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  1. -scum I wish for a actual combat ship for the scum corvette to sit alongside the raider and the CR-90 Mandalorian crusader class corvette http://fractalsponge.net/?p=1538 pretty close to the right size and adds more mandalorians to scum
  2. To me it looks very reminiscent of a wookie gunship. Perhaps the dial should be similar to the auzituck, but lacks the stop and gains a 4k. A hair more maneuverable to compensate for the lack of 180 degree firing arc. To me the guns on the side look like heavy duty cannons, so it seems likely to have a cannon slot. Just for the love of god don't make it a Mist Hunter clone, please keep this game to 1 B-wing dial per faction.
  3. Hey curious idea since we can only change points and slots. -Remove torpedo slot(its a bad slot on the ship currently) -Add gunner slot and cannon slot It would be the first turret ship with a cannon slot(as far as I know) Ion cannon gives a 3 die primary with limited damage potential and some CC potential, most importantly it doesn’t cost as much as a proton, have limited uses, nor does it need a lock. I’m pretty sure the autoblaster cannon was revealed with the resistance transport, so we will have another damage cannon soon. HLC would be hilariously hard to line up unless the target is large.(maybe slow mediums) Overall it avoids double tap vtg cancer, but gives an additional firing arc. It also gives an alternative to strapping Punishing One to every jumpmaster(I hate required upgrades, options make the game more fun) Alternative to the cannon a missile slot could be ok, but I don’t like the idea of a weapon that requires a lock on a ship that spends half it’s time stressed.
  4. I know what reloading is, I thought it was a seperate action from reload as it does not have the reload action symbol. What is the part of reload that starts with “Additionally:” affect if not this situation? It specifies that if an ability instructs a player to reload, this is different from a reload action.
  5. Attack (): Spend 1 . While you perform this attack, you may spend 1 calculate token to change 1 result to a result. Action: Reload this card. I dont understand why a vulture would get weapons disabled, the action reloads the card, its not a reload action.
  6. 1 defense is weak, but they can have more modded firepower 3 shots than any other faction. You will probably kill a vulture on the joust, but a vulture is cheap and I can probably kill or cripple one of yours. Sidenote energy cell charges work at range 3 which helps a vulture’s defense. 2 energy cell charges shoot every turn if you dont use the calculate token and use kraken to make the calculate persist through turns. 3 Avoiding range 3 of a terrain piece is really nice area denial for the vulture player.
  7. For 1 point more than a tie you get a firepower 3 missile with range 3 and you share calculate tokens and kraken(on a Bel or Infiltrator) allows banking calculate tokens thus the reload for the missile does not prevent firing. A bel or infiltrator with kraken and fill the rest with vultures with energy cell charges. What is the vultures weakness?
  8. Bump Hera is pretty good for the price Hera pilot Zeb crew nien numb crew advanced sensors Intimidate
  9. I doubt vet tail gunner will ever proc in most matches, Slave 1 title allows you to swap targets on the fly if a ship on your left causes a bump when you expected a bump on the right. Otherwise it has some potential, just know atm if you lose kath to a really bad turn, you don’t have a backup anchor for late game. Makes me wonder if sacrificing a pair of ties for a fang is worth it or not.
  10. I would accept him at 150 points and not a point cheaper(it would be horrifying to fit Defender Vader with Soontir) at 150 he can fit a single wingmate(or 2 ties) but he cannot fit anyone great.
  11. I never heard of that character b4 but skimming through a wiki on him has me a little annoyed at the silly logic behind him being resurrected by the force twice... Despite his(in my opinion) bad writing, a deeper search reveals he shows up on screen in Rogue One AND Solo. Heres his ship from the comic, it seems similar to a Firespray, and has a shuttle attached. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Tam_Posla's_ship Thoughts on Mara Jade on a Z-95 or Kanan on a A-wing seem interesting as since they are on such low end platforms, they could have strong abilities without breaking the game. @Okapi Vader in a Defender sounds too hard to balance. Do you think FFG will start to allow characters(different but same name)in multiple factions again? case in point Palpatine (probably) Ventress Maul Leia If so can Ahsoka return to Rebels?(perhaps flying something better than a stolen tie she probably never even saw iirc)
  12. I am a Scum main, but I think all factions have room for an extra force user or to have existing characters in more ships. While some feel Scum should have the least access to force, What characters exist in canon or legends who could fit into the Scum faction and what did they fly? Did Maul ever pilot a Fang or anything for that matter? What about his “brother” Savage Oppress? ——————————————————————— On the Rebels front, I know I saw Ezra pilot a Y-wing in the episode “secret cargo” and I think he piloted a A-wing trainer with Kanan https://www.starwars.com/databank/a-wing-trainer-rz-1t It would be cool to have a aces pack with these 2 force users in different rides. ——————————————————————— Does Empire have any more options out there? I feel like the Inquisitors or Vader himself must have piloted something else at some point. Your thoughts?
  13. As a Scum player myself, a new paint job on a Z-95 does nothing for me(especially since it doesn’t match the black sun alternate paint scheme from 1.0 which was black and white) But it’s understandable considering its a faction release wave, if they don’t focus on the new factions, there won’t be enough variety for varied lists to show up.
  14. @Vidias sounds great, you did have a lucky roll with Bossk, but your opponent hoping 1 green die would save him is a mistake. I can’t remember exacts off the top of my head, but IIRC a green die has slightly LESS than a 50 percent success rate, and a red die has slightly MORE than 50 percent success rate. Point being while his Norra might have survived Bossk and Ventress, she would still be weak. Wait a minute when you Bossk attacked the tractored Norra, she should have 0 defense dice because of the tractor, you make it sound like she still had a defense die and failed. Also you two might be playing Norra’s ability incorrectly. she adds an evade result, she doesn’t change one of her results to an evade, she simply has 1 free success on all defense rolls if there is a enemy ship at range 0-1
  15. Which list seems better? The Sloane/vader with ties punishes my opponent if he kills a tie, my worry is if he kills 2 ties in the same turn then I suffer a loss in the trade. The advanced/tarkin list lacks the sloane/vader free damage trick and has less attacks(more red dice tho) I think the advanced list is better, would it be worth it to scrape points to swap 1 advanced for 2 ties? That would make a 5 ship list, Deci, 2 advanced, 2 ties. Part of me feels like 1 Advanced is better than 2 ties on offense, but weaker on defense.
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