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  1. Wooohooo!!! Super good news!!!
  2. So, no mages in this set? Do you think there will be a set with no warriors and 2 mages?
  3. Wait a minute, so you say: Skills/abilities > quest rules There is a quest in a base box campaign where you have to heal some lord (villager token) by making an attribute test near specific objective token. And in that quest rules specified that this lord cannot gain health by any other means. But if you say "Skills/abilities > quest rules" then it means that I can use heores healing abilities to heal him? As for objective token - thank you for the answer!
  4. Wnated to ask if objective tokens block line of sigt and movement in "Tipping the scales" quest (from labyringt of ruin campaign)? Nothing is specified in th quest rules and we played the entire game as if it would block it. Until the moment OL started to loose the game and decided that it is a perfect timing to check the "objective token rules" =) Also wanted to ask what would you do in such case - replay the quest? Or maybe some other "diplomatical" decisions?
  5. Our gming group always plays Descent with 6 players =) 4 for heroes + 2 for overlord. We decided that it much more fair if 2 players are playing together for the OL. Two heads are always better then one + it's not cool when you seat sad and lonely and heroes all giving hi fives each other when winning =) In this case OL also has a chance to hi five =)
  6. @DAMaz Well, I understand what you mean, but for me miniatures is a critical point =)
  7. I believe conversion kit is not a good choice for a new comer. As DAMaz correctly specified - there is just cards. All heroes and monsters from 1st edition are available in better looking art (+super cool miniatures) in hero and monster packs. Yes the price is almost the same as for conversion kit. But if you are planning invest into this game hero and monsters packs are way to go. Conversion kit, was created for those who have 1st descent, so they could use heroes and monsters from there.
  8. Hi, Core box has everything you need to start playing. There is really plenty of stuff there. And you will spend many meny hours playing the campaign before you'll get bored and want something new =) The only thing is that lieutenants are presented by tokens, so if it's important for you to have miniatures, you can buy lieutenant miniatures. There are 6 different lieutenants in the core set: Zachareth Belthir Liza Farrow Alric Farrow Meric Farrow Splig So you might want to get those first. Only in case you are really eager to buy some expansion, I personally would recommend to start with the small one, because it can be incorporated into a big campaign, so you can do it right away. Or play it as a stand-a-lone "small" campaign. I personally like trollfens, so I would recommend this one. I would not recommend to buy big box expansions before playing core box campaign (shadow rune) for at least couple of times.
  9. Another question about stun. If golem rolled stun and retreat, would both events happen, or I must choose one as stunned unit cannot retreat?
  10. They announced XCOM board game, no battlelore expansion Really hope they will announce/show something battlelore related on gen con.
  11. Here is reply from FFG: "In this case, the active play (whose turn it is when the mimic is defeated) should decide which player receives the search card."
  12. Nope, it says that closest hero takes the treasure. So what happens in case several heroes are equally close?
  13. Hey guys, hope someone could help me out. Here is the deal - treasure huneter attempts to get a treasure. OL plays mimic trap. When mimic has been defeated treasure hunter is equally close to the treasure as 3 other heroes. Is it OL who gets to choose who is getting the treasure? It is important because treasure hunter has an ability that allows him to draw two treasure cards instead of one.
  14. I am not that good at 40K lore as probably you do. Could you please give me an example when Dark Eldar and Eldar worked together in the same team? If it is not difficult the same thing for Orcs and IG?
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