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  1. Reaver027

    The Next LCG

    Terrinothw ill get an LCG once LotR ran its course or they lose the licence to it. I could see a reimplementantion of Conquest in the Rex universe. They don't have a SciFi one right now so this one would be a reasonable gues. Another LCG in the Android universe could work well since they got so much art for it already.
  2. Reaver027

    End of Netrunner

    It would not surprise me if this was not even a WotC decision but one made by Hasbro. Asmodee is threatening to them. So if they can punch back even just a little they could be willing to do so.
  3. Reaver027

    Will FFG comment on the generics issue?

    Yeah it is really strange. And i am in favor of the Conversion Kits. Except for this one issue and i wanna know why this was even made an issue. This might sound silly but this is a make it or break it issue for me to get reinvested into the game. Because this comes down to my trust in the company.
  4. Reaver027

    Will FFG comment on the generics issue?

    Lol if you are asking for an answer to the missing pilot cards and missing base plates in the AMA on Reddit you will get downvoted. Impressive showing by the apologists. I was not even asking in an agressive way. Just aksing why they are missing.
  5. Reaver027

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    I was wondering how long it would them take to reimplement the game with their own IP. Might give this one a try after not picking up the Warhammer one after i learned of the split.
  6. Reaver027

    Will FFG comment on the generics issue?

    I was and still mostly am fine with the conversion kits. But i have to say that i am a little disappointed that they don't even seem to cover all possibilities within the offerings of the conversion kit. We are missing up to 7 generic pilots (depending on how expensive the Falcon or the Ghost will be) and that a card like Maul is missing from the Rebel Kit as well is frustrating. They are risking a lot of goodwill with thise rather arbitrary decisions. Would it really hurt their bottom line to add those 8 cards? I gues Rebels will get access to Maul in a later expansion but for Veterans that is gentle smack in the face.
  7. Reaver027

    Solo movie talk (No spoilers)

    Well it seems Solo is on track to lose Disney up to $200 million. Even without the increase in budget due to reshoots the movie would be on track to lose them up to $100 million. Even $500 million worldwide is not a safe bet anymore. And a couple of weeks a go i though the movie could break $900 million. Who would have thought you could lose money with a Star Wars movie. Star Wars always seemed like the liscense to print money. I hates TLJ but enjoyed Solo. But it appears that the disappointment of TLJ was much bigger than i thought.
  8. Reaver027

    Solo movie talk (No spoilers)

    It was an enjoyable, bumpy and predictable ride. Better than expected. Better than the PT but not as good as the OT, R1 or TFA. There is one scene near the end that was jaw dropping for me. Never saw that one comming. Everyone who watched it shoudl know what i am talking about. Jar Jar was always stupid but i never really understood all the hate for him. L3 is worse. Overall a fine movie.
  9. This is one of the most important points to me. The game will look a lot more like the Star Wars movies again.
  10. Reaver027

    STAR WARS FILMS Discussion Thread!

    4 = 5 > r1 > 6 = 7 > 1 = 2 = 3 >>> 8 I love the original trilogy as well as r1 and 7. The prequels are enjoyable despite their flaws. 8 is the only movie (across all movies ever) that i hate.
  11. Well at least we will only have to buy the new ships and can skip the old ships. And if the old ships get new cards we can just buy the cards as FFG has promised. But in general that i s no different than buying new ships for 1.0 so it does not really matter. But in theory there should be a greater chance of old ships staying competitive for a much longer time. The app can (and i hope it will) guarentee that.
  12. Reaver027

    2nd ED Core Set - Mandatory?

    I am still hoping FFG will find a different way for Scum, Resistance and First Order players to join 2.0. Having to buy a core set with ships you won't be able to fly because you picked a different faction would suck. Especially since they said you won't have to buy ships from factions you don't play anymore.
  13. Reaver027

    Speculation: First Order and Resistance Conversion Kits

    That is the only redeeming quality of the game.
  14. Reaver027

    My Thoughts on 2.0, and why (for now) I plan to stay with 1.0

    Yeah it seems it makes no sense at all to convert for you. Well 1.0 is still a great game if you don't follow the meta too much and i am pretty sure you could implement some of the better changes of 2.0 into 1.0.
  15. Reaver027

    My Thoughts on 2.0, and why (for now) I plan to stay with 1.0

    I totally get why you would like to stay with 1.0 but have you connsidered to just pick one faction for 2.0 and ignore the rest. You can still fly your ships in 1.0 and when you want you can fly one faction in 2.0. Going forward it would even be cheaper since you can only focus on that one faction instead of having to keep up with all factions.