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  1. I always thought that it would be better otherwise (showing at the same time) because of the phrasing on the card. When revealed, choose an oppponent, search, reveal, shuffle. Also for the fairness and also because the plot cards flip simultaneously might as well to these kind of search effects. Thanks for the clarifications..
  2. My question is I saw some battles with them using the plot like Summoning Season, Building Season etc. They search and REVEAL THE CARD AT THE SAME TIME. Some battles do otherwise like the owner of the plot reveal the card chosen card first. How is the proper ruling on this? Thanks guys.
  3. What if, someone triggers to bounce it back to your hand? i presume you cant play that character anymore?
  4. so, you can still play that card in play until it is chosen to be killed?
  5. if you want to save a character from being killed you just have to discard a duplicate.. if so, a copy of that card it is then put to his/her discard pile. Q: what if you used VISENYA'S HILL while the copy of the card that you have put into dead pile from your discard pile was still in play? Can you still play that card? Or it automatically placed to dead pile or invalid? Just cancelled event cards or other cards, if its cancelled itll go to discard pile.
  6. Who will choose? the owner of these cards or BY EACH PLAYER? its kinda confusing the phrase, BY EACH PLAYER..
  7. Khal Drogo: STR 3 Response: After you win a (Power) challenge in which Khal Drogo is participating, choose and KILL 1 character with lower STR than Khal Drogo. Myrcella Lannister: STR 2 Challenges: Discard Myrcella Lannister from play to allow you to initiate an additional (Intrigue) challenge this phase, to a maximum of 3 QUESTION: Can Mycella save herself by discarding herself? Even if Khal Drogo is the attacker or active player? The Player Action window frame says only a SAVE/CANCEL responses after an action is initiated. Is my conclusion correct?(REF: FAQ V.4 Page 19)
  8. Is this correct? Keywords are: "Immune to Character Abilities" "Ambush, Intimidate, Vengeful, Vigilant, Stalwart" "Stealth" "House ______ Only" "Setup" "Limited" "*Trait/House characters only" After that line is the "Text box"?
  9. Question: What if, if you choose(unconsciously) to STEALTH a character with a IMMUNE TO CHARACTER ABILITY ability, is your chance to STEALTH is lost? You cannot anymore choose other character to bypass a STEALTH? I mean, IMMUNE TO CHARACTER ABILITY is an ABILITY right? so i presume that STEALTH was blocked..
  10. I overread the words "HOUSE CARD gains:" sorry my bad.. LOL..
  11. How about the AGENDA CARD, "KNIGHTS OF THE HOLLOW HILL".. Rule book core set: "IN PLAY" All non-plot cards in the game are considered "in play" EXCEPT for a.) cards in your HOUSE DECK, b.) cards in your discard and dead piles, c.) YOUR AGENDA (if any), d.) any card that has been "removed from the game" and e.) the cards in your hand Q: How will you kneel a CARD that is not in play? but KNIGHTS OF THE HOLLOW HILL (Agenda) Gives you +2(COIN), 2(INFLUENCE), +2(INTIATIVE)? @everybody: I/we am/are already assuming that PAYING is synonymous to KNEELING when it comes to AMBUSH keyword.. but as i was reading(reviewing from cover to cover, cause nothing to do here at the office for the meantime..) the core rule book, the word KNEEL is missing that got my attention to ask this silly questions but i think some of you are also interested/intrigued with this and got my point regardless with that "FFG assumes you understand this concept" file(still want a copy though..LOL). @everybody: Nobody agrees with me with my opinion that influence bonus can be use for AMBUSH as Standing, and no need to kneel, but there is RIGHT TIMING and that is the ANY PHASE Action? I know, knelt card cant be used again, but if it is standing, you may use its influence without kneeling? hehehe.. Any pity Aye? hahaha.. I have a point right? LOL..
  12. Core Set Rule Book: Special Icons in Rules Text Influence: (2nd Paragraph) When an event or triggered ability(ANY PHASE) requires you to kneel a certain amount of influence, you must kneel characters or locations that provide atleast that much total influence. House Specific Keywords Ambush You may put a card with the "Ambush" keyword into play from your hand as an "Any Phase" action, by paying its printed gold cost with influence. @Underworld40k: Q: Where in the AMBUSH Keyword is the word or satisfy the "triggered ability" that REQUIRES to KNEEL a certain amount of INFLUENCE. @mdc273: Q: Where can i have a copy of "FFG assumes you understand this concept" file? @everybody: Q: Are SPECIAL ICONS in RULE TEXT have the same account for income? like COIN icon and INITIATIVE Icon? If you kneel an INFLUENCE producing card with a COIN icon or a INITIATIVE icon , We dont get an additional COIN or INITIATIVE from them? I Vote for revision.. LOL..
  13. Kneeling are considered paying, in some other cards specifically yes, but when it comes to AMBUSH, How? My opinion on this is that , an AMBUSH card act as an ANY PHASE action so, you can only play AMBUSH card(s) when there are PLAYER ACTION WINDOW for the ANY PHASE action. now, say ANY PHASE, For example in CHALLENGE, "Player Actions" is before and between (not during) of that three(3) steps(Dec.Attackers, Dec.Defenders, Resolved) For example, you have only 4 influence (say, produced by character or a location) then, you want to play an AMBUSH card, so, after Active(Opponent) player Dec.Attacker, we have a PLAYER ACTION. Active player(opponent) does not have an Action, and now you can play an Ambush card with 4 gold cost because you ALREADY have a 4 influence in play as your Player Action. Your Opponent doesnt have SAVE/CANCEL effect, Ambush is resolved. After you play an AMBUSH card (as a PLAYER ACTION) you can now declare your defender(s). Then you(both) have a Player Action again and you may use again your 4 influence to play another AMBUSH card. My Bottomline(opinion) is that, We doesnt have to Kneel that card producing influence. As long as it is in play, you have your INCOME of that influence. But there is a TIMING (ANY PHASE action) where to play or pay that influence. I guess that's the beauty of that ability.. My opinion is based accordingly on the Core Set Rule book that says, AMBUSH cards may be put into play as an ANY PHASE action paying its gold cost by influence.
  14. Reviewing Core Set Rulebook : AMBUSH, You may put a card with the "Ambush" keyword into play from your hand as an "Any Phase" action, by paying its printed gold cost with influence. QUESTION: How would you pay the printed gold cost by influences? On the rule, it does not says KNEEL. Play as an "Any Phase"(its a triggered action i believe..) but some triggered actions specifies to KNEEL certain amount of influences. Any opinion on this? Are they any erratas and clarifications on the rulebook of the Core Set?
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