find this scenery or its Your own design? Can You give os link to the files?
  5. I have played 8 mission and lost 2. Its too easy but still very fun the play, just lovit!!! Next campaing will be hard mode.
  6. I just lovit! App is so great gamemaster, easy to use and works absolut fine! Playing is so smoot and exciting and cards is so mutch better then dice! Cant waith to see where this game growths whit upcoming exspansions! This is gake number one to me!!!!!
  7. I just lovit! App works fine and gameplay is so exciting.
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