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  1. If someone lands on the town square space and moves a card from any space in the region to that space do they encounter the moved card that turn?
  2. What template did you use to make the corner board? And can you share? I would like to try and make one myself looks lime fun.
  3. thanks azoic for the great input and as soon as i gather up all the thoughts and have it organized i'll post in the homebrew section to share with the community. one of the ideas i have is to make armour sets that will provide a bonus when all the peices are together, this way players have a reason to collect all the armour peices or steal someone elses , Also i want to change the wording on a spell card its the one that lets you look at the top 5 cards of the adventure deck, i want to change it to say look at the top 5 cards of the adventure deck and put them back in any order. as i said i have a lot of ideas floating around my head that i have to put down on paper and once i do ill post.
  4. Hi, all I first was introduced to talisman with the android solo version of the game and i was hooked since then i went out and bought the boardgame and introduced it to my kids and We're hooked, now im in the process of purchasing all the expansions. only need two to complete the set, then after some searching online i find the magical world of talisman island and my creative juices start to flow, so i dipped my hand at the home brew stuff and i really like the way this game can be modified. after some experimentations with photoshop templates i found on talisman island i remade a couple cards just to test the waters tell me what you guys think. im remaking the purchase deck to start with so tell me what you think or any changes i should make. i also have a lot of expansions floating around in my head that im putting on paper. any tips for home brewing would be greatly appreciated also i take no credit for anything you see i found images online and the templates at talisman island all i did was slap them together for personal use. if anyone has the photoshop templates for the backs of the cards and the city expansion it will be greatly appreciated, thx for viewing.
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