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  1. Star Wars Destiny question, Considering the issues OP has had with getting previous kits out to stores that only have cards and mats, how is OP prepared to get kits that include 180 cards and multiple dice to stores?
  2. So how would this list fair against all the high PS alpha scum lists out there? Things like: Dengar Bossk Rau boats Triple scouts Old Fenaroo
  3. With K-wings set for bombing, do you bother with any turret upgrades or do you focus just on bombs? I ask because TLTS get pricey.
  4. I am not claiming any moral high ground and I do not know Duncan Howard. If I face Mr. Howard (unlikely) i will play with courtesy and decorum. I however feel doing what he did is less than classy and if it is a joke, it is not a funny one. I feel this way because I do not know him and because I do not know him, I feel what he did was not classy. If I were to play with solid gold shield tokens and platinum ion tokens, I would be showing a complete lack of class.
  5. It's not intimidating at all its just the epitome of douchiness. I can't imagine it being a joke more than please think I'm an elite level player. Only thing worst than that is the fact that he's an adult who chews gum with his mouth open loudly... It's a joke - it's not designed to be an intimidation tactic, it's in response to some players at Hoth using championship coins as shield tokens. Upping the ante, so to speak. It'd be a ****** thing if he walked into a casual tournament with new players and (at the start of each game) loudly states, "I won each of these at nationals/regionals*, I like to use them for shields". *I don't know which one they are from Where do we draw the line? If you're allowed to do that then next tournament I'll use my ffg dice bags as focus tokens and deck boxes as evades. Fine it was a joke. But the key to a joke is to know your audience. It wasn't that funny then, its not that funny now, and if it continues it doesn`t hold up as a joke anymore.
  6. The TBs are more filler. Say if i have a chance to move a ship on a rock. They probably won't be used often.
  7. So with all the high attacks out there, I am wondering how this list would work out. The shuttles would create a zone of fire on one side while the Barons fly around and harass or wrangle ships. OGP Elec. Baffle Tractor beam X 2 46 Baron of the Empire Guidance chips Homing missile Juke Title X2 54 Total 100
  8. What if i outfitted Bossk to fire a concussion missile instead?
  9. The other option is to load Bossk like this.... Bossk K-4 Concussion missile Guidance chips
  10. I have worked on this list and i am trying to determine if this set up is counter productive with Juke on the Findsmen and 4-Lom on Bossk. Please let me know if this list works well together or not. Gand Findsman FCS Juke 29 Gand Findsman Juke Fcs 29 Bossk VI 4Lom Zuckuss Dengar Dampeners 42 Total: 100
  11. Fair point. But if i drop the turrets i cant put autothrusters on both of the Reds. I am still unsure if ATs are better than IA for survivability.
  12. So how does this squad look? Red squad vet R2 IA Crack shot 28 Red squad vet R2 IA Crackshot 28 Miranda EM Homing missile Autoblaster turret Seismic charges Guidance chips Chewbacca 44 Total 100
  13. Does anyone know what was in that 2 K wing list that made the cut in the Austin Regionals?
  14. This list seems intrguing. Can you tell me more of the mechanics as to why it does so well?
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