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  1. Well you could just print these on normal paper and then just place them ontop of a magic card and sleeve them. No need to print them on good card stock if you just want to try the game.
  2. Looking back at the games they have ended in the past few years you can see a few reasons why a game ended. Games like Warhammer 40k Conquest, Warhammer Quest ended because FFG and GW did not renew the license. Why this happened we don't really know and can only speculate. Perhaps GW saw FFG as too big of a competitor to their core market with X-Wing and Armada and the newly released Runebound Miniatures Game. Perhaps the license was just too expensive for FFG to renew. Conquest and Quest feel like they ended before their time had come. So i doubt it was purely FFGs choice to end the licensing deal with GW. And to mention Runewars real quick it seems that game was more of a trial run for Legion. At least it feels like a complete game. Same can be said for Android Netrunner. The game just started a resurgence when the licensing agreement with WoTC ended. Again we don't know why. Same possible reasons as with GW apply. Lets take a look at two games that have not been ended but we might as well call them that. Lord of the Rings The Card Game and A Game of Thrones The Card Game 2nd Edition. Both of these games have reached the end some kind of natural conclusion and will only produce an expansion here or there. AGoT2nd got a few more cards from the 1st edition to bring over but after that the game will most likely end unless GRRM will finish his books. Both games got effectively replaced by another Coop LCG in Marvel Champions and another competitive card game Keyforge. The axing of both the RPG and the Video Game Departments (not the boardgame apps department) seems like a pure business descision to cut not so profitable products. Now lets come to the Star Wars games because they ended differently. Both Imperial Assault and The Card Game had rather long production runs and at least IA felt complete with a few exceptions like Yoda or the RO cast. Both of these games ended to be replaced by new games that would target a similar market. And now we get to Destiny. The game had problems from the start as it was severly underproduced at the start. The game was so well recieved that FFG could not keep up with demand. That let to an initial bubble of hype that soon after popped and the game never recovered from it. If the game had enough product at launch available i do believe the game would have fared much better. In the end it seems like Destiny was just too expensive to produce anymore. The one game i could see at jepordy at the moment would be Armada if the suits decide that the revenue/profit is just not enough anymore. Especially with the recent cuts at FFG. I could see FFG shed some of the not so profitable product lines to focus on its mayor money makers. X-Wing- Legion, Keyforge, Marvel Champions and the Arkham games seem to do really well at the moment. L5R is pretty safe right now i would gues since it is an IP that is owned by FFG and i doubt they want to tarnish it right now. Unless they sell the IP the game should be safe.
  3. I would not be surprised if FFG decided to cut back on the Stwar Wars license and drop all but the miniatures. The miniatures make them a lot of money and while the boardgames are well recieved they have to pay Hasbro extra (if i understood what was going on around Rebellion's release correctly). The card games were initially well recieved but faded out quite fast. The LCG had a bit more staying power but could not capture the same size of audience the other coop LCGs could reach. If i would be worried as a FFG customer i would be more worried about AGoT2nd and perhaps even L5R. Their competitive games just can't compete with the giants that are Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon. Only Keyforge can for the time being do that and that game is still very young. Will have to wait and see how it will do in the future.
  4. Well we can add no German translation to the interesting choices that are being made with this game. I was looking forward to this game but i doubt the game will fly in any local store if there is only the english version available. The risk to the local retailer is just too big to stock a game that is only available in english.
  5. We are only 9 cards away to have everything but Ultron and the 180-184 cards. I am really interested in those last few cards. I wonder if they are a special subplot like Bomb Scare or Masters of Mayham.
  6. Just one for a complete playset. You can play with up to 4 with that with hardly any problems. Limitations would be that every player has to pick a different aspect and that not every player can pick a playset set of every of the 6 non limited neutral card.
  7. The single Core Set experience looks really solid. 15 hero cards +18/19 aspect cards already gives you 33/34 card decks. The minimum is 40 So everyone gets the 5 cards that can only be in a deck once and you are at 38/39. Then everyone gets a mansion and the leadership player can add one more card to complete all the decks. And if some players want they can include some other neutral cards to increase their decksize. We will have to wait and see what number will be optimal since too few might get you an extra negative cards too often. Yes deckbuilding for 4 players with just one coreset will be very limited but you will get to make some choices.
  8. Kinda strange that Leadership got 1 less card than the other 3 aspects.
  9. If an argument like the one from the OP is unsound because we lack information on the product point that out. Giving a company a free pass because "They need to make money!" is just so wrong. Right now we don't know the contet of the expansions so a wait and see stance is appropiate.
  10. Unless Wotc screws up so much that noone would like Magic anymore no other card game will eat Magic alive. And since WotC is already screwing up a lot lately you can tell that they would have to screw up so much more to even notice a dent.
  11. The Starter is about 34€ (this includes about 5,50€ tax) here in Germany and the single decks cost 9€. So 15€ for the starter decks and the tokens is not a bad deal in my book. Will preorder one starter and see where the game will go from there. I really hope i can find a playgroup near by. Ever since i quit playing Magic i do miss the regular meetups to play card games.
  12. You get rid of one Chains every turn when you draw to refill your hand. "Each time (including during setup) a player with one or more chains would draw one or more cards to refill their hand, that player draws fewer cards (based on their current chain level, see below) and then sheds one chain by reducing their chain tracker by one." The ready and fight specifies a friendly creature. So i would assume you can fight with any of your creatures. And i don't think you need to ready a creature to use the fight portion of the ability. Since RG designed Magic i am translating a lot from there. The ready part of the ability is after the : so it is not a cost.
  13. A Starter and then decks for sealed tournaments.
  14. To me it feel a little as FFGs answer to sealed/limited. Bacause none of their games actually are able to fully support such a gameplay. They always ave to find a convoluted way to enable drafts for their LCGs and even Destiny. This game by design is a lot like sealed deck from Magic.
  15. Oh cmon you know that is not true. There are so many garbage rares in Pokemon, Magic or Yugioh. And even the higher rarities are not guaranteed to be anything worth playing. Most rares are worth less than good uncommons in Magic for example.
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