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  1. The second quest card from The Siege of Annuminas contains text that reads "..... Forced: After the players have committed characters to the quest, the highest Attack enemy in the staging area makes an attack against each player in turn order. If no attacks are made in this way, reveal the top card of the encounter deck. ....". If there is a side quest in play, is this aspect of the original quest card ignored? Since the side quest takes precedence over the original quest card during the quest phase, it might seem that text related to the quest phase would get overridden in this case, but that seems like too much of a break for this game to give. Thoughts?
  2. I had success with this deck https://www.ringsdb.com/decklist/view/4378/shelob-s-bane-1.0
  3. A good day to celebrate the fall of Sauron by reading a chapter or two. Barad-Dur is toppled!
  4. Thanks to all for the clarification......this is tricky if one wants the treasures of the cave, but why play it out if not for those goodies. I'll give it another go.
  5. If all trolls are in the victory display, then Bilbo just pats a resource and it's attached to him?
  6. In playing the first scenario of the Hobbit boxes, if one draws a Troll Purse in the staging area, but all three trolls are already engaged, does the player have to allow a troll to return to the staging area, or can Bilbo just pay a resource to claim it. It would seem to be the latter, but I wanted to make sure that I was reading it correctly regarding the "response" requirement.
  7. Finally got around to playing a Dale deck against Roam across Rhovanion. It's been a while as The Withered Heath was super-tough for some reason. In contrast, this one went down in the first try. A nice respite after slogging through The Withered Heath over the past couple of weeks.
  8. I've been to four Fellowship events over the past years, including 2018, and all participants received the mat and deck.
  9. Actually, thanks for letting me know that, as this is a lot like golf; you just have to play it straight. I replayed the quest and made it with one Valar point this time as the encounter deck was a smidge kinder, so I appreciate the tip.
  10. Not sure that I totally got the scoring system, but hope that this is correct.... played JdtA three times and added a token each time after taking none for the first attempt, got CatC on the second play using a single token, and beat RtM on the first play, so I posted 2/1/0 for Valar tokens. In each case, the wealthy dwarf, who had become wealthy by stewarding Gondor, bailed out the team by either sneaking or buying an Istari wizard at just the right moment. Praise Eru for a "Stand and Fight" to finally beat JdtA as threat was running dangerously high , and the Istari just happened to already be in the discard pile. The first quest was miserable, as I pulled the second Hill Troll on the first encounter draw the first time around, just no way to beat that starting with 29 threat. A great choice by the moderator, as all three quests were fun to go back and revisit with some of the later cards.
  11. It's here and very nice. Even SWMBO, who doesn't play the game, looked at it and said it was quite nice too!
  12. Supposed to get here tomorrow (Saturday) according to UPS
  13. Shipping notice received....order has been shipped. I was beginning to wonder about the rollout date of August 28, but it looks like this will make it here ahead of that by a day or two.
  14. Count me in as well.....sounds like fun and will be interesting to see some of the deck builds
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