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  1. I'm interested in playing at a time that wont kill me, so sign me up. Haven't played Only War before, but I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Are there plans to include (converted) stats? It wouldn't encroach on FFG's territory and would be extremely useful for Gm's using the newer systems.
  3. I'm interested! I should have plenty of time for it two. .
  4. Another notch for me, messers. The difference being, I'm having other players and Gm's do it . I've convinced an order of the stick GM running a game to use a system and possibly setting i generated for his rogue trader game, and depending on what happens, my real life Deathwatch group will be sent into a mighty mess >. If i can, i want to have every game system make the rounds for use in my campaign, hell, maybe in the same system >. The dilemma facing me, however, is statting out the buggers for deathwatch. I'm looking dawn an Ordo Xeno, Hereticus, Death Cultists assasins, black crusade and ******* weirdboy (from only war and rogue trader) shaped gun at the moment. I'd appreciate help making any and all of the above. I think this thread is an Excellect idea, to be honest. I thought that perhaps having a thread or what have you were the deathwatch can actually be composed of a thousand members from various games, some dying and being replaced, others going onto glory, others falling, others? Looks fun, and much else. I think it would even be possible to wrangle some unified lore in there. Having outreach programs for the other settings could be good too.
  5. Having an ork player, and simply being interested in the batshit that might happen, i intend to use a possibly prominent weirdboy in my campaign at some point. Given that I'll need to combine not two but three rulebooks, I'm a bit out of my depth here. To be honest, I'd appreciate being linked to, or having lain out, a guide to converting between the two systems, as i understand the rulebooks leave something to be desired.
  6. Shameless bump, though I'm afraid i can't help as of yet.
  7. Thanks for taking the time for the answers, by the way.
  8. By the way, a bug fix for you; the notable species sometimes do and sometimes dont generate size.
  9. Speaking of things not covered by existing generators, as new ones are released will you update this, and will it be limited to the rogue trader setting? There's a good chance of an imperial navy book, for one, and you would expect some interesting rules for imperial campaigns to bubble up sooner or later.
  10. As is inevitably the case, I'm here to ask for more . I'll admit I'd love to see this become the grand unified generator, complete with space hulks, local cultist presence, generated chapters, and a lot of stuff which hasn't been provided for yet, but I'll restrain myself for the moment. Two chief requests; firstly, pre-existing colonys, somewhere in thier development, perhaps with the dynasty they belong to being mentioned or generated; secondly, and a tall order at that, tying together nearby systems, according to the interactions likely to arise between them, their access to the warp, etc etc. Is this within the realms of possibility, or is there gross insubordination to be dealt with??
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