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  1. noctum_carpe

    The Fate of Wilderland

    Oh i wish Radagast where 3/1/3/4 and had the healer trait, but oh well. Anyhow i feel the staff would be god on the ally.... Gandalf hero word of command and elfstone and Radagast ally and eagels...hummm have to think so many possibities.
  2. Hi Can you use message from elronf to send another player a veteran sword elf that the new player now prrmtly discards, its not in play its in the new players dicard pile, im not sure its legal? Another thougt but it limits it to three in the dicard pile one player with erestor discards all 3 vetaeran sword elf another player with Cirdan and arwen discards all 3 veteran sword elves, the one player uses stand and fight.
  3. noctum_carpe

    The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    But did it really needed to cost 1?.. It could have worked like the eagels are comming, all weapon/armor cards for search at least.
  4. noctum_carpe

    Good quests for secercy decks

    Both i guess but it would be fun to beat them as well
  5. What are some good quest to run against to test two secrecy decks?
  6. noctum_carpe

    Underused Cards

    Lore Glorfindel, his ability is so so but you dont need healing in the begining so i wished he would have another ability, Also pay a resource in lore today he would be a pay a card i guess.
  7. Is Asfaloth without Glorfindel wort the cost? as the titel say, what say you?
  8. Can you activate multiple hounur guards at the same time. For instance hero takes 3 damage, you exaust 3 three honour guards to cancel all the damage?
  9. noctum_carpe

    Help me slim down this deck

    I always forget that the cashe is not a signal Anyway i managed to get to 50 cards with your advices thx. http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/3282/boromirs-signal-fire-2-02-3.0
  10. noctum_carpe

    Help me slim down this deck

    That combo is basically my ability to reduce my threat and card draw, but mabye white council can go.
  11. I hate going down to 50 cards need advice on my deck. http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/3276/boromirs-signal-fire-2-0-2.0 Thx /noctum
  12. noctum_carpe

    I'm back... And I've got some new tricks!

    Radagast needs the healer trait
  13. noctum_carpe

    I'm back with a whole load of reworked stuff

    Tactics allies Really like Radagast and most of the allies and the weapons. good work
  14. noctum_carpe

    I'm back with a whole load of reworked stuff

    Have you seen the updated Guard of the Citade? Yes and dont like it, with sword-thrain he could have 4 defence + 1 from Rainment of war=thats potentially 5 defence and 4 hp for a 2 cost ally that is a bit strong even for me wishing to improve gondor decks. Edited Defender of ramas could have 5/3 so im not sure.. Doesn't makes sense to me. You say Gondor lacks good defenders and should have them, I give you one, and you don't like that Yes, defender of Rammas can have the same, and to top it off - he is in the same sphere with rainment. I feel that if you say a defence +1 for each gondor hero maximum of three he would be okay you can still make him a 4/4 thats really god i feel that tactics should have the upper hand in attack and defense over leadership just my preference .
  15. noctum_carpe

    I'm back with a whole load of reworked stuff

    If you're willing to invest an additional six resources to make your 2-cost defender into a 5/4 defender, that seems reasonable to me Well you get another hero as well. as i said im not sure.