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  1. Another thing for you to remember about obstructed squadrons is that they do not engage other squadrons. This means that if the other squadron you are fighting against is obstructed from you, they can still move and/or attacks ships.
  2. Concentrating on only 2 maneuvers is thanks to the defense liason. Since you can have three tokens banked on the vsd (some not as important as others), you can spend one of them to always convert your dial to a repair or navigate. This is important because it leaves you free to constantly spam either the squadron command (to maneuver your ties more effectively) or take concentrate fire (get that extra dice!). If you need to swap to a navigate or repair, toss the less useful token and execute the dial immediately. This makes having to look ahead 3 maneuvers with dials easier since you can change the dial on the fly.
  3. On your original build, I would suggest dropping your defense liason for a sensors team. Yes you have to spend a dice to change a die to a focus, but than the warlord lets you change it to a hit (good way to use this is with your red long range dice, sack a blank dice to change a regular hit to a double hit!).
  4. Does General Dodonna's ability trigger off of these dealt face up cards?
  5. Your rebels on the other hand looks like a slightly tweaked build that was already previewed by FFG in the "Ready for Battle" News feed posted back in March (which, no offense their build looks better). Also, you have your nav and defense missions for the rebels mixed up. My friend has been stewing over a build similar to what you have and suggests something more like this: Assault Frigate Mk II B - 72 General Dodonna - 20 Gallent Have - 8 Intel Officer - 7 Flight Controllers - 6 Electronic Countermeasures - 7 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate - 57 Redemption - 8 Intel Officer - 7 Engineering Team - 5 CR90 Corvette B - 39 Tantive IV - 3 Leia Organa - 3 Wedge Antilles - 19 "Dutch" Vander - 16 X-Wing Squadron - 13 Y-Wing Squadron - 10 Assault: Precision Strike Defense: Fleet Ambush Nav: Superior Positions (Assault Frigate stays in cover of all the fighters with the redemption in short tow behind it lobbing artillery shots from afar. Both ships strip away the defenses of the enemy by utilizing the Intel Officers to force the opponent to discard defense tokens. Finally the CR90 acts a C&C vessel, Disseminating tokens and changing commands on the fly for the Assault Frigate.) TOTAL COST 300
  6. The high inaccuracy is precisely my point. The Red die has only 3 sides with hits on them. The 2 crits will only be blank sides against fighter and only 1 accuracy so not much targeting down hero defenses. Come to think of it the red dice is the worst of the 3 when shooting at fighters. Black dice 6 sides with hits (crit-hit counts only as a single hit against fighters) Odds of damage 3 out of 4 Blue dice 4 sides with hits Odds of damage 1 out of 2 Red dice 3 sides with hits Odds of damage 3 out of 4. Odds of doubile damage 1 out of 8. With those stats IMHO an ISD should only have a single red die. Who cares about the long range shot being overpowered against fighters? Odds are it will miss way more than it will hit at any range. A blue dice is way better than a single red dice. You worry about the wrong statistic. You do realize that all antisquadron barrages do not count critical (whether fired from a ship or another squadron). This kinda puts your theory to bed because that means red dice are more effective than blue dice (red have 4 hot 1 double hit, while blue have only 4 hit).
  7. As far as your imperial force goes, I can't for the life of me figure out why you have a sensors team on a Vicky I. The sensors team sees you tossing a dice to change another dice to an aim dice. The only dice with aim are the red dice, so unless you are getting in close and rolling alot of blanks, this is kind of unimportant (personally I think sensor teams should only go on Vicky II's). Maybe drop your sensors team, 2 tie interceptors, and 2 tie fighters. Instead replace with mailer mithel, howlrunner, and a tie advanced. This gives your fighters freedom to engage your enemy with less impedance (they will focus on advanced first because they have to and the named squadrons next) leaving your fighters to truly become an air superiority screen).
  8. This man has a point. I understand going heavy on the fighters for a good defense against opponent fighters, however leaving them as is to engage ships makes them ineffective. Coupling with advanced nets you the capability of still getting some hits off on ships that also keeps you tie fighters safer for longer.
  9. Exactly. Why enhance with only 1 more damage die when you can assure your opponent that their attack will be braced against?
  10. I'm still trying to fathom the leading shots being paired with the warlord. If you want to re-roll dice with leading shots, it is better to take the demolished (as it has extra blue dice to spare). Honestly, the warlord is great at transferring red dice into double hits. For a better combo with that, it is better to include H9 Turbolasers or Sensors team (matters which slot you aren't using). Afterwards, add an ion cannon battery instead of leading shots and enjoy the fact that with admiral screed you will always be getting yo remove a defense token from an opponent (except if they use an evade). Plus director isard is wonderful and all, bit since you can only have one officer on a ship, I would much rather see a liason fill that spot (preferably defense). This way your Vicky spends time building up tokens and you can instead only concentrate on performing 2 manuevers (since 2 of them are now an option to switch to if times get tough).
  11. Also, as another quick question, does anyone know what other heroes can be added to complete this game other than those from dungeonquest?
  12. I am curious as to what to do with commanders who have weapons and participate in a battle. Banners of war cites, "When a standing commander is in an area in which friendly units are resolving a battle, he provdes the ability listed on his Commander card." This makes it seem like giving a weapon to the commander pointless except for when being confronted by an enemy commander in a duel. Wouldn't it make sense to allow for the weapons to be used for the commander even in battle?
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