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  1. thereisnotry

    Looks cool, but...

    I agree with you. Frogtrigger references IA as an example of a game that is still supported, but that is a really bad example, and actually reinforces your point, not his. Why? Because IA is down to a single release each year, from the 2-3 that it had originally. And at the In-Flight report at gencon last summer, FFG didn’t mention IA at all until specifically pressed on it during the Q&A. IA skirmish is being left alone to die a slow death due to a lack of new content and half-@$$ed OP support. For that reason I’m skeptical about this LotR game too. And I’m a person who has supported this game with my wallet...I own multiple copies of each IA expansion!
  2. thereisnotry

    Vader, IG 88, focused on the kill AND Jawa?

    You're right; my mistake. I originally had TA in there for the RCP, but then I realized that it's not core to the squad so I removed it, but then forgot to remove one of the Rebel droids.
  3. thereisnotry

    Vader, IG 88, focused on the kill AND Jawa?

    That's interesting... 10 eSentries 10 eSentries 3 eJawa 3 R2 2 3P0 1 Explosive Armaments (it's Unique, so only 1x in the list....) ...that's 29pts, so 11 left. You could put IG-88 in there by dropping one group of eSentries, but that shifts the Command Deck to start using more of the Hunter cards, which the Sentries can't use.
  4. thereisnotry

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    It has long been said, and with good reason, that "Command Cards Win Games." Against an evenly-matched opponent, then yes, the quality of command cards you draw plays a huge role in the outcome of the game.
  5. thereisnotry

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    I agree. It should've awarded only 1 VP per play, rather than 2. It would still be good, but no longer broken...not on the level of SoS or BoG or OtL.
  6. thereisnotry

    Vassal up and running. Lets battle!

    Version 11.0 is live, now. Everything from Tyrants of Lothal is there, except for the maps, which will be coming soon.
  7. thereisnotry

    Anybody play on TTS?

    The discussion was happening in the Skirmish Interchange Format discussion. If you understand what they're talking about then I'd love any help you can offer! As for making a searchable list within Vassal...wow. That would be amazing. If you know how to do that via Java and make it work with Vassal then I'll happily work with you on making it happen!
  8. thereisnotry

    Spectre Team Preview!

    I think that Sabine is the best new Rebel figure, hands down. CT and Tress both look promising too...and that's a nice thing, to have more campaign characters be solid in skirmish, following the precedent set by Drokkata. But I still think Sabine will be the best. Zeb will be fun too, if/when you can get him in close enough to make his double-attacks. Ezra will have excellent mobility. I'm not sure I want to spend 7pts on an objective runner, but he'll be able to do that if necessary.
  9. thereisnotry

    Spectre Team Preview!

    I hope so! I'd love for that to be the case. But even so, if I'm using LIA to send some elite Pigs into my opponent's backfield, do I really want to be using them to attack Officers? At that point it's already the middle of Round 2, so the big nova-strike has already happened, which reduces the impact of my opponent's activation advantage. At this point it's still all theory-crafting, so we'll have to wait and see how it actually plays out. But I would certainly be happy if lower activation counts would become more viable again.
  10. thereisnotry

    Spectre Team Preview!

    I'm not really sure that the Spectre Team will be so powerful. They've got SIX activations, which up until now has been real trouble for anything but a Vader list. The SC upgrade card will certain make the figures more tanky, but will that be enough to overcome the advantage of going last in a round? Or the ability to use weak 2pt figures as objective-runners or terminal-sitters? I personally don't think so. They've also got only six figures...if only we were talking about salary!! But I don't think a squad has ever been competitive with just six figures. That's a massive drawback. Plus, as people have said, there's a severe lack of trait synergy, which makes it extremely difficult to build a synergistic Command Deck. Heroic Effort will help to some degree, but there's a reason that Heroic Effort was made in the first place: it's really risky to play a squad with so many uniques. So is the SC card good? There's no question that it is! But I honestly don't expect to see the Ghost Crew dominating the top tables. It's going to take some seriously solid tactics and skill to play this squad at the higher levels of competition.
  11. thereisnotry

    Vader And Chewbacca

    That's correct: you can only spend Block/Evade tokens while defending against an attack...not against a special ability. Similarly the +1 dmg on Vader's and Chewie's fix cards are only applied to their attacks, and not to their special abilities.
  12. thereisnotry

    Spoiler out today at 3 pm Eastern

    If it was usable by Uniques then I think it would be a different story: Jedi Luke would be a nightmare in the backfield!
  13. thereisnotry

    Vassal up and running. Lets battle!

    I've updated and uploaded the contents of the Hondo pack (includes the Lie in Ambush card). The new module version is 10.8. There's no need to download this update unless you want to use the new cards from today's spoiler. As always, it could be a while before the Vassal website mods approve the update, but as of right now I've done everything necessary from my end. Enjoy!
  14. thereisnotry

    Spoiler out today at 3 pm Eastern

    Elite Piggies with Lie in Ambush...it'll be easy to get them up in your opponent's grill.
  15. thereisnotry

    Replacing MTG for middle class casuals

    Yes, you've basically articulated what I said. But I was specifically asking the question to Lace Jetstreamer (the guy who I quoted in my post).