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  1. thereisnotry

    Character Tracker App Big Update. (Images)

    I'm not a programmer or technician of any kind so I don't presume to know whether or not a web-based version would be simpler or more complex than an IOS version, though. I was more just thinking out loud, so if a webbrowser version is a relatively straight-forward transition, then it might be worthwhile...but if it's a complicated mess then IOS and Android will probably have plenty of reach. Cheers!
  2. thereisnotry

    Character Tracker App Big Update. (Images)

    Wow, amazing! +1 to the IOS version...I don't have an android but I'd really like to use this app. Even a PC-friendly version would be aces in my books. Anyway, thanks so much! Brilliant work.
  3. thereisnotry

    Skirmish maps purchasing question

    Yep, that can be a pain. For that reason, I put a piece of scotch tape on each of my Ziploc bags, and on the piece of tape I listed each of the tiles that belonged in that bag. And then I underlined the tiles that were duplicates, in order to indicate that those tiles should not go in that Ziploc bag, but remain loose. The only times I had trouble were when I cleaned up too hastily after a match and didn't follow my own instructions. But yeah, this is really only a stop-gap measure. If you end up playing in tournaments pretty regularly then it's probably worthwhile to just buy the roll-up maps so that you don't have to bother with any of the hassle at all. But as a person who often didn't have the luxury to buy those maps, I found that this Ziploc trick worked just fine, with a bit of practice.
  4. thereisnotry

    Skirmish maps purchasing question

    And actually, if you end up going to tournaments, do the same thing, but for all 3 of the tournament maps: each map gets its own Ziploc bag, and then make a note of what tiles are shared between the 3 maps. It's better than bringing all 3 maps in a single bag, and then having to sort through all of the un-used tiles when setting up a map. Honestly, if you don't play in tournaments very often, then I'd suggest that you don't waste your money on the official FFG-printed rollout maps; they only last for about a year or so before being rotated off of the list. But if you do play in a lot of tournaments then I think they're probably a decent investment, if you have the money...but only after you've bought all of the other stuff that you need in order to put together a solid squad list that you like.
  5. thereisnotry

    Doing is own skirmish maps easily

    I've heard that some people have scanned all of their tiles. If that's true, then it wouldn't be too hard to put together a basic program that allowed you to build maps electronically and share the results. I wonder if it can even be done on Vassal... (though that would almost certainly not be the ideal program/format for that).
  6. thereisnotry

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Preview

    Actually, isn't just about ANYONE the anti-Dengar? lol Even Dengar would be an anti-Dengar if he himself wasn't Dengar!
  7. thereisnotry

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Preview

    Also, I LOVE the design of the Death Troopers! So many times I've wished that I could just pay 8pts for two Elite Alliance Rangers, rather than having to pay the full 12 for three. The Death Troopers allow that kind of flexibility, while also keeping some of the 'burst-damage' capabilities that come with a full group of figures. It also allows the Empire a slightly easier way to scale up their activation count to help ensure that Vader gets to activate last in a round. I'll be building some squads around these guys for sure!
  8. thereisnotry

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Preview

    Yes, I think you're right. At least, that's what RAW would say. I don't think this specific interaction has been mentioned yet, but Signal Jammer will also be helpful when you have the initiative, to prevent Call the Vanguard, and so a heavily damaged Jedi Luke or Bantha will be able to get one last turn in before dying, without having to worry about being deleted before they act. That can be huge. As others have said, though, this will be a significantly skill-heavy card: it will take good skill and timing to know when to play it, and how to play around it. I really like it.
  9. thereisnotry

    Zion's Finest No-16 Vassal Tournament

    I just signed up for this. It looks like we already have 35+ players!
  10. thereisnotry

    Anybody play on TTS?

    Sorry, I wasn't thinking about the possibility of hijacking...I was just responding to the discussion. But you're right: you did start this thread to see if people still play IA on TTS, so it should probably return to that focus. I actually didn't see it as a dump-on-Vassal thing either, nor was I offended at all. I hope my post didn't come across as aggressive, because that certainly wasn't my mindset as I was composing it. I just thought that I could provide some additional perspective. Anyway, Vassal isn't the droid you're looking for. / You can go about your business. / Move along.
  11. thereisnotry

    Anybody play on TTS?

    I'm the guy who made and updates the Vassal mod, and I'm sorry you don't like it. I have some comments about some of the things you've brought up. And actually, I myself share a number of your complaints too: I do wish that there was a searchable list for finding Command Cards, but (as far as I'm aware) that's just not possible on Vassal. I used to have them all sorted alphabetically, but that list got really large (and tedious to scroll all the way through), and it also seemed like players really liked it when I sorted the cards by Trait instead. I tried to make it possible to load IA squads from a list builder like X-Wing does, but for the life of me I can't figure out how that works. I've examined the innards of the X-Wing mod, but I can't figure out how they do it...if anyone knows how to do it then I'd love some pointers or some help! Right now, this upgrade is at the top of my wish-list for the mod. I didn't design the vassal mod primarily as a squad-builder app. And yes, it does take a couple of minutes to build your squad on Vassal. I've made some improvements to it as time has gone by, though; for example, you now just need to press CTRL-F one time (rather than 3) to create all 3 figures of a Stormtrooper squad. I've also made it easier to create the various other components from their pieces/cards (such as creating the Junk Droid token from the Ugnaught figure). But beyond that, I think that DT already explained the creation/saving/loading process fairly completely. It seems to me that on this issue you either don't understand what he described, or else you're looking for the kind of utility and user-interface that you find in high-tech (and paid!) software programs, rather than in a java-based (and free!) program. Personally, I'd pay good money for a high-end software program that allowed me to play IA online...but until such a thing shows up, Vassal or TTS will have to do. The biggest complaint, though--which I've heard from you and from others as well--is the number of windows that the module uses. And yes, I completely understand where you're coming from here! The mod works just fine and seems to be fairly intuitive if you have 2 monitors, but it's a pain in the neck if you don't. Believe me, I've wrestled with this issue more than anything else during my time spent creating and updating the mod! The dilemma is that--as with just about all FFG games, lol!--there are SO MANY components! Deployment Cards, Command Cards, tokens, dice, more tokens, etc. The very first version of the mod had a single window, which held the map and had room on the sides for people to lay out their deployment cards, but that was often very chaotic and disorganized and, furthermore, you had to zoom the map out too far in order to see everything. Beyond that, players each needed a spot for their own Command Deck and a place to hold their CCs, so the Player Hands were there anyway. Then I decided to simplify things and add space in the Player Hand windows for Deployment Cards, which actually made it easier to work with the map and required less space on the screen than it did originally. By the way, this is the way that the X-Wing mod is laid out too: main map, player hands, dice window. So I'm not sure what more I can do here. I've tried to find a way to make the Player Hands merge into one window (with a separate Tab for each player) so that people have 1 less window to deal with, but so far I haven't been able to find a way to do that. Oh, and did I mention that each Player Hand has a keyboard shortcut to open/close it? (see below) That really helps to save on screen real estate if you're short on space. R-clicking: There's a keyboard shortcut for probably 90% or more of the commands on Vassal. Just use them a bit and they'll become second-nature for you. Really, learning the keyboard shortcuts is so valuable for playing on Vassal--no matter what game you're playing. Movement of pieces: DT has a good point about the fiddly-ness of moving pieces around on TTS; by contrast, movement on Vassal is very easy and smooth. The Vassal mod has keyboard movement: press a direction on your numPad and the figure moves 1 space in that direction (it even works for Large and Huge figures). Dice: I've heard nothing but happiness about the dice window (other than the fact that it's another window!). Perhaps this helps to answer some of your questions or frustrations with the Vassal mod. Is there a regular community of IA players on TTS? Do IA tournaments happen with any regularity on TTS? Regardless, there are lots of IA players on Vassal...and many Vassal leagues too. Vassal certainly does take some getting used to, and it is more frustrating when you only have 1 screen, but if you give it an honest chance I think you might learn to like it. Cheers!
  12. thereisnotry

    Anybody play on TTS?

    No, you actually just have to make a 1-time purchase. It often goes on sale...I think I paid $9.99 a while ago.
  13. thereisnotry

    State of IA skirmish for new players

    First things first: Dude, I love your screenname! Doordonot, meet thereisnotry! 😎 Second, welcome to the game! I've played a lot of competitive games over the years, and this is (at least IMHO) the single best competitive game I've ever played! I hope that you and your entire group have a blast! Now for your questions: Your Questions #1 (Numbers) and #2 (Price) are intimately related...as in, joined at the hip, from birth. That is, it seems like one of the major reasons why attendance is so low (Question #1) is precisely because the cost of entry is so high (Question #2). The stupid rule about having to own all the map tiles, the headache of not having enough Elite Deployment cards in a box in order to cover the groups in the box (ie, just 1 Elite Jet Trooper card when there are 2 full groups of those figures in the Jabba's Realm box), etc. Ugh! It is needlessly over-expensive for new players to get into the game, and the onus for that problem rests entirely on FFG's shoulders. A few simple tweaks in their business model, or else releasing a simple Skirmish Core Set would do wonders for the game: it would lower the barrier of entry and thereby help grow the local IA Skirmish communities. We as a community have been lamenting these things for a long time. Question 3 (Rules): Yes, I agree that the rules can be a bit overwhelming. Because of the distribution model and the addition of specific tournament-only rules/regulations, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I think the answer is just to keep playing, and especially against players who've been in the game for a while. There's a really helpful thread pinned to the top of this forum: Skirmish Resources...it has several links (some re: rules) which are superbly helpful for new Skirmish players. Question 4 (Intimidation): Play lots of games with your local group, so that all of you together can get a better feel for the game. The best way to improve at IA Skirmish is simply to play IA Skirmish...the nice thing is that it's also the most fun way to improve! Seriously, just keep playing. Critically important things like timing and thinking ahead can only happen once you've gotten a good "feel" for the game. Starting at Regionals (which this year offered the SWEETEST prizes ever!) is the most intimidating local scenario that you can get...try finding some Store Championships next, as well as some local "just for fun" tournaments locally. Also, there's Vassal...I've found that just about everybody on Vassal is more than happy to help someone new learn the ropes. If you want a great place to learn about the game, and get ideas for squads/lists, watch the Twitch feeds from this year's World Championship and follow the Worlds discussion threads that are active in these forums right now. Then watch the matches step by step, move by move, trying to figure out why the player made this move instead of that one, or why the timing of that move was important, etc. I think it's great that you and your group have joined the game! I hope you'll continue to enjoy it.
  14. Ces, I'd also be totally fine with no changes at all. I only posted because I think it would be a massive mistake to nerf the RCP when they're in a Rebel squad. The merits (and demerits) of nerfing them in a Merc squad is another question, IMHO.
  15. This is an interesting discussion. Because of the TA shenanigans (bringing RCP into Mercs), I think that Gideon, 3P0, and Hera should all have the "Rebel" qualifier added to their buffing abilities, just as Jabba can only give a free attack or a Focus token to a Merc figure. But beyond that, I really doubt that Gideon and 3P0 (or Hera either) need any sort of nerf in Rebel squads. Is anyone honestly willing to make the claim that Rebels would've been able to hold their own at Worlds this year (whether with Han-Rangers or another Rebel squad) if these core support units had been nerfed? We would've seen a lot less Rebels and a lot more Mercs and Imps. That wouldn't be a bad thing if 90% of the squads were Rebels...but that clearly wasn't the case. Gideon/Hera/3P0 are essential components of Rebel squads, and therefore to nerf them is to nerf the entire faction. If we're seriously talking about nerfing Gideon/Hera/3P0, then, while we're at it, we should also make rOfficers cost 3 and increase Greedo's cost to 5, because those pieces show up in almost every competitive squad for their respective factions. Rather, it seems to me that Gideon/Hera/3P0 need to remain as they are in Rebel squads, since the Rebel faction doesn't have that important Command Card synergy (among their key attackers) that the other factions have. Everyone has been talking about how the meta is the most balanced that it's ever been...so then why would we want to wreck it by nerfing some of the most important components for an entire faction?