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  1. Hi all!! Making my way through The Mentalist right now, on Prime, loved that show back in the day, love it now. I have a group we just started, looking like 5-8 players meeting weekly. We have gone through the beginner game (everyone rolled up new characters after that) and we are now on to Beyond the Rim. I have several players that have intricate back stories and I ultimately want to tie what we are doing into their backstories. the thought of having a Red John type character (the arch enemy of Patrick Jane on the Mentalist, who is a serial killer who killed Jane’s family) would be an awesome enemy to incorporate. Here is what I have so far: a human Corellian, Explorer: Fringer/Hired Gun: Marauder. I want to set him up with a Jumpmaster 5000 with a .5 Hyper drive, so he is always one step ahead of the party when he needs to be. The party is big enough that they split up a lot already. Easy to get one or two characters off by themselves. I was also taking about making him force sensitive and going with the Sense power. Thoughts? Suggestions?? Have any of you tried to run a serial killer type character in the background or as a main story arch????
  2. Title pretty much says it all. i think it was last year at Christmas time, FFG had a big sale in a lot if not all of their Battlelore products. It appears on their product page that they still have everything, except dice. Just wondering if I should be saving my money if there will be another sale. Thoughts?
  3. Hi all! Not sure if you have heard about the guy suing GW for $62.5 Million US. But it was an interesting video: In this video, the guy hosting mentions, that years ago he talked with whomever GW did their plastics through, who had said: "Ya, the cost is about 3 cents a figure." In that same section of the video, the host also mentions that years ago he had talked with one of the GW regional or national managers, who was bragging that the Battle of Macragg sets where produced for 5 bucks!!! Now I get it: FFG is a biz, there are there to make money and employ people, but I always remember GW, back in the day when they started to switch over to plastic "This plastic modeling is a VERY expensive way to do modeling . . . blah, blah, blah." Sure its been a few years, maybe its $.10 cents a figure now, maybe the base box is only running them $10, but dang, that is just crazy to think of actually cost and what we end up paying. This is NOT a FFG rant or anything, just curious on your general thoughts and yes, I will probably buy Legion and help feed FFG families and all the middle men. Thoughts?
  4. @Aorakis, not sure if you have ever read any of Mark Rosewaters "Making Magic" blogs. Very enlightening about game design, I think one could almost, almost, make those blogs into some sort of a "Game Design Course." And I almost feel with some of his writing, that he is even inviting people to create and make their own games. Have you read Lucas' resume lately? That guy has his names on more games than I realized and I believe he is VERY good at his job, as in we are not working for FFG, but Lucas is. My point I guess: Mark talked a lot about making very, VERY "swingy" cards in Magic, for the very fact that you wouldn't have 45 minute games of Magic. I think, and I stress THINK, that Destiny could be headed in that direction: a quicker game, more swingy cards, so that maybe we will see a "standard" best of 3 games for every round and not just top 16 or top 8. @Aorakis, you could be right and the prophet in the midst that no one listens to, but I think like others said, not to much to worry here, me thinks!
  5. Just a note in art work. I have a buddy that has done work for L5R (back in the day) other CCGs and board games. While the prices can vary WIDLEY, I believe he would get between around a grand ($500-$1,000 US) for each piece. SO, each piece of art work you are looking at, did take someone a fair amount of time and FFG and others have paid a decent price for them. I know the OP was not complaining of this, it's just perspective.
  6. $#!t I ran out of my daily "likes" on this thread!!!! I literally Laughed Out Loud when I read this forum title!!! Brovo Sir, not sure you broke the internet or won it, but the internet has doubled over in laughter and you have finished a STRONG second! Hats off to @Cade Bulkin!
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_legion earily period was around 3,000!
  8. Technically the first century Roman legion was 5,000 men. Long live this DOA game!!!!
  9. Cool! Thank you @Iceeagle85 and @mulletcheese for the info! I remember when the game first came out, my household income was down and our family was in transition (mostly good). My first impression from the base set was impressed for sure. Life was not nearly as busy then as it is now, but I still remember thinking: "Hum. Prepainted miniatures. I think I like that." Well, again thanks for the info.
  10. @player1750031 thank you! This was the info I was looking for. Especially the deminse of AT-43, I just wondered what all happened. Thsnks again!
  11. Lolz!!! Oh, I shower daily! When I painted Warhammer minis, I guess I just didn't do it quickly. It would take the better part of a couple of painting sessions to get a model "just right" for me to be "done." And even then, I still saw little places that could be touched up better. Yes, I have kids, a wife and a career, so when I do MAYBE get that 3-5 hour in once a week or month, I want to spend it actually PLAYING the game and not prepping or painting a figure or three FOR the game.
  12. This. I understand that I am in a minority here, wanting painted minis, I also understand pre painting being cost prohibitive, or so they say ;-). I think there is certainly a bit of a racket though will then being able to sell all the other Jazz that comes along with non painted minis. Am I glad to see FFG challenge the GW space in the market, for sure, I am just sad that I think I am going to be sitting this game out. @Extropia do you want to work out a trade for any of your AT-43 stuff? I have Destiny, X-Wing and Armada. Let me know!
  13. Long time gamer here, used to play 40k and Fantasy, I liked (not loved), but liked modeling and painiting. But I have kids now (a bunch), a career (not just a job, but you know, it demands more than 40 hours a week) and well you know: just life, I am loving my life, but man, time is at a premium. This is why I loved X-wing and Armada: prepainted minis. Yes, I saw the TC (I think?) interview with Christian Peterson, I understand (well not really) that painting figures automated is a more complicated and costly process. While I am excited about another Star Wars game, and while the mechanics look/sound interesting, I think I will have to pass on this game: I just don't have the time to model and paint. Which is sad, because I have really been itching for some sort of miniature game and for the past few months I had really been eyeing the now defunct AT-43 stuff and while I have none in hand, they look like pretty good pre painted figures. So questions: Where the AT-43 figures really that well painted? What process did AT-43 use for their figures? Is offering pre painted figures part of the reason Rackham/AT-43 no longer exists? Does FFG/GW really just offer non-painted figures so they can just sell you more product? (Paints, brushes, glue, hobby knifes, etc.)
  14. I am just at a stage in life where I do not have the time (or money), but it's really time, to assemble and paint. So, sadly thus game is a pretty hard pass for me and I am just going to stoke with IA. Thanks for trying ffg, but I am not buying. Preprinted? I would be in!
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