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  1. Is there a way to get a list of all Valor cards?
  2. lol... ya, not sure if we would do very well with it... especially with Saurman wanting to combo with Doomed cards... lol.
  3. I want to make a Gandalf, Radagast, and Saurman deck!!! Just to have all Istari heros!
  4. So with his staff... does it literally mean the "Doomed" card has to say "Doomed X" in order to get the cost reduced? Or can it say Doomed 3, and it reduce the cost to Doomed 1?
  5. Will we ever get a Co-op Star Wars lcg?
  6. Just wanted to let you guys know I finished with the final update for the Supply Effects Summary sheets I made for the Forgotten Age. Now contains the full summary of all supplies across the entire forgotten age campaign. So if you are looking to replay it, this is a good resource for deciding exactly which supplies you want to take:) https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/170836/supply-effects-summary (if you find anything I missed or any mistakes let me know and I will fix it)
  7. The only "must-have" I put in all my decks is Emergency Cache (x2). Very rarely there is an exception to the rule for a very specific deck. But that is really the only "must have" for me.
  8. I did an initial (up to the current cycle) summary of supply cards for Forgotten Age and how they affect the scenarios. I will update it when the last pack comes out. For those interested in trying to optimize what supplies they take on replays: Obviously this file has MAJOR SPOILERS about the supplies and how they work. https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/170836/supply-effects-summary
  9. I have pasted the timing window, the 2 cards, and the relevant FAQ entries. One Golden rule to follow when thinking about how stuff interacts, is if the card has a Reaction or Forced effect, then it activates during Step 6, if it doesn't have that, it activates during Step 7. So unfortunately Try and Try Again activates during Step 6, which would return Take Heart to your hand before it can activate in Step 7.
  10. I would say if you go in... planning to lose, and getting lots of trauma and death. Then you should be just fine:) Blind playthroughs in this campaign are rough, replays are a little easier, but the first initial run can be really tough. So you can go into it, expecting to slowly die, then you probably won't get frustrated with it! Just kind of plan on replaying it, because it is really fun (I think). Even my first play through I had a blast with. I found my 2nd and 3rd times through it were much better (deathwise), I was able to plan and handle things better. Especially The Boundary Beyond, just go into that expecting to get your &#^$ handed to you. Those are my thoughts, hopefully not too spoilery, just trying to set your expectations, because a lot of players get really frustrated with this campaign and it's difficultly level.
  11. I love listening to them, they are very fun. You do a great job of explaining all the stuff you are doing. One of my favorite things to listen too.
  12. Following this example: You can think of Recall the Future as always committing a +1 wild skill icon to every single test (like committing a card or a resource). Except, if you fail the test, or draw a +1 or elder sign and end up not having to have committed that +1 card/resource (as you would have passed anyway without it). You get the card/resource returned to your hand, so you can use it again for the next test. Then no matter what happens, it gets returned to your hand at the end of the round... Whether you think that is worth it or not, for the 2 resources, card, and an action. For the rest of the game, having a free +1 wild skill icon you can commit to everything, and it only gets used up, if it is actually needed. Then, you get it back at the end of every turn anyway... is up to you. But sounds pretty sweet to me.
  13. It looks like a fun deck to try, I wonder how it would work in a 4 player game. If it would be worth it, or she could be effective at supporting the others.
  14. That is a good point, I didn't think about that. That would be a pretty cool combo.
  15. Pretty awesome, costs a lot of resources to pull though. I barely have enough to do dynamite most times.
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