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  1. Thanks for posting all of this everyone. I have been theory crafting an all T-65 list for a while and have not thought about VT at all. This is my current idea: Luke + Expertise + R2D2 + VT | Wedge + PTL + R5K6 + VT | Biggs + R4D6 +IA
  2. Loved the trailer and tickets went on sale 10 minutes early so i could get two before the servers went down 😎
  3. The AT-ST looks amazing. Great Job! Looking forward to next couple of updates.
  4. Just from the movies 1) B-Wing 2) X-Wing 3) Tie Fighter 4) Tie Advanced 5) Tie Interceptor Outside the movies i would add the Starviper
  5. Ok they don't want to use the old chant. That is their choice to make and it is fine. But why change it to something that you would here at Nazi rallies? That is something i don't understand.
  6. I know i am repeating myself but i wish FFG would just unnerf all the cards and start adjusting points. And while they are at it they could release a list building app.
  7. This is a storage/trade solution. This is not made for decks. If the quality is good it might be worth it.
  8. To me it feels like they took the best things from their old miniature games and combined it into Legion. You can see some Dust Tactics /Warfare as well as Runewars, Imperial Assault and X-Wing /Armada influences.
  9. Might i suggest to move the starter armies to the core set area? That way it would be easier to see what faction is behind on releases.
  10. I would love to see a complete unnerf of all cards and a cost rebalance first before we move into 2.0 territory. There are some other things that would be nice like new dice or ps cap at 9 but those should happen when a cost rebalance fail.
  11. Yeah the box could have used 5 more neutral cards so you could build a tournament legal deck. Even if this deck would have been rather inconsistant.
  12. How many games did you play? Out of the three matches only one looked very one side with the other two being really close. The first game looked really close and came down to who activates first. The second was a great draw vs a bad draw. In the third, as you mentioned yourself, Kylo did 4 damage too much because of a missplay. As well as some more missplays. Overall Kylo was rather lucky with his ability.
  13. They could have added 20 more cards to make complete decks at nearly no additional cost. That would have been the perfect starter box.
  14. You can't build a tournament legal deck with just one copy. There are only 14 hero, 15 villain and 11 neutral non character cards in the box.
  15. And you get a lot of waste there if you buy three. I like this two player set a lot more. Only 4 wasted cards is also a lot better than the old starters.