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  1. The third set will be in standard for about 16 months. The second about 20 and the first 24. Trilogy is Magic's old Block format. Something that was hardly played at all and has been discontinued for a while. Btw 16 month is one month better than the shortest time in standard when comparing to Magic. Magic does have nearly twice the amounts of cards in standard tho.
  2. I would like FFG to release high quality files of the cards that were changed so we could print them out ourself. And they need to make these print outs tournament legal. This is the absolut minimum they should do.
  3. Or the T-47 is correct and it is just an optical illusion or just a bad job in photoshop.
  4. FFG just released information on most of the wave 1 expansion.AT-ST: and Tropers: and Troopers:
  5. Lets face it. Destiny was not designed with any kind of limited format in mind. The Rivals box is a bandaid that won't fix the inherant problem of the distribution model. If i had to choose between between sealed and draft in destiny i would pick sealed. It appears to be a better fit than draft.
  6. Thanks for posting all of this everyone. I have been theory crafting an all T-65 list for a while and have not thought about VT at all. This is my current idea: Luke + Expertise + R2D2 + VT | Wedge + PTL + R5K6 + VT | Biggs + R4D6 +IA
  7. Loved the trailer and tickets went on sale 10 minutes early so i could get two before the servers went down 😎
  8. The AT-ST looks amazing. Great Job! Looking forward to next couple of updates.
  9. Just from the movies 1) B-Wing 2) X-Wing 3) Tie Fighter 4) Tie Advanced 5) Tie Interceptor Outside the movies i would add the Starviper
  10. Ok they don't want to use the old chant. That is their choice to make and it is fine. But why change it to something that you would here at Nazi rallies? That is something i don't understand.
  11. I know i am repeating myself but i wish FFG would just unnerf all the cards and start adjusting points. And while they are at it they could release a list building app.
  12. This is a storage/trade solution. This is not made for decks. If the quality is good it might be worth it.
  13. To me it feels like they took the best things from their old miniature games and combined it into Legion. You can see some Dust Tactics /Warfare as well as Runewars, Imperial Assault and X-Wing /Armada influences.
  14. Might i suggest to move the starter armies to the core set area? That way it would be easier to see what faction is behind on releases.
  15. I would love to see a complete unnerf of all cards and a cost rebalance first before we move into 2.0 territory. There are some other things that would be nice like new dice or ps cap at 9 but those should happen when a cost rebalance fail.