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  1. Does that mean that minions can get the special abilities of the master for the turn if it is listed in the special effects box (at the top of the monster activation window) ? Also some times it shows nothing for the monsters when they get a surge other times it has info. If it has no info on spending a surge do I just use the card?
  2. Do you place the Master monster the first turn when placing 2 figures? Or do you wait to place the master the next time you place more of the same figures?
  3. I am looking at getting into IA Skirmish events at the FLGS (I will be running the events). I feel that getting started so late is going to make it very difficult. That is why I come to the community for help. The following is what I think I need to do, please correct me if I am wrong. Also please advice on how best to do this. 1). I need to learn the rules so I can judge the events. 2). I need to learn popular teams/cards so I know how they work. 3). Rules and how things interact with other cards, special abilities, etc. 4). Build Skirmish teams - something I have never done. What is the best way for me to go about doing these things? What did I miss? Thanks to everyone that helps me. +J
  4. Can you provide a link? I did not see follow-up adventures when I looked.
  5. I did use the premade characters - but the character generator elsewhere on this site is so freaking awesome that it would be fun to use that, too. Where is said character generator? Link please? Also they have pdf downloads of pregens? Where?
  6. I know in EotE they put up some downloadable characters (pregens) however, I can't seem to find any for this edition? Are their any?
  7. As long as the player is not trying to use that skill all the time I think it should be okay. Of course you can just put it as something in their backround that will add a boost die when they use a knife instead of a blaster? You would have to change it so the boost does not add everything a boost would add. So say it only helps if they roll 1 specific side of the boost die, otherwise you are giving them a boost die all the time with no specific reason. Basically you have to be aware of the player trying to meta game the system. Meaning they are just trying to roll better dice without spending the xp.
  8. Not that I know much but make it a dagger/knife that could be attached to the rifle as a bayonet that uses plasma or whatever a lightsaber is as the blade. That way no lightsaber combat/hey that's ajedi pretending to be a soldier. Hope that helps.
  9. Pulls out 100 feet of rope and backs away even further.
  10. Yeah, my issue is just that taking an opponent's skill pool and Adversary into account is basically doubling up. The Adversary talent is meant, in my mind, to represent "skilled opposition" or "elite training," and that is exactly what skill ranks are for So it'd be like giving Batman a Boost die to hide because his suit is black, and then another Boost die to hide because his suit is dark. Well that makes perfect sense though, he'd also get an upgrade because he's Batman. Seriously though, my point was more: If you want to use opposed checks, why not just give the target character sufficient ranks in adversary to get roughly the same result without the kludge? WAIT!!! I can play as Batman in this game???? Yes please and thank you. I mean I have the shirt http://shirtigo.co/always-be-yourself-unless-you-can-be-batman/
  11. When I read posts like this, i am reminded that I like star wars however, I know next to nothing about it compared to you guys. I have no idea about lightsaber fighting styles let alone who uses which and how many there are.
  12. This topic makes me think of Danzo from Naruto. His shadowy black ops members. Always wanted to know the 'recruits' background & training to get them to anbu black ops.
  13. I noticed it is available today on coolstuffinc.com Guess it would be available other places as well.
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