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  1. verdantsf and CitzenKeen, thanks for sharing your perspectives. I've just ordered a copy of the rulebook and look forward to learning more.
  2. What sets Genysis apart from so many that have come before? GURPS, d20 System, Interlock, Hero, Fuzion, Fudge, Dominion Rules, Cyberpunk, etc.
  3. The Dunwich Legacy cycle and its Mythos Packs are are now difficult, if not impossible, to find. Will they be reprinted in the future?
  4. This play mat looks like a nice edition to the game. Sure you can make your own. I've seen a dozen online. Still, it's nice to have a basic one available from the publisher. But I'm not seeing it in local stores or on Amazon. It is available in the FFG store, but the cheapest shipping option is over $16 - 50% of the cost of the item! Not worth the price of admission.
  5. I'm a William Gibson. Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash), Bladerunner fan from way back. I enjoyed Cyberpunk 2020 RPG series from R Talsorian, and similar rule systems from Steve Jackson Games. I played the original Netrunner game from WotC back in the late 1990's. I was pleased to see FFG pick up on this and breath new life into it, along with the creation of Android. I enjoy the blog entries and videos with the designers. I've read the half-dozen fiction books written in the Android universe and enjoyed them for the flavor - if not the plot & characterization. So when The Worlds of Android was announced it especially caught my interest. But it's impossible to obtain a copy. My local retailer - Game Empire in Pasadena CA - ordered 2 copies that sold out immediately. It's not available anywhere on Amazon. Nor does FFG have in stock. Why is this? What a disappointment.
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