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  1. Great post, very methodical. Depending on who you were playing, I think 8-4 is pretty good. I did a Mindlink list a while back: two Gand Findsmen and two Black Sun Aces. Both Findsmen evade if tanking up the middle, or target lock if shields full at range. The Aces I have move together around a side/flank. One target locks, the other focuses the group. Having four guns "3" ships of roughly equal value made target selection tough for my opponents. I played a game night before the tournament I brought the list to and won against a Rebel tanky list. Went 4 and 0 the next day. One game was down to the wire, dealt a damaged cockpit to a Super Dengar, which finally let me zero him in. I think that list is 9-1 now. I built it thinking of: cheap, heavy firepower, action efficient.
  2. If I don't think I'll be shot back,or I think I can take the hit, or I'm planning a red maneuver for next round, I target lock. In general, though, I like flying ships that an take 2 or 3 actions, so I don't prefer to have to choose.
  3. 2 Black Sun Aces with mindlink and 2 Gand Findsmen with Mindlink is very fun. I flew the first BSA up to focus, then got a target lock with the other and evades with the Findsmen. I'm 5 and 0 with it for now; 1 casual game to try it out and a 4 game tournament.
  4. Was the action to use Gonk worth the Regan?
  5. Cool write up. The Project action seems like a good way to handle the alien tech from the books.
  6. I'm 99% sure Outmaneuver triggers from auxiliary arc, yes. You have good control with ion in your list. I think this could be competitive if you fly it enough to get comfortable with it.
  7. I realize it wouldn't fix the action economy or low pilot skill lock issues, but what if you just didn't discard missiles, torpedoes, or bombs after you used them? They just become an upgraded attack you have, but it's conditional. Suddenly, Rhymer with Deadeye and Advanced Homing Missiles is a thing? Is that bad? Is that broken at 30 points? I don't think so.
  8. TIE Defender: · Rexler Brath (37) · Lone Wolf (2) Ion Pulse Missiles (3) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Engine Upgrade (4) TIE Phantom: · "Whisper" (32) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire Control System (2) Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Gunner (5) -- TOTAL ------- 97/100p. -- Each picks a side of the board and cleans up. I save the Ion Pulse on Rex to either trap a large ship in a bad spot, or use it to keep them from circling the board edge. As Biophysical said, Lone Wolf is great on Rex. I flew him fast in the first few rounds to get behind the enemy squad. I beat two imperial swarms with this list, one squad that was two large and Carnor Jax, and a Dash with 2 B's list. I'm not sure how it would do against TLTs, now that those are out. It's fun to fly, though.
  9. Rex with Lone Wolf, HLC, Ion Pulse Missile, and Engine Upgrade is my favorite Defender. I matched him with a buzzsaw Whisper for a fun 100pt dogfight tourney. That won against a 5 ship imp list, an 8 TIE swarm, a 3 ship imp list, and a mangler-Dash with 2 B escort.
  10. You could give this a try: Y-WING: · Kavil (24) Bomb Loadout (0) Extra Munitions (2) Twin Laser Turret (6) Unhinged Astromech (1) Proton Bombs (5) HWK-290: · Dace Bonearm (23) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Shield Upgrade (4) · Greedo (1) KIHRAXZ: Black Sun Ace (23) Veteran Instincts (1) Ion Pulse Missiles (3) Glitterstim (2) Kavil pulls double duty putting out reliable damage every round and using him to drop a couple devastating bombs. Dace is unchanged, except he's got another shield instead of a hull. Now, instead of your second Y, you throw in a Khiraxz to cover flank for other ship you want to see live. You could also play it aggressively and let the two turrets blast away while K pulls aggro. With Ion Pulse, you get both an extra element of control and another chance to use Dace's ability. Glitterstim covers K for a round after pulling a red maneuver or when too many guns are on you and/or you want to target lock instead of just focus. Cheers,
  11. AmPm, what was your 3 T70 list? I ran Poe with PTL, BB8, Proton Torps, and Weapons Guidance. I also had two Red Vets, one with the Stressbot and Wired. The other with Weapon Guidance and Wired. I took second, I like the aggressive play of the new xwings. How did you run them?
  12. Our tourney players have decided, mostly, that fat turrets and large ship dominance, generally, is less fun than dog fighting. We tend to see more small ships. A dominant list last month was 7 Z's with feedback and some missiles. No one was punching through his swarm fast enough to finish him.
  13. I used Poe with PTL, BB8, Proton Torps, and Weapon Guidance. The Torp can turn hit, eye, eye, blank into three hits and a crit. I like to use it in the opening pass or save it to tap someone after the shields drop. I don't know if it's strictly worth the points, but I like it.
  14. I rather like it. The move is still new enough that the option can let a player out fox someone with it. Because they can TRoll two ways and 4k, the T70 is much less predictable than the 65. I do hope to see a First Order interceptor or the like, or maybe a Defender pilot who can TRoll.
  15. You can see how overcosted the Defender is with a simple thought exercise: for 31 points, would you rather run Poe or the generic Defender with Mk2 TIE engine? Does a white 4k equal 7 points in pilot skill, a printed pilot ability, and barrel roll instead of boost?
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