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  1. Where You find this scenery or its Your own design? Can You give os link to the files?
  2. I have played 8 mission and lost 2. Its too easy but still very fun the play, just lovit!!! Next campaing will be hard mode.
  3. I just lovit! App is so great gamemaster, easy to use and works absolut fine! Playing is so smoot and exciting and cards is so mutch better then dice! Cant waith to see where this game growths whit upcoming exspansions! This is gake number one to me!!!!!
  4. I just lovit! App works fine and gameplay is so exciting.
  5. I think there will be expansions like imperial assault. Small and big expansions. First small expansion is Villians of Eriador. That includes two enemy figures and something else maybe a sidemission. Then there will be digital expansion and I think them cost like mom2 about 5€. Here is video where You can see first expansion
  6. So, then You dont bye this game! There is many boardgames that dont use app. I lovit boardgames whit app support cos its new way to play boardgames!!!!!
  7. LOL! No dice.... And this makes game a flop ... I dont renember at when I have had this fun to read!!!! No dice....flop LOL !!!!
  8. This game has nothing to do whit gloomhaven. Only thing is that use cards not dice.
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