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  1. Me and a friend Tried to play a 2 hero campiagn. In one of the side quests we opened a door and it placed the whole Barghast Group ignoring group limits plus it also spawned a group kobolds. It was not fun. Same quest had reinforcing Fleshmolders that ignored group limits. We Quit that campaign and started again with a 4 hero campaign.
  2. Sorry Friend but from Page 13 from the Rado to Legend Rule Book Summoned Stone (Geomancer): Although Summoned Stones are not heroes or treated as hero figures, they are still targeted by monster actions as if they were. But this makes them better anyway as familiars are great at absorbing damage, only issue is that the Geomanacer is still a fatigue expensive class.
  3. tsc tsc tsc, go explore ... I was impressed when I got it as I actually failed the quest that awarded it(!) Ugh I'm so frustrated about that quest. I got cocky and went headlong into a room under sub optimal conditions. But what really screwed me was the major peril that pretty much ended the game. I spent time in the side house trying to rescue the soldiers. I only rescued one and I could not tell what the significance of them was? I feel like I just wasted so much time. I would have cleared the fight without the major peril making me split 25 damage amongst the party. So its because we missed 2 Guards in that quest. The timing on some of those Guards deaths are so slim, open an door and save them immediately or they die.
  4. Hello Everyone. Me and my Friend just finished our first play through of Kindred fire. We failed the second quest of the Main story and won the rest, we know that the Campaign has 8 but only 6 are played and were wondering if anyone knew how to the quests flow in the Kindred Fire so we can at least play all the quests at least once.
  5. You should be able to handle the quest. Also quick question, which quest did you get the dawn blade from?
  6. In My Rule Book Sir Palamon has a Defense of Grey Brown and the Errata States that the Brown should be replaced with a Grey Does it not? So it would end up that he has Grey Grey.
  7. The Runner is a immune to conditions(I don't remember his name but we played that quest). That quest was a Brutal with the influence that causes 5 damage to all figures in the 3 main tiles.
  8. What does the Sun Stone relic do? What does Sun’s Fury relic do?
  9. Thank you bringweed, Robin and Unclechawie for the answers.
  10. Thank you Unclechawie. I have one more Question: Some Monsters and lieutenants have Special actions that allow them to make an attack. Does this allow them to make more then one attack per turn?
  11. to 1. No a familiar is limited to a move action and any other actions that its abilitys grant it. In the case of the reanimate it gets an attack action also. 2. Not 100% sure but I would say yes as it it is only limited in that it cant recover hearts.
  12. Sorry I didn't mean Bllod Lus, I meant Blood Rage.
  13. Sorry If these have been awsnered before i tryed searching and nothing came up. 1. Black Arrow: Does Black Arrow do essentially pericing for 3 damage after defence caluation or just make the minimum you roll on your attack 3 hearts? Also could you use surges after to pump up that damage? 2.Dash//Frenzy: Does this work on the whole monster group or just a Single monster in the group? Because they say when you activate a monster and you activate monsters in groups. 3.BloodLust: same as above but we ruled that it was only a single monster because the OL uses it at the end of the turn and not on activation. Thank you for your help.
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