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    AgentJ reacted to maxam in RoL versus Pets   
    This, this, this - sooooo much this! If it were possible to spam a post with likes I would do it.
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    AgentJ reacted to jbmacek in Why would anyone ever play a droid?   
    Why would anyone ever play a droid?
    My guess. Because... it is fun to roleplay a droid.
    When he made his first EotE character, my oldest son didn't care about numbers. He had a character concept for a droid PC, so he made a droid PC.
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    AgentJ reacted to BigSpoon in Why would anyone ever play a droid?   
    Don't forget their racial traits, not having to breathe is a pretty big one depending on your campaign and GM. But overall I tend to agree with you that eventually a droid will become weaker than an organic PC, however at the start they can be very powerful in their specialized role.
    Plus, you get to call people meatbags.
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    AgentJ reacted to Kael in Need Help. Rebuilding Jedi Character from D6/D20 RCRB   
    So long as you cling to the stats part I'm not sure you're going to be able to recreate this character in a fashion that you'll find enjoyable. There is just too much of a difference between the systems that at some point you have to give up old aspects in order to make a workable sheet. Focusing on what he had as opposed to who he was is going to end up with something that really isn't as awesome as you remembered it being. 
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    AgentJ reacted to Rikalonius in This guy deserves views   
    I agree with everyone.  It is good because he does the extra work to edit it down to the bare essentials.  I have trouble watching hour long skirmishes and all the non-game related dialog.  For sure my games are like that too, but it's no fun for the observer.  With these you have all the action and with some good comedy as well.  
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    AgentJ reacted to Daeglan in Constructing NPCs   
    Give a listen to the NPC Deli episode of the Order 66 Podcast. A lot of really really good advice and solid info on how to build and what to consider when building NPCs as well as pitfalls to avoid. 
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    AgentJ reacted to Donovan Morningfire in The challenge die   
    Spending a Destiny Point to upgrade the difficulty of a check is actually called out in the rules as just such a thing, with the presence of the Challenge die reflecting that a given task is not quite as simple as it might initially seem.  It's part and parcel of what the Destiny Pool is there for.
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    AgentJ reacted to OggDude in NDS Fantasy   
    I'd probably just forget about proficiency altogether.  You can get the same effect by adding something like a "Weapon Specialization" talent to the tree, where you choose a weapon type and receive a boost per rank or something.  That way you don't have to add a new mechanic.
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    AgentJ reacted to kaosoe in Learning through practice?   
    It sounds like you're overthinking things.
    All that practice and learning should be narrative description for how they are spending the XP already being awarded to them at the end of every adventure.
    If they spend an hour a day sharpshooting, but ignore range-weapon skills and talents in favor of social skills and talents, then they may want rethink how their characters are spending their free-time.
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    AgentJ reacted to mouthymerc in How do you handle Signature Abilities?   
    My players are awesome every session and none of them have signature abilities.
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    AgentJ reacted to Krieger22 in Wookieepedia Issues   
    I agree with this idea in principle, but when they pile on so many ads that it becomes a tangible obstacle to anyone visiting the site I can't help but feel they brought it on themselves.
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    AgentJ reacted to RusakRakesh in Playing as indented   
    I see once in a while posts that ask "why do I need this and that", "this doesn't work for my style"... First and foremost, this game is built as a closed system with every element in place for a reason. At least in my point of view...
    Usually it comes from experienced GMs (and sometimes experienced players) who bring their way of playing from other games. This isn't like other games... "why should I use obligation? I already include the player's background into the story", "this mechanic is broken".
    If you play tabula rasa, without presumptions from other games, the game will show you why you need every element in it, especially when using printed encounters and adventures.
    This isn't a rant, this is a suggestion how I think you can play the game properly, and enjoy what the developers put out for us to play with... Obviously, if something doesn't work for your group or your style you can always change it, or maybe just maybe, this game isn't for you as intended
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    AgentJ reacted to awayputurwpn in Playing as indented   
    This. Rid yourself of preconceptions and expectations formed by playing other RPGs and enjoy the game for what it is. Read the rulebook "with new eyes." 
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    AgentJ reacted to Daeglan in Using Charm and the like AGAINST PCs   
    There is an episode of the order 66 podcast on social combat. One of the things is to flip the die roll. Ie don't roll for the npc. Have the pc roll to resist. They will be more willing to go with it if they rolled the failure
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    AgentJ reacted to Desslok in "Essential" Specializations for EotE   
    Four character archetypes? The answer is obvious:
    (Subtitle: Face, Hannibal, Murdock and BA Baracus from The A-Team)
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    AgentJ reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Eliminating and/or Reducing Despair   
    I personally do this quite a bit, saving Despair results and using them as "triggers" for events later in the adventure that make the PCs' lives more complicated.
    It actually heightens tension on the party's part (at least for my group) as they know something bad is coming, but don't know what it is or when it'll drop.
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    AgentJ got a reaction from progressions in Galaxy Map, could we please be able to download it?   
    I almost fell out of my chair when reading that ^.
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    AgentJ got a reaction from knasserII in Galaxy Map, could we please be able to download it?   
    I almost fell out of my chair when reading that ^.
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    AgentJ reacted to Plan b in Bounty Hunter Nemesis Creation   
    To remind everyone, expect a single nemesis to die a pissants death when faced with a group of PCs.
    Make sure to give them minions and rivals to split fire.
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    AgentJ reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Attachments for a Refined Cortosis Staff?   
    That is correct.  For active weapon qualities, you just have to hit the target.  That's what makes an unarmed attack something that's occasionally useful, as the Disorient 1 and Knockdown qualities can be applied even if your punch fails to do any real damage to the guy you just punched.
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    AgentJ reacted to Donovan Morningfire in How do you mix the games   
    I've played in a fair share of "mixed games", including GM Chris' very cool Ghosts of Memory module, which offered two PCs from each of the books (EotE, AoR, and FaD Beta), all built at Knight Level.  And frankly, the FaD characters didn't overshine the rest of the group at all.  Yeah, the Ataru Striker could be a beast in combat with his basic lightsaber and Saber Swarm talent, but there was a Sharpshooter with a tricked out sniping rifle and a beast of a heavy blaster pistol that could match him on damage very easily and not have to spend time getting engaged with the target before shooting.
    I'm running what is predominately a FaD game with one EotE character (Smuggler/Thief/Gunslinger that uses knives instead of blasters) and the EotE is certainly holding her own, up to the point of probably being one of the more dangerous PCs in the group with only the Zabrak Seeker/Hunter coming close.  Session I ran just last night had the knife-thrower take out an entire minion group (only three baddies in this group) in a single attack thanks to her ranks in Quick Strike and getting in the first shot.
    I've been playing another Ataru Striker in a friend's take on Dawn of Defiance, with most of the PCs having been built using EotE careers and specs, and those PCs are doing just fine.  Like Phil said, the Jedi types are going to be nasty in melee combat when they break out the lightsaber... but if you're playing in a Dark Times/Rebellion Era setting, breaking out the lightsaber shoudn't be your go-to response, especially if dealing with Imperials and there's a high chance of either witnesses or news getting back to command that there's a Jedi on the loose.
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    AgentJ reacted to DarthGM in How do you mix the games   
    I've got a group of Alliance Agents drawn from all three books.
    EotE: Bounty Hunter/Thief and a Mechanic
    AoR: Gunner/Commando, Hot Shot/FS Exemplar, and a Tactician
    F&D: Soresu Defender/Protector with Heal
    The three books and background mechanics fix and mix very well together.  The Jedi is by no means more overpowered, and the Commando could eat him for breakfast if he wanted to (if he could see him, anyway; long story involving a vibrosword and a crit of 121...). 
    The Jedi is a good melee combatant, to be sure, but he's also a bit of a knowledge character and the party medic. There are better fighters and gunners in the group, besides the Jedi.  And honestly, if the Jedi were built as more of a fighter (or after he gets a few more sessions of XP into Soresu Defender), he'll be good, for sure, but not every encounter is bested by a Jedi with a lightsaber.  Some are social encounters, or ranged fights, or space battles.
    In my experience, it works out and works well.
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    AgentJ reacted to DarthGM in Force-senstive sniper...   
    That was Joseph Stalin, actually...
    I would give the Sniper, and Luke, Conflict. 
    An outright assassination is murder. Doesn't matter if it's Tarkin, the Emperor, Mon Mothma, Jar-Jar, or a child. It's murder. 10 points.  More for the child.
    A tactical sniper-shot, where you're taking out a sentry so an Alliance strike team can infiltrate an Imperial base and blow it up is worth Conflict.  You are taking a life suddenly, unexpectedly, denying the target any chance of option or action. But; it's part of a war; more specifically part of a tactical engagement. Arguably Murder, but I'd give it 5 points. Maybe 3. It's the same as if you jumped out of the shadows and lightsabered a stormtrooper sentry.  You initiated the combat by being the aggressor.  That's Conflict.
    If the sniper-shot is for defensive measures; taking out an At-St driver during a battle; that would be no Conflict.  Or maybe 1 point, max.  It's part of combat, the battle has been joined.
    Luke I probably would have also given Conflict for, at least a little for the monumental weight of killing over a million people all at once.  But it wouldn't be much, because they are all Imperial Soldiers. They all are part of the Imperial War Machine, and the Force may not care about them "just following orders".  It was still a massive loss of life, but the Alliance was under attack. On the defensive.  Everyone on the battle station was in part responsible for the murder of an entire planet, filled with billions of lifeforms.  The Death Star then moved on to try and kill another planet; Yavin IV.  They were aggressivly moving the Death Star into position to blow up that planet.  That makes the Death Star crew the aggressors, Luke the reactor, and thus his actions are a bit more justified in the morality of the Force.
    Basically, when assigning Conflict look at intent and at what point there are no other options available.  Luke had two choices at that point in the trench; kill the Death Star or die and have it blow up people and a cause he cared about.  The Sniper has a lot more choices, including not taking the shot, until the outside circumstances start limiting his options.  Unless the target is about to do something that's going to kill people right then and there, the Sniper's action is going to earn a chunk of Conflict.
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    AgentJ reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Questions about the force power: move and lightsaber hilts   
    1) Yeah, it's still Discipline, and is actually called out under the entry for Discipline in the Skills chapter.  And anything the target has that would affect the difficulty dice pool of a ranged attack, such as the Adversary talent or a ranged defense value (gained either from armor or simply having cover) would affect the difficulty of that Discipline check.  So if you were trying to hurl a Silhouette 1 object at an opponent with one rank of Adversary that was behind cover, you'd be rolling 1 challenge die and 1 setback die (base diff = 1purple for Silhouette 1, upgraded once for Adversary, add setback for Ranged Defense 1).
    2) This was a change introduced during the FaD Beta.  It used to be that you could only trigger Strength Upgrades once, up to the number you purchased; thus if you only had bought a single Strength Upgrade, you could never affect anything that was above Silhouette 1 until you bought more Strength Upgrades.
    This was kind of a controversial change during the Beta process, as it opened the proverbial floodgates to enabling PCs to toss around Star Destroyers, since you can now activate those Strength Upgrades multiple times; thus, if you had only purchased two Strength Upgrades, you can now spend two Force Points to activate them twice to affect up to a Silhouette 4 object, where before you were capped at objects of Silhouette 2 in terms of what you could affect with Move.
    3) On the hilts, that's up to the GM.  Technically, there's nothing in the rules stopping you from adding both of those to a double-bladed lightsaber beyond the simple matter of "do you have enough hard points left?"  And I think there's been a canon example of a curved-hilt lightsaber in the form of Asajj Ventress being able to combine her twin curved-hilt 'sabers into a double-bladed lightsaber (believe it was in the TCW movie when she and Obi-Wan were dueling on the monastery planet, but could easily be mistaken).
    Granted, it's a bit on the cheesy side to stack two rather different hilt types together into the same lightsaber, but by RAW there's nothing stopping you if the GM doesn't veto it.
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    AgentJ reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Lore checks and learning new force powers   
    About the only thing I'd require the Lore check for in terms of learning Force powers would be if the PC is trying to "figure out" a brand new power that they otherwise wouldn't have access to and don't have a ready means to learn it from someone.
    For instance, a PC wants to learn the Battle Meditation power after bumping her Force Rating up to 2, but nobody in the party has that power, and she she doesn't have easy access to a holocron or mentor to teach her said power.  In that case, I'd ask for a Know (Lore) check to see if she can piece together enough information as well as sorting fact from fiction (hard thing to do in the Dark Times and Rebellion Era) to be able learn the power; the difficulty wouldn't be horrendously harsh, probably a # of purples equal to required Force Rating plus 1 (so 3 purple for Battle Meditation).  If the group has one of the starter holocrons that's offered as a group resource, I'd probably give the PC a boost die or two on their check.
    Of course, if this same PC wanted to learn the Foresee power, and a fellow party member has that power and is willing to teach her, then no Know (Lore) check would be required as she's got a teacher on hand to at least pass along the basics.  How she develops Foresee from that point is up to her, and could go in an entirely different direction than the party member who taught her.
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