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  1. Bradknowles, I am heavily leaning towards your last paragraph. Telling the player to knock it off. Its meta gaming and to me it does not suit the narrative of a Jedi. For all intensive purposes he is a good player. Most well read out of the group and understands that the GM is the final arbiter though when its directed at his character, the language changes. Last game is a good example where his whole party was under arrest and being led to a high ranking individual. When they turn up there they all discover that a sith is in this persons presence. They are heavily outnumbered here and the scene was meant to be 'watched' rather than participate as it gives them a clue and sets their adventure up. Nevertheless the Jedi Player ignored all of that and announced he is attacking the sith. So as a result of that I gave him 4 conflict because he had no regard for his friends safety. he claimed he had anger as part of his morality and I accept though because he was behaving in line with his morality does not excuse him from conflict. In his mind he was doing playing it right. I mentioned that this is not the same perspective other characters would necessarily have and is the reason for me giving conflict. They could have easily just been executed then and there. Think the conflict amount was little as he joked about standing firm on his opinion and what other perceive means nothing and shouldn't gather conflict. I think if I tighten the reigns there will be push back but I just have to do it as it feels wrong and I came here to make sure that I'm not being over protective on my position and view of the Jedi.
  2. And this is where I run into a bit of trouble. As RAW, it is there in black and white regarding what occurs when you use a dark side pip or take an action deemed dark. The conflict points are allocated. But this comment he made gave me pause. He is basically talking about 'gaming' the system. So can still be BAD while being GOOD. To me that feels weird and should be anything close to a true Jedi. I have already advised about my concerns and that I have issues with just simply applying RAW and that's it. We are both well read on the books and listen to podcasts like Order 66. We both agree and understand that GM FIAT can apply heavily in this game as the books should only be looked at as a platform. The advantage and triumph tables are not all you can do, for instance. They are a guide and players should think of different ways they can use advantage and triumph, for example. Though, what occurs the most is that when I start questioning the logic and am considering making amendments that to me sound logical though they will directly impact the players character, then that player will put up a fight. I may also raise this issue with the rest of the group for a 'round table discussion'. As BradKnowles mentions, I am also not that fond of meta gaming and using the game mechanics to thwart what should be common sense. In this case the common sense is that Jedi just simply don't dip their toes into the dark side when they feel like it and then make good by being good for a while. Its not how the order works. Its perplexing. Further thoughts and comments would be appreciated.
  3. I find myself in a quandary. One of my players, a Jedi, has commented on how the rules are good "because you can use the dark side in small parts, but that doesn't make you a dark side user". What he is referencing is that a character doesn't turn dark unless is below 30 morality. My issue is that there will be sessions where he will just willingly tap into the dark side, murder, etc. and take the hit from the conflict but then next session do nothing but good stuff and get his morality back up again, hence never going below 30. My concern is that a Jedi just using dark side here and there is still a problem. Its a Jedi on occasion tapping into the dark side and that simply in itself is not a good thing. So looking for some opinions, suggestions, comments. Am I overthinking this and just go with the flow. Let him tap into dark side, give conflict and just keep on going or can there be something more to it?
  4. Thanks Ian. Its a good adventure and well presented. Not sure how to incorporate it into the canon as my group are 10 months ABY. So they are actually in the canon though their adventures are taking a parralel path. Reason why looking for an epic plot line that brings their adventures to an end and also equally satisfying as the Battle of Endor outcome.
  5. I have had to take his character off him as his motivation was to promote the Imperial cause which rubbed against the whole party whom joined the rebels. He openly stated as a character about his support and even did things that destroyed the gains made and left a trail leading up to him. The whole party was going to toss his character into an air lock and throw him into space or he was going to kill them all. Either way, some bad blood could be left so best to nip this in the bud and sort out now so moving forward as the party gets into epic play they will be more unified. ​That part about introducing Snoke is a great idea. Thank you. I am thinking of incorporating with the suggestion below from Braendig. Braendig, thank you very much. This is a very interesting plot line that I am quite likely to tease out. Its epic in scale as this group is the reason you only see Palpatine and Darth Vader. Am thinking of a dark empire that is sitting in the vast unknown region of the galaxy where Snoke originates from and has extended his tendrils. Palpatine is but a puppet of his, unbeknown to Palpatine himself. There are DS force users here and in strong numbers with an army to boot. This way the other players that are not LS force users will have their own opponents of note and we can still mix in Edge, Rebellion and Destiny into the whole story arc. Plot design juices are flowing again.
  6. Writers block. That is what I have right now and am stuck in the mud without seeing what to do. ​My group is around 500XP per character. We have been through a couple of the FFG adventure modules and I have moved the players through the edge of the empire into the age of rebellion and now force and destiny cometh. One player is already a jedi and another has been forced to hand his character over to me and will be coming back as a Jedi. Up to now I have been rock solid with my major plots, twists and turns. Thrown enough Nemesis at the group and some have survived long enough to be a thorn in their side that they would just love to encounter again to exact their vengance. ​The groups story sits within canon. That is, we are somewhere 9-10 months ABY. I have always said that they are skirting on the edge of the canon plot line. Never to interact with the Lukes, and Leia's but will hear about them and see them.... from a distance. That applies to the dark side as well. The Alliance for the restoration of the Republic is being shattered. Thousand worlds joined in the new alliance after the battle of Yavin though have now been shattered by the Empire, as it strikes back. So there is this great opera that is the canon and I am stuck on giving the group their great opera. Something that is equally epic and rewarding though nothing to do with the canon characters. This is why I turn to you fellow GM's. Hoping you can throw some epic ideas for plots at me. Nothing super detailed, just ideas. I dont rail road my plots as players inevitably dont do what you think they may or should so I "roll with the punches". GM by the seat of my pants, which this game mechanic is really a perfect partner in crime. And yet, stuck on an epic plot. Thought about throwing the Vong in, some major vanguard invasion force that only they are privy to and must save the galaxy from this imminent danger that is bigger than the threat of the Empire. But that feels a bit stale and predictable. ​Help me fellow GM's, you're my only hope.
  7. Are the two going to get married or that's not the type of engaged you're referring to? Don't forget to take your coat on the way out.
  8. Cheers Biscuit. My goal is always to ensure the group has fun and to date (have been playing/GMing Star Wars since EoE came out) I am confident they are as they all keep on coming back to every session and we have had memorable moments. Its a game system, from the very beginning, that I really enjoyed reading and GMing. For me personally, I need to find enjoyment as a GM and a game mechanic/system that I feel engaging/fun to run. After all, I am playing as well. So I am always open to working and applying 'rules' outside of RAW. After all, the dev's themselves (and the books to a certain extent) have stated that its up to the GM to adjudicate/decide on how things run/play out. So with that in mind and the desire to have sessions with strong, memorable narrative that uses the mechanics as its foundation I am open to allowing aspects not directly covered in the books. My concern sometimes is that I do not fall into a trap where I have opened Pandora's box. Hence why this particular enquiry. As mentioned earlier, the application of a skill test versus a difficulty which is based on the armour value of the vehicle, etc., would be a good way to apply this so in the end I am giving a "yes.. and" approach though to succeed wont be an easy task and if success is made, then great satisfaction can be gained for a player that their character managed to do something so difficult. The narrative to follow completion of a great feat can then be matched and stick as another memorable moment for player and group involved.
  9. Thanks for the feedback GM's, much appreciated. While I want to lay a platform for a good experience for my group, I also want to "keep it real". Its also a fairness factor. If a player with jedi template can bring down an AT AT in one fell swoop then other players with their slug throwers, etc. can be thinking "what's the point of playing my character?" Its a case of trying to see if I can apply a 'one size fits all' approach. I may use the GM Hooley approach by using armour as difficulty value and its a skill check. AT AT has an armour of 5 so the difficulty check starts at 5 purple dice's. So no easy feat even for a lightsaber. Not saying it cant be done. Though as pointed out by Jedi Ronin, giving everyone an opportunity to shine is the way to go but I must temper that so in future player A doesn't think lets just rinse and repeat that approach. Makes the narrative useless then. I will ponder some more and possibly drip feed the "Yes.. and" approach with this game mechanic.
  10. Hey guys. As there is no GM's section in Force and Destiny, I will post my topic/question here. We regularly listen to the Order 66 podcast (not sure how many of you do or not), it is a good source of gaming information and has helped me as a GM. In episode 70, the last 15 minutes they about a GM question where in their game the Jedi using lightsaber to get into a train had an issue. The PC was on top of the train and wanted to carve a hole in the roof so can pop inside. Train had armour value 2 from what I understood. Now the argument in that group was that, canon wise, lightsabers cut through almost everything. I really like the solution in the episode with the use of a skill check and armour value used as the difficulty check . We certainly all look at the canon and understand the power of a lightsaber though scratch our heads regarding the mechanical application. Now the discussion was related to use of lightsaber to get into places, to break through something, etc. Distinction between doing an 'attack' and something that does not injure/destroy. Now, in the most recent SW Rebels episode we have a Jedi that runs across, leaps and literally cuts off two legs underneath an AT-AT, bringing it down. Narratively and thematically, great. Though my question now is, as a result from a player in my group with a Jedi that wants to do stuff like this, how would we mechanically apply that?? The AT-AT is a huge vehicle and **** strong armour. That SW Rebels scene to me is an attack so mechanically in the game, it wouldn't work. Though the pressing issue I have now is that I am being advised "It is canon", "I can cut the legs off an AT-AT". So how does one proceed with the "Yes - And" approach?? I could simply say RAW is RAW and I am not changing approach as that would place the lightsaber way above any weapon any of the other players possess. Also, as its an attack then the mechanics of the attack need to apply. Its not a skill check, that is using lightsaber to get into a sealed room, breaking a lock, etc. Help me GM's of the world, you're my only hope.
  11. As per above.... what kind of group are you looking for?? Also, what area of Sydney. I run a group in Green Valley, range in ages from 21 to 45yolds. Play every fortnight on a Saturday. if interested let me know.
  12. Thanks Narr666, that's quite the psychological game to play on the group. I like it. And Oogy......... that is brilliant. I didn't think of that at all. These characters, coming from the edge of the empire and now joined into the rebellion, just starting at zero reputation and skill mind you, should not have great in-depth knowledge of all that is imperial. One philosophy I try to apply in my gaming is that "You are not your character and your character is not you". As players we have the movies, comics, books and these books to go by. Along with that there are assumptions, such as "I know how to pretend to be an imp officer, soldier, etc, and I know how they dress and where my ammo pouch goes and where my grenades go and on what side my insignias hang." When you mentioned skulduggery it was like a Eureka moment. Why of course they should roll skulduggery when they put the armour and officers suits on. Need to see if they succeeded in that part of their pretence. Vigilance is something else I should apply more. Will their resolve break under the pressure of being deep in enemy territory and inside one of the imps command centre for crying out loud. Someone's nerves could crack and that could jeopardise the whole mission. Inspirational ideas Oogy. Cheers
  13. OggDude, best PC character generator ever. Awesome work. From a GM perspective, is there a functionality to create NPCs and only print a condensed one page stat as I wouldn't need 5 pages as these will be NPCs which, no doubt, will meet their doom?? Regards
  14. I like No.5 a lot. Half of my group are regular friends, the other half I see only at these sessions. The option to throw the towel in isn't really there or something that I want to exercise though I do understand this. My friend, who is a PC in my game, had been GM for a few years and just gave advance notice of his intention not to GM. He was just spent at turning up and running sessions which became a "me versus them" and arguments galore. We have our fare share of arguments recently though I am not at that stage yet. I can hold my own and, if needed, I will put my foot down as the RAW is littered with statements on how it is down to the GMs discretion. But I like No.5...... that would be funny.
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