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  1. Well...it’s something https://www.facebook.com/110432647142/posts/10156137483957143?s=100000300163909&substory_index=0&sfns=mo
  2. I can’t believe this thing is still alive! If you’ve played any previous FFG game then you know that the RRG takes precedence over L2P, it even says it in the RRG. It’s really not as complicated as some are making it out to be..
  3. Again, they’ve got some work to be done but they’re coming along!
  4. I’ve done the ghoul, BoS, and Vault dweller. None are 100% done but we’re getting there!
  5. Well it’s not ONLY from quests you get them. There are a few other instances where you get agenda cards as well such as for doing certain things at the end of Vault 84. It’s true though that you do seem to get plenty through the course of the game.
  6. I don’t even watch the show but I’ve got the same feeling for some reason. I think it might look like some of the art for her in the GoT FFG Games.
  7. It’s the reason I actually had her as one my Heroes for so long, I just loved looking at her!
  8. This is a bit surprising and honestly kind of scary for fans of the physical game.
  9. Hahaha, I hope it not Vault 68. That was the Vault that had 999 men and only 1 woman.
  10. I am reviving this for a quick monent only to say “TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!!”
  11. I’ve actually started playing it solo because everyone else quit on it already :/ Still not feeling it. I keep saying to myself, “Man, I’d rather be playing Descent right now.” I’m obviously going to get through it, it’s just not as engaging as I would wish.
  12. Same here, if they slapped Runebound on a half-eaten sandwich I’d buy it. That said, this is not fun in my opinion. It’s cool to see the lore that I love play out but the “game” itself is just not great :/
  13. Also, and I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but X-wing doesn’t require you to have a big box expansion to enter a tournament. I haven’t done one in a while but I know initially over half of the people (which is already a limited number due to the high buy in of the game) didn’t have Hoth so they couldn’t play in the tournament. That limits player base and interest for the game quite a bit unless you’re a die hard fan like most of us.
  14. Well, having played “To New Roads” last night I can confirm that all of my fears are true. Especially my fears of the activation tokens. To be honest, it got so weird at some points that there were moments we just said heck with the tokens let’s just play the thing! Obviously there are some story points where the tokens are sort of a requirement and but overall we just sort of judged ourselves as to whether the character who needed the skill was unoccupied enough to do the task at hand. I’ve got to admit though, the game is terribly boring for the people not doing the reading :/ Heck, even for me it was kind of dragging.
  15. The tournament rules state that you can run an event and participate as long you designate a secondary judge for any rules conflicts you’re apart of. I’ve done this multiple times with no real issues.
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