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  1. I just picked up the Beyond the Threshold expansion. I own everything released for the 1st and 2nd edition minus two 1st edition POD scenarios. When I opened the box, I was excited to see the quality of the models, however, I think they went "light" on the quantity of content for this expansion. It's sold in a mid sized box, which typically connotes a more significant expansion. With only 2 new heroes and a couple of scenarios, and a small stack of mini cards, this could have been sold in a small X-wing plastic pack for $14. I get my games from a LFGS who gives me 25% off MSRP with my membership, and it still feels as though I overpaid for this product. I totally appreciate FFG in producing more content for the games I play, but when the contents of the box don't even fill 1/3 of the size of the box, kinda makes you feel like it's a cash grab, because they know their customers who are sold on a game are going to pay the price to acquire the new content.
  2. An evening where you play a scenario out of LotR LCG, and then play Arkham Horror LCG sounds perfect to me. I dont think one has to replace another. We know the theme is entirely different, and I would imagine that the play experience will be entirely different as well.
  3. That will be awesome if the conversion kit is included in the 2nd edition box.
  4. I just discovered that FFG is producing a 2nd edition of this terrific game. At first, I was concerned that the 2nd edition would replace the 1st version (which I own everything but 2 print on demand scenarios) but could you imagine my surprise when they are allowing you to integrate the 1st edition components into the 2nd edition! I wish they would integrate the app into the 1st edition scenarios, as this is the most painful part of the game. To really do it right, it's a 45 minute setup for sure. To have the app track and implement the scenario setup decesions would be amazing for the keeper. Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to support and expand this game. One of my favorites for sure.
  5. Sorry, but I can't believe that FFG would release a product like this. I am an inexperienced player, and have never played in a tournament. If I was planning on attending the next tournament in my area, and wasn't confident in my deck building or didn't have access to cards, and bought theses Corp and runner decks, sleeved them up, and simply showed up with my tokens and playmat, and then got disqualified in round 1 because for whatever reason these are illegal to play out of the box, I would most likely abandon the game. Are they issuing a large red banner on the cover that screams a warning to uninformed players like myself? Just seems wrong to me. If they are going to do something like this, they should include the original tournament decks as the winners built them, then an insert with the rules changes, identifying which cards are impacted by subsequent rule changes, then offer alternative cards to ensure someone can sleeve up and play in a tournament without any additional purchases.
  6. "With two new Rebel heroes, one new Imperial class, new items, a new mini-campaign, and a new focus on your Spy characters, The Bespin Gambit offers an indispensable bonus to every Imperial Assault player."
  7. I am a completionist when it comes to board games. However, with LotR, that isn't necessary at all. Once you have the core set and learn how the game plays, then the more you move into the expansion content, the more quests you will have to play. I ramped up pretty quickly, and found myself owning like 24 quests, which was way more content than I could get through at the time. It was not necessary to obtain so much content so quickly. Don't let the availability drive your expectation to acquire a lot of the game content early on. Just know it's there as you need it. As you do progress into the content of the game, you will realize that the game really comes alive in the deck building department. I will usually start a quest with a pretty generic deck, and then I typically end up losing the scenario. Then, I go back to my cards, and customize my Hero's and cards to best deal with the mechanics of the specific quest. For me, I have experienced some of the most rewarding and fulfilling board game moments with this game when I pull off a win after building a deck that I think could handle the scenario that just wrecked me.
  8. I purchased the core box, and all of the wave 1 blister packs for the campaign in the core box. I would prefer not to use tokens when the minis are available. With about 30 games in my collection, and playing 1 - 2 times per month, it's unlikely that I will get through the core box content anytime soon. I am nowhere close to needing the two box expansions nor their character blister packs. I have never tried the skirmish game, as I prefer the 4 vs 1 mission setup for me and those I invite to play the game.
  9. Just created my 1st mission yesterday. I came back today to finish a couple of details, and noticed that I have nothing in "my missions." I cannot edit my mission now. I can only preview or download it. Any assistance would be helpful. http://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/xwing/home/5963/
  10. Yep, gonna pick some hobby super glue up this week, and store it in my Plano box as well. Good idea.
  11. I am new to Star Wars X-wing as of last week, and immediately noticed how fragile these cool ships are. Within the first 2 hours of play, I snapped one of the large ship plastic connectors, and the connector on the base of the Millennial Falcon snapped off during the 2nd game. I am an adult, take good care of my stuff, and was handling the ships very carefully, however, it seems as though the plastic connectors (specifically the male end of the connections) break very easily. The Falcon tipped off the base twice, and in my attempt to secure it a touch more, the connector broke. How do you either prevent this, or repair it in a manner which minimizes such issues? It was kinda lame just playing with the Millennial Falcon base while the ship was placed back in the box until I could get it fixed. Experiencing these issues with such little playtime on them, I am not sure how these ships survive hours upon hours of gaming. I imagine that some of you have used your ships for years, on a regular basis.
  12. Rebels are way easier to use for rookies, because a lot of Rebel options depend more on good stats than good decisions. Imperials get better once you start figuring out how to make the best decisions. Couldn't have said it better. That's the key here. Keep playing the tougher to play Imperials and when you start to win, it'll be that much more sweet. Aight, I'm gunna hang in there till I figure out how to succeed with the imperial faction. Thanks for all of the great ideas and things to be aware of when playing the dark side.
  13. Very well said. I felt like if I put in the work and effort to out maneuver the opponents ships, then I needed to make my attack count. Felt like I should be rolling 5 dice with Vader and the interceptor if I got them out of enemy arcs but in position to fire (which isn't easy to do turn after turn). Now I am seeing that if the imperials have a group of 3 or 4 imperial ships targeting a single target, then I get multiple attack rolls, thus increasing the likelihood that I land damage.
  14. Ok, I can see how taking evade and focus tokens can help the ships without shields helps when you are rolling 3 green dice at the 1 to 2 defending distances and 4 at the 3 distance. It may not be the action I want to take in the moment, but when I end up in my opponents firing arc, it seems like that's what I want to use, then use my maneuverability to get out of there next turn.
  15. Yeah, I think the reason that my Vader and interceptor was still alive was that I would move, then use barrel rolls (like 2 or 3 at times due to Vaders two action ability plus a card that gave him an extra barrel roll) as well as boosts on the interceptor. I had Push the Limits on the interceptor, and it was really fun to be able to get out of the enemies firing arc while keeping them in mine. I wasn't always successful in doing this, however, when it worked, it was definitely rewarding. Keep in mind that a ship may only perform any single action ONCE. No matter how many actions it has or what upgrades it has (unless there is a card that specifically says you can do it more than once per turn, but I don't believe such an action card exists). So if I am reading you right, if you have Expert Handling on Vader, you get ONE barrel roll after moving per turn. Not two or three. If you have engine upgrade (or boost native such as an interceptor) then you can boost once (even if you have push the limit, but then you can boost and barrel roll once each in any order). Oh, then that makes Vader much less maneuverable. Yeah, I was doing multiple barrel rolls. Thanks for the rule clarification.
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