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  1. So i have come up with something in a slightly different direction. Strategy would be have the frigates rotate between engineering command and firepower command so i can use skilled first officer to engineer when I need the shields most. Salvo would swap with redirect or evade. Name: Salvo? Faction: Rebel Commander: Kyrsta Agate Assault: Defense: Navigation: Starhawk Battleship Mark II (150) • Kyrsta Agate (20) • Walex Blissex (5) • Navigation Officer (6) • Linked Turbolaser Towers (7) = 188 Points Assault Frigate Mk2 A (81) • Skilled First Officer (1) • Local Fire Control (4) • Linked Turbolaser Towers (7) = 93 Points Assault Frigate Mk2 A (81) • Skilled First Officer (1) • Local Fire Control (4) • Linked Turbolaser Towers (7) = 93 Points Squadrons: • Han Solo (26) = 26 Points Total Points: 400
  2. I see you points, does this seem better? less ship firepower but it fits in those squadrons and gives me a solid objective runner. Name: Starhawk Armada Faction: Rebel Commander: Kyrsta Agate Assault: Defense: Navigation: Starhawk Battleship Mark I (140) • Kyrsta Agate (20) • Skilled First Officer (1) • Navigation Officer (6) • Leading Shots (4) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) = 177 Points Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) • Auxiliary Shields Team (3) • Heavy Fire Zone (4) = 64 Points Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) • Auxiliary Shields Team (3) • Heavy Fire Zone (4) = 64 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) • Linked Turbolaser Towers (7) = 51 Points Squadrons: • 4 x A-wing Squadron (44) = 44 Points Total Points: 400
  3. I really want to see a Starhawk leading a fleet that really feels like a major force without breaking 400pts. Visually, seeing a Starhawk that is not accompanied by only squadrons or flotilla's + squadrons, interests me. I was also curious on the viability of Neb-B escort frigates as flak ships to hunt squadrons and if they would allow me to forgo squadrons entirely, in concept I imagine keeping their tiny front arc at a ship target and use their painfully over-sized side arcs as a anti-squadron zone for the rest of the fleet, in a way the 2 nebs are my squadron force and their price compares to a full squadron complement. The above thoughts resulted in 2 concepts that feel lacking... Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) • Auxiliary Shields Team (3) • Heavy Fire Zone (4) = 64 Points Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) • Auxiliary Shields Team (3) • Heavy Fire Zone (4) = 64 Points Starhawk Battleship Mark I (140)• Navigation Officer (6)• Leading Shots (4)• XI7 Turbolasers (6)• Unity (10)= 166 Points Assault Frigate Mk2 B (72)• Kyrsta Agate (20)• XI7 Turbolasers (6)• Paragon (5)= 103 Points with this Agate would grant the AFII a salvo token to abuse Paragon. an alternative I see swaps the Starhawk and AFII for the following Starhawk Battleship Mark II (150)• Kyrsta Agate (20)• Navigation Officer (6)• Skilled First Officer (1)• Leading Shots (4)• XI7 Turbolasers (6)= 187 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18)• Leia Organa (3)• Slicer Tools (7)• Bright Hope (2)= 30 Points CR90 Corvette A (44)• Lando Calrissian (4)• Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7)= 55 Points Both lists leave no bid, the first setup has more damage in ships other than the Hawk, while the 2nd setup has a more potent Hawk, more activations, and some utility like the Leia officer, slicer tools, and a fast objective taker in the cr-90. My final question is. Can 2 flak neb-b's protect a fleet against 100 points of squadrons? Is there a better option for a Starhawk fleet that uses a minimalist squadron force or none at all? Is the Starhawk simply too expensive to field a fleet that has multiple combat ships? I am open to all ideas, in fact I once tried a Starhawk with 2 AFII's against a Vader fleet with 4 victory's that resulted in a very close game.
  4. I feel like the torp HH build wastes too many points, just give them external racks, and either Task force organa or ordinance experts it will make them cost(40/43) if you ditch a named pilot, I think you can fit a 4th HH
  5. as @Mad Cat said shields to max don't work because your opponent will focus fire, the only build I have seen value for them is a Hammerhead Task Force Antillies shenanigans because it FORCES damage to spread on all your ships(and even that has issues like getting one shot preventing much use in spreading damage) Lets see your list is going too many directions. Pelta Command- this is your carrier, so you should equip boosted comms if you have it, if not, expanded hangar bay, and give the fleet order all fighters follow me. If you use the phoenix home title, you should try to get a synergy between your officers, the best example for this ship is Raymus Antillies+Ahsoka Tano allowing you to get a token every turn regardless of order and change it into whatever type you want. Cr-90A- cheap, TRC(maybe intel officer? really expensive tho) Cr-90A- cheap, TRC Neb-Escort variant to help push squadrons I am assuming you have Y wings bc the core set only came with 4 x-wings Dutch Norra 5x x-wings(maybe add luke or wedge in place of x-wings)
  6. So what about the SSD? do you think all variants have a place?
  7. Many ships have variants that seem pointless and some seem like the variant is a straight downgrade. Recently one variant that previously seemed pointless has gained some value because of salvo, the Assault Frigate MK 2 A, a ship that previously seemed overpriced for no benefit, but might have some value with Local Fire Control+Paragon title. I thought it might be fun to take the less used variants of ships and find builds that can make them superior to their more commonly used variant. I am not saying these variants are bad, but I struggle to see a reason to use these variants over their other variants, or other ships. Rebel Cr-90B -I barely put this one on the list because I can see use of this ship but it is highly risky because you risk your only real defense tokens. Hammerhead Scout -why use this over a CR-90A? the only thinks that come to mind are Disposable capacitors or pocket carrier shenanigans. MC-75 Armored Cruiser -In an Akbar fleet this variant is great, but outside of that is there any reason to use it over an Ordinance cruiser if you want to brawl, or a Mc-80 if you want to broadside? Empire Gladiator II -One red dice in the side arc and an extra flack dice and it costs more...I see no upside to this. Imperial I Class Star Destroyer -It does have 2 offensive retrofit slots, but other than making a very expensive carrier that is marginally better than the ISD-II, the dice variety seems bad, you cannot even modify your black dice. Interdictor Combat Refit -You swap 1 blue dice for a red on each side which you cannot modify because you only have a ion weapon slot, and you give up an experimental slot, you know that upgrade slot that makes this ship cost so much more than a Victory... All of these variants seem like their alternate variant or another ship available to their faction can perform better in any role. If anyone has builds that can make these variants very much worth the trouble, shoot away. If anyone thinks another variant belongs on this list, let me know!
  8. if you want to be efficient, a pair of scatter aces are the cheapest option to delay enemy squadrons long enough for your flak to cause damage. If I go squadronless, I usually just commit to a acknowledgment that some of my ships will succumb to squadrons because I decided to value activations over a fighter screen, If you move at speed 3 rogue squadrons have a bit of trouble keeping up. Or dedicate a capital ship to hunting squadrons with LTT or if you really fear squadrons you can use heavy fire zone on a ship with 2 blue flak dice. Sorry to say squadrons are a big part of this game and I typically spend at least 50 points as a means of dealing with them (such as running 2 escort nebs with LTT in an all small ship list and I still consider that unreliable protection.)
  9. IIRC you may start the campaign with a maximum of 2 unique squadrons.
  10. I would recommend swapping the 2 x-wings to 1 named squadron. It is easy to add generic squadrons later in the campaign. Otherwise the list looks fine, I would suggest later in the campaign adding Leia officer to the flotilla to help with the starhawk’s dial, or alternatively getting a nav officer for The starhawk.
  11. Too many unnecessary upgrades on the Starhawk, its a solid ship even cheap. I would suggest thinning out the Hawk and putting points into your other ships Change the armored cruiser into an ordinance with ecm, ex rax, ordinance experts, apt, profundity title With the profundity title you can keep the hammerhead inside the 75 and on raddus turn drop the 75 AND the hammerhead at the same time to surprise your opponent.
  12. I decided to attack lothal bc I wanted the resources there and he picked the map specific objective holonet. During game I went first. did we make a mistake?
  13. The attacker does not pick objective if I understood correctly. I would have picked an objective beneficial to multiple activation if I had the option bc my opponent was going to keep his onager far away bc he just got it and keeps saying it’s flimsy.
  14. Ok the mission felt un-winable it was Holonet override Opponent had Onager star destroyer and a VSD-2 since my opponent places all obstacles and the station in this mission he placed the station as very close to the side edge and as close as possible from his deployment. He also placed all the rest of the terrain in a line kinda like a wall a little closer to my side. I placed my MC-75 first in the dead center at speed 3 so I can react to his deployment. once he placed his onager in the corner opposite from the obj at speed 0, I decided I would throw everything at the victory so I setup my scout hammerhead hugging the left field and my neb between the 75 and hammerhead. as the match started I zoomed the 75 straight forward and my opponent thought i was going to swing it toward the onager so he stayed speed 0 while his VSD moved forward and traveled toward OBJ now here is where the obj felt unfair for every 2 engineering pts you spend you can place(OR REMOVE) 1 obj token so basically every turn he creates and instantly gets 1 obj token making me behind of points before a single shot has been fired. Bc his list is just 2 beefy ships i cant scrape some points and run so I have the 75 flank the side of the victory and placed it perfectly in a collision course with a double arc, while my neb got in front of it and he has endless engineering so he cannot turn enough. his onager shots on my neb had my 75 and his vsd in the way so they generally did nothing bc of the neb’s evade at beyond long range with obstructed. And i mirrored my opponent and had the neb spam engineering which he slowly won but it took 3 turns for him to kill(lucky 1 hp for the 3rd turn and neb engineer can heal a hull leaving 1 hp after bump) sadly my 3 ships couldn’t kill him bc his victory was perfectly on the station so my 75 shots were obstructed and my neb was obstructed, i was a little fearful of getting the hammerhead killed so he only got 2 attacks and 1 was obstructed by asteroids after the neb died and he wasn’t blocked anymore I realized I couldn’t turn the 75 fast enough to catch him on the last turn so I called GG. sorry for the long winded story but I couldn’t see how I could have won maybe if I ignored the obj and threw everything at the onager? I was kinda scared of my hammerhead getting cooked by the superweapon or salvoed to death.
  15. So in that match with the Victory/onager, it was one of the unique missions and my opponent was defender. My 75 started in center of map at speed 3 but he got a VP by doing an engineering action on the victory point thus I was losing before even reaching the objective. Would i have been better served by just flying off the board and taking the loss?
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