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  1. I want to see a dauntless for the rebels. Bulwark would be dumb or other supers would be dumb, I agree. I just don't get it really, this should be a no brainer as the lore is full of ships to use and essentially all the design of the models are done. Render it, make a model and mould from that, and add rules that fit the role it fills/they need it to fill. Where are the dreadnoughts to give us a ship that both sides can use? Why have we not seen a space station yet with defense capabilities like a Golan, imagine the awesome matches that would give us if it wasn't just a piece of cardboard. The issue is that each wave needs so many seperate items like admiral's and multiple titles to go with the ships, yet those could be there own releases in between. Again, the game is good but in the current market they need to keep adding stuff, look GW now vs 6 years ago. They were constantly being attacked for slow releases, high prices and so on. Now no one cares and just keep eating it up and jokingly complain about how they have no money for all the releases. Yet people buy them all and their value is way up. Meanwhile FFG got bought and now I hear asmodee is in a bad spot and may get sold. They produce a lot of stuff but don't get that if you have multiple miniature games that receive sporadic support at best it isn't going to keep people's interest. Ask Spartan Games about how it worked for them. Oh wait....
  2. Decided to go buy the half price victory after writing this and look at what else they had. Core set is on sale for nearly 30% off and most everything is out of stock. This is meeplemart in Canada and basically the best game store in the country. Maybe a restock is coming but then why is the core on such a good sale? No releases for a year or whatever leads to less interest and eventually a dead game. FFG needs to get focused and support the game, all we have had in a year is a PDF to go with a ship I was told I could buy 2 months ago.
  3. Would love small decks with set card lists like their living card games have, a mix of old but sought after cards and new ones. Great way to expand the game and give me an excuse to buy something. I literally saw a half price victory class and was like, meh. We need more stuff asap as I'm bored as **** of what we have despite loving the game still. They need to get moving on new releases, each faction needs 2 or 3 ships and a small pack each year, plus a campaign or something similar. After this wait for the SSD I dread to think of how long it will take to get something of similar size again.
  4. I think scale is hinted in the title cards. Look at it in his hands then look at the Issac next to the SSD in the title card image
  5. gredert

    Card binder

    Keep the quests in a card binder in order and facedown I would say. The stack isn't bad but if it had to be redone for any reason and it's not in the semi order it comes in.....well I would consider buying a new copy first haha
  6. yeah, this and Fallout needs dates now. I get its on the boat, but that boat has to have a date of arrival logged that they gave you. I am fine with being told "this day, maybe a week later", but come on, lots of stuff comes from china and arrives when planned.
  7. gredert

    On The Boat

    In my experience they do mass updates, not individual ones. So while it used to say at the printers, it may have been on the boat for a week by the time we got that update. This seems like a lucrative new IP for them, and getting it out in October, say, maybe the 23rd for no specific reason, would be good for them so that xmas sales are strong.
  8. If Akbar upgrades sides, would an equivalent not just upgrade front since that is their main attack arc? May have to cost less, but not by much as front arc is easier to use, tends to have more dice on imp ships than rebs have on side arc, and would be much more devastating early game to take an extra 4-6 red shots a turn than mid to late when those couple of heavy ships make it to a position they can fire both side arcs. Just seems more useful for the imps and likely why it wont happen besides the boring notion of repeated powers on each side. asymmetrical is always better for gaming once you graduate from chess
  9. That's it, was driving me nuts haha, thanks for that. And yeah, not knowing the name to find a net pic meant only a phone pic of my tv and it was too big. Less than half a mb has to go lol
  10. Tried to add a picture but apparently we can't because FFG is not aware of phone picture file sizes haha
  11. So there is a rebel capital ship in rogue one I can't identify, but I feel the class is on the tip of my tongue. You get the best view at chapter 46, runtime 2:00:30-33, found left side and clear, and a second one almost center. It is corvette or frigate sized, but probably corvette, has a flat, disc or arrowhead shaped forward section, a long central section that appears covered in guns and gubbins, and the back may have cr90 style engines, plus wings. It is pretty cool looking, an amalgamation of a few ships and I hope to see it in the game. **** looking at it now I think partly the ship I'm seeing is the ones from starship troopers haha
  12. Just going to toss in my own idea because why not. I accept it will come when it comes, and can wait patiently. I expect at least one more fighter wave first so at minimum a year I feel, maybe that games expo they just had, make it the big reveal next year. Anyways 2.5x larger than a ISD, on 2 stands like the xwing epics. wide front and rear arcs plus a combined side arc that uses about half of each stand to simulate. Needs at least 20 hull. A minimum of 8 forward shield (another issue as we haven't even seen a 6 yet, have we? I expect that first also, and this thing wont have one more shield than a large ship), maybe 6 sides and 5 rear. means it can run forward and take a beating but it wont be unkillable. For dice, front 6 red, 4 blue 2 black, sides should be stronger because of sheer length and thus number of emplacements maybe 8 red, 4 blue, 3 black. Rear 3 red, 2 blue 0 black. I also think introducing a new die color could limit number of dice needed, say an epic only purple die, good at 2nd range, 2x miss sides, 3x 2 hit sides, 1x 2 accuracy, 1x 2 critical, 1x 3 hits or 2 hits 1 critical. Ship could include 4 of those dice then use them to replace some of the reds and blues. They could even just have a whole new "epic" red blue and black set only to be used with these ships. Just an idea, not sure how to balance or implement. maybe an extra long range stick like xwing (range 4 is red for these ships, 3 is blue, 2 black, and 1 is purple, this represents the improved firepower of these massive ships so their batteries have more punch at further range). Anti fighter could be one of each basic color, maybe 2 reds 1 blue. Upgrades would have to be numerous to represent size and crew complement again, so perhaps 1 commander, officer, 2x support, 1x weapons teams, 2 turbolaser, 1 ion cannon, 1 fleet support, 1 fleet command, 1x offensive, 2x defensive and allow 2 modifications. I know 10+ possible cards before a title and admiral is insane, but if this one ship starts at upwards of 200 points, these cards easily make it 300pts. some titles could even add more slots and thus more power AND cost. These things should be beasts, but the main focus of your fleet. Special tactics should be required to take one on and win, and rebels should be trying to get fighters in close from multiple angles to force a massive splitting of fire if the SSD still only gets 2 shots. At a 600pts game, with 300+ sunk in this beast, the empire will need to devote a good portion of its 200pts to fighters so either 1 escort or less upgrades and more escorts. This means we see 4-7 rebel ships plus fighters engaging a ship that will one shot a lot of stuff up close, meaning we could have some pretty back and forth fights. jump up to 800-1000pts and we now have a multiplayer game of 2v2 with some fairly substantial deployments and still keeping a good amount of balance but really letting the SSD stretch its legs when it comes to upgrades. mix in some special epic only ship abilities and powers like we have in xwing (energy?), and the matches will be quite unique. Also we need Piett. He commanded a SSD. Confirmed for release.
  13. I agree fully. The Bulwark needs to be saved for the possibility of FFG releasing some form of SSD. A big, massive, ugly as sin **** brick house of ship that can go nearly toe to toe with the SSD. What the people here want is more in line with a Dauntless Cruiser. A ship I would personally love to see as it opens up the idea of a ship that is on par with, maybe a bit stronger than, the Imp 2 for the rebels (obviously we have 2 mon cals with lots of strengths but they are costed significantly less for a reason). A rebel ship that sits between 115-125 pts would be nice, and give FFG a reason to bring something a bit heavier to the imperials as my only complaint with the releases is that we got the big bad of baddies so early, so now every release seems under powered by comparison, though most have a lot more tricks up their sleeves which is very nice in its own way. Anyways this is rambling, and I dont feel like editing so good enough.
  14. half the crew is 125000 last I checked haha. Your first idea makes the most sense and is a direct repeat of how I believe Zjinj or whatever his stupid name was stole one. Or was it Issard? Someone tried to steal one haha
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