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  1. Obligatory film ranking thread

    V, R1, IV, VI, VII, I, II, III, VIII VI and VII are very close I, II and III as well. VIII is a distant last. So far behind that i don't even want to watch it a second time on the big screen.
  2. "As you wish." - Boba Fett to: Vader "What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me." - Boba Fett re: Han Solo "He's no good to me dead." - Boba Fett "Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold." - Boba Fett
  3. I never disliked the prequels but 8 has elevated them to new hights for me. They have their flaws but they are fun to watch. Clones is considered the worst by many but the Obi-Wan plot alone is heads and shoulders above anything in 8.
  4. I must be your polar opposit. Loved RO and think 8 is the worst Star Wars movie ever. If this is what SW will be going forward i am no longer interested. I already had no real intentions to watch the Solo movie but would have anyway. I will watch 9 to have an end to the Saga and because i trust JJ but i will not watch any more SW from Rian Johnson.
  5. First Star Wars movie i disliked. Never thought that was possible. The movie lost me very early and was never able to get me back. So much wasted potential and too much stupid humor. Some scenes feel like they don't even belong into the mythos. The Finn subplot was so boring and unnessesary. There is just way too much i dislike. This is the first Star Wars movie i did not want to watch again right away. I am really disappointed. I can only hope JJ will deliver again.
  6. Formats and Rotation announced

    The third set will be in standard for about 16 months. The second about 20 and the first 24. Trilogy is Magic's old Block format. Something that was hardly played at all and has been discontinued for a while. Btw 16 month is one month better than the shortest time in standard when comparing to Magic. Magic does have nearly twice the amounts of cards in standard tho.
  7. I would like FFG to release high quality files of the cards that were changed so we could print them out ourself. And they need to make these print outs tournament legal. This is the absolut minimum they should do.
  8. All the expansions (AT-ST and more)

    Or the T-47 is correct and it is just an optical illusion or just a bad job in photoshop.
  9. FFG just released information on most of the wave 1 expansion.AT-ST: and Tropers: and Troopers:
  10. Rivals draft cost

    Lets face it. Destiny was not designed with any kind of limited format in mind. The Rivals box is a bandaid that won't fix the inherant problem of the distribution model. If i had to choose between between sealed and draft in destiny i would pick sealed. It appears to be a better fit than draft.
  11. My 3x T-65 Experiance

    Thanks for posting all of this everyone. I have been theory crafting an all T-65 list for a while and have not thought about VT at all. This is my current idea: Luke + Expertise + R2D2 + VT | Wedge + PTL + R5K6 + VT | Biggs + R4D6 +IA
  12. The Last Jedi Trailer

    Loved the trailer and tickets went on sale 10 minutes early so i could get two before the servers went down 😎
  13. Star Wars Legion - Table Build Log

    The AT-ST looks amazing. Great Job! Looking forward to next couple of updates.
  14. What are your top 5 favorite fighters in Star Wars?

    Just from the movies 1) B-Wing 2) X-Wing 3) Tie Fighter 4) Tie Advanced 5) Tie Interceptor Outside the movies i would add the Starviper
  15. Ok they don't want to use the old chant. That is their choice to make and it is fine. But why change it to something that you would here at Nazi rallies? That is something i don't understand.