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  1. I'm not sure how I'll know if compatibility gets broken, because I can't use your app, since I only have iOS devices. Therefore, I think it'll need to be something that you check each time I update the mod. Most of the time I really don't think there will be an issue, though I guess it could depend on how the IDs function.
  2. Good discussions. I really like the changes for Season 2! Everyone's attention is on the update for Boba Fett, and personally I'm really happy with him at this point. I'm wondering if perhaps he's not quite good enough at 13pts, but I think that needs further testing to verify.
  3. Yes! It doesn't take a lot of investment, but it makes a huge impact on the game. I'm speaking primarily of the IA skirmish game here, since that is my focus; the campaign is fun too, but skirmish is where I spend 90% of my IA time. In fact, I even have a proposition to help make things easier in this regard: You can let the IA skirmish community design and playtest the new skirmish blister packs! We can put together a team to do all the development and design work, and when a new wave is ready we'll submit it to our contact person at FFG, who would guide it through the appropriate channels that we as players don't have access to (printing/production, approvals with Disney, etc). So basically, we will be giving you things to sell to us; it will require only the bare minimum of attention from FFG developers, and it will make a massive difference for this game that we love. The thing is, we IA skirmish players are a very invested and dedicated group. We love this game and don't want it to end (I'm speaking of the skirmish game here, not the campaign). As everyone knows, any head-to-head competitive game needs a steady influx of new content, or else it will grow stale pretty quickly. Therefore, a number of community-led initiatives have sprung up to keep the game going in the absence of new content. While these initiatives are very helpful, they will never fully make up for a lack of new official content. And so, my question is this: Is there any conceivable way to continue producing new physical product for Imperial Assault--specifically for the skirmish game?
  4. After a rather long delay, I've now uploaded the 5 skirmish maps from the Tyrants of Lothal expansion (along with its associated A/V packs). Please let me know if you find any errors.
  5. Where would one find those, if one was interested?
  6. I like the Last In Last Out idea. I’ve never heard of that before but it’s the most promising one. And if someone wanted to steal the Initiative then they’d have to use Han’s unique command card. Either that or say that TI costs 2 pts during deck-building only, and then it returns to 0 pts (and thus Negation-able) during the game.
  7. I don't want to see any banning either. I've always thought that both 3P0 and Gideon should have the words "Rebel" added to their Focusing abilities. If you want to bring Gideon and Ahsoka into a Merc list then that's fine, but Gideon will only be able to buff Ahsoka and not eWeequays. I also like the idea of improving the Clawdites. I think a cost reduction from 6 to 5 for the eClawdite would put them approximately where they need to be. Perhaps add a reroll to the Senator shape's Conspire ability, because it really does suck to roll 0 or 1 surge on your big "buff turn."
  8. We've played games with 60 point squads. It's a lot of fun! I've played a lot of different skirmish games in the past: Star Wars Miniatures, World of Warcraft Miniatures, X-Wing, etc. In each case, after I've grown accustomed to the "base" or "official" squad size, I've ALWAYS found it fun to increase that number (usually by 50% or more). Here are some of the benefits to playing an "epic" (or increased squad limit) format from time to time: It opens up whole new squad options. Han-Rangers can now become Han-KoTun-Ahsoka-Rangers, or VPT can now become VPT-Terro-ATDP, etc. It creates a new meta; the current top squads might not dominate at 60pts the same way they do at 40pts....or at least not as strongly It gives an "epic" feel to the battles: "Wow, now I can use all of the Millennium Falcon crew together!" It gives you room to build those combos that you've always wanted to build, but couldn't realistically do: Vader, RGC, and Inquisitor can now have more than 4 activations. Or double-Bantha squads can now add a Rancor or IG-88, etc. Bonus: Spectre Cell SUCKS at 60pts! Just sayin' They have a good 39pts, but there's no way that they can make good use of another 11pts without negating their ability to use the SC card. The games do take a bit longer, but not all that much longer. A 60 point game doesn't take 50% longer to complete. Also, we've discovered that it's usually good to add some extra cards and points to the Command Deck, just to keep the balance between Deployment-and-Command card balance. We've usually gone with 18 or 20 cards and 18 or 20 points for the Command Decks when we've played with 60 point squads.
  9. I've played them both. In fact, we're currently on our second play-through of GH and still having a great time with it. I do think it's a better game than IA Campaign, but I can respect that others will think differently. Personally, I would echo Conviction's post (the 2nd post of this thread) because I think he does a good job of capturing the main benefits that GH has over IA Campaign. But as others have said, I'm not sure that the GH system would work well for IA, since the two games are so different at the core level. The main draw for me with IA is the Skirmish mode, which IMHO is the best skirmish game I've ever played, bar none. (IMHO, Legion is a yawn by comparison.)
  10. Yes, all of the Yoda's from SWM are excellent. Yoda Yoda, Jedi Master Yoda of Dagobah Yoda on Kybuck Yoda, Force Spirit Honestly, I think that SWM are the best source for new figures that fit the IA scale. I'd encourage anyone looking for new IA figures to consider finding some SWM on Ebay.
  11. We're in for the long haul, but I'm really sad about the news. Yes, just like Chess and Risk, the game will continue to be fun to play without new content. But that's not my concern. I'm a skirmish player, so all of my comments after this are about skirmish, not campaign. What seems to not be evident to non-skirmish players is that a lack of new content always brings the end of any skirmish game. Why? Because a few squads always rise to the top after a while, and without new content those few top squads will dominate anything else until something new enters the scene. That's when things get stale and boring: "Oh, you're playing that again? Ok, well, I guess you'll win...." People stop playing when that's the case. This is why skirmish players have been lamenting the lack of new content for quite a while...status quo literally kills the game. In a sense, you could think of any skirmish game (including IA skirmish) as a complex puzzle to solve: "What squad(s) will handle everything else the best, given the pieces that are currently available?" The excitement of trying to solve the "puzzle" involves both squad-building and playing, with the continual quest to discover the best new squads...and then once you've discovered the best squads, you need to master the nuances of playing each one. But once the puzzle has been definitively solved and nuances mastered, the challenge and spark is gone until new pieces are added to the puzzle. So in short: IA skirmish is dead without new content. People will move on to discover new puzzles to solve. However, if we can continue designing new cards and re-costing older cards (effectively creating new ones!), we CAN bring new content and new life to the game! That's what the IA Community Project (IACP) is all about. One of my friends asked me if I thought the game was dead. I replied that it won't die at all if the IACP is embraced and supported by the community. I played Star Wars Miniatures (by WotC) many years ago, and after WotC dropped the game in 2010, the SWM community immediately set to work designing new cards (and re-using existing minis), with the result that the game is STILL being played and designed to this day, 9 years later! Similar things have been done with one of the SW card games (that I never played) and other games too. So yes, the IA skirmish game can still continue for many more years...the main differences are that (1) the community is now in charge of development, rather than FFG, and (2) we will need to find a new source for figures, since FFG will no longer be providing them. So yeah, I'm in it for the long haul! I will ensure that the IA Vassal mod remains up to date and ready to go for as long as the IACP is active.
  12. I and my 3 boys have just finished our first mission: we won on the very last turn. We immediately wanted to play again, but a strange event called "supper" got in the way. My boys were repeatedly saying that they loved it. Perhaps some of that might've been the new-ness factor, but we're all having a great time so far. We've already got the 2nd mission set up so that we can jump right into it when we're free tomorrow. We also have Gloomhaven, and we're actually on our second play-through of it. And yes, I do think that GH is better...but that's because GH is quite simply the best cooperative dungeon crawler board game ever made. I agree with Uninvited: comparing JiME to GH is like comparing all basketball players to Michael Jordan--they can still be really good, even if they're not as good as #23.
  13. Yes, it does. In fact, I think it's ideal for now. I remember that Imperial Assault was like this too: I had found a great solution for the Core Set and the first expansion, but after that my collection very quickly outgrew that initial storage solution.
  14. I really enjoy their videos; their video for Gloomhaven was both inspiring and humorous. Regarding this video, I agree with them that GH is far and away the best campaign game ever made, but I do think they were a bit too critical of Journeys in Middle Earth. The other review videos I've seen have been very positive.
  15. Yes, we're Gamers, and we like our games! Preferably in mint, pristine, flawless condition. And well-organized, so as to aid in set-up and tear-down. It's not OCD. It's not. It's called fastidious care. We should all take care of our things. Immaculately. [Excuse me while I go wash my hands again.] Ahem....I'm creating this thread to serve the purpose of gathering all of our storage solutions in one place, in the hope that we can build off of one another's creativity and share the best storage solutions that we can collectively develop. I encourage everyone to take pics and post them here. It would also be helpful if we could try to post the model numbers where possible...I'm thinking of you, Mr. Plano storage box! So, without further ado, I came up with this rather simple good-enough-for-now solution for the minis and tokens: All it takes is a simple Plano 3600 box (the larger one, for the minis) and a Plano 3500 box (the smaller one, for the tokens), which I happened to have lying around the house. Journeys in Middle Earth storage solution I don't think this solution will be good for storing the minis if you paint them--in which case you'll probably want a Feldherr foam case or something--but I'm happy with it for the time being. Regardless, I'm quite happy with the 3500 box, since it's just about perfect for the tokens. I haven't bothered with the cards yet since I don't have enough of the small sleeves (yes, the small FFG ones used in X-Wing and Imperial Assault and everything else, are the right fit). Assuming the numbers in the Learn to Play guide are correct, we need 337 sleeves in total. Plus 6 other sleeves for the heroes...and those hero cards are an odd shape: they're significantly wider than standard MtG cards and quite a bit longer too. Anyway, I hope this is helpful to other Gamers who like to take good care of their stuff.
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