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  1. Someone once mentioned on a forum that VMC Deck Tan was a good match for an X-Wing's base colour. I bought some but have yet to get round to testing it.
  2. There is a lot of advice and opinions surrounding each one of your points lol. You'll end up inundated with advice. Instead of giving different views of methods I have seen. I'll just tell you what works for me. That of course doesn't make it the right way or the only way to do things. Ways to hold mini's. Depending upon what model I am painting and how I am painting it. I have used wine bottle corks, if I have drilled and put pin in the bottom of the model. You then just push the pin into the cork. Now you can hold the cork so you don't touch the paintjob (not done this with X-wing models yet). The tops off aerosol cans attaching the model with Blu-tac. I usually do this with models that are attached to their base. However I have used this with X-wing models, just pushing the peg into Blu-tac. I wrapped masking tape around the peg to protect it from overspray, maybe you won't need that. Of course you could just use the standard base too. I also used to Blu-tac based models to paint pots I wouldn't be using. Palette Well if you type paint palette into Google you'll find loads. I have a round plastic one that cost about £2 from a craft shop. However I mostly use the blister pack that my models come in as palettes. I also own a wet palette, made by Privateerpress. I have also made a wet pallete from a model's blister pack. A long time ago I used cheap white wall tiles. I prefer using the blister packs because I don't have to clean them, just throw them when they're full. Brushes The brushes currently lined up next to my paints are from 3 manufacturers. 2 Rosemary & Co. Already linked above. 1 Formula P3 base hobby brush. One or two brushes from the basic Wargames Foundry set. I think the brush descriptions will tell you what I use them for, losely. As I have an airbrush I don't use brushes to varnish. But when I did, I had separate brushes for the sole use of gloss and Matt varnish. Just bog standard nylon brushes, nothing fancy. I would recommend any of those brushes above. Especially Rosemary & Co. Excellent brushes for a good price. Spray Primer I use Army Painter sprays. They have a large selection of different colours. Are cheaper than games workshop. I have not had any issues with them. I am in the UK so rarely does our climate cause problems. Although I have also used Halford mat car primer before too. Which you get more of for you money. I just found a bit more care was required with that though. I also use Vallejo Surface Primers too. Admittedly with an airbrush, but you can brush them on too I believe. Paint I currently use paints from the following ranges. Formula P3, Vallejo (model, game, and air ranges), Wargames Foundry. I have been painting for a long time now and so have ended up with a fair selection of paints. Others include Coat D'Arms, Gwames Workshop, but not many. If you know what colours you want then shop around. If you're after starter sets then I would recommend the P3 starter sets. I like P3 paint, and if the sets contain the colours you're after then they offer a good discount over individual pots. Washes/shades I probably use mostly Army Painter soft tone, strong tone, and dark tone inks for my washes. I also have P3 inks and some old GW stuff. I have tried Vallejo washes but didn't like them, they dried with a white residue. I keep meaning to try some Secret Weapon washes though. Metallic Paint The previously mentioned brands all have suitable metallics. For gold I think I prefer Vallejo Model Colour Old Gold. Silvers I find P3 and Foundry to be similar. Although I highlight with a 90s pot of GW Mythral Silver, closest equivalent would be Coat D'Arms Enchanted Silver I think. P3 have an interesting colour with Radiant Platinum, which I do like a lot. Thinners Water is pretty much all I have ever used. Varnish I have no experience with aerosol varnish. I do use Vallejo mat and gloss varnish with my airbrush. Before getting that I painted it on by brush. Painting Resources The Internet is flooded with model painting articles. This single link covers a pretty wide array of stuff, and is only the tip of the iceberg. Must be a pretty big iceberg eh Not a mixing chart as such, but a shading and highlighting chart for P3 paints which I have found useful. Hobby tools A sharp sturdy craft knife is all you need for X-wing models I reckon. I use an X-acto craft knife, random Googled link. I also have a cutting mat, saves the desk or kitchen table. Right that's all I can be bothered typing now, hope it is of some use.
  3. I really like that, impressive work. It gives me the partially stripped down feel between the clone wars and a new hope. Might steel this idea
  4. Doc_H

    Kath Scarlett

    Love the grey panel shading, that is really nice! Especially the lowest panels, the ones closet to your hand in the pics. In fact that makes me feel really envious I didn't do it on my own Kath repaint.
  5. Thanks for that, i am planning to repaint a TIE Interceptor myself and was about to base coat it black and work up the wing/fuse colour, but i really like the results you have achieved with a grey base coat and a series of black washes. Although sounds like i really have to go research where the engine exhausts are Think i'll steal the red cockpit glass too, that'll go really nice with what i have in mind.
  6. Really like that Defender, great repaint! If you don't mind me asking what colours have you used?
  7. I like the black X-Wing, really nice. Think you need to stealth up the R2 unit though, sticks out like a sore thumb lol. Is that comic series an alternate version of what's depicted in the X-Wing novel series with the 'beginnings' of Rogue Squadron where they actually go rogue?
  8. Thanks guys, i was wondering what the symbol actually was. I had been Googling variations of 'star wars bounty hunter symbol' and getting no where lol. I don't have much knowledge of the star wars background but i am working on it reading some of the EU books, although i guess they'll become redundant when the new films come out. Now there's a thought the blaster fire would leave scorch marks, maybe I'll go back and add some. Thanks for the compliments folks. If any one has any tips on using Kath in game that'd be good, played her twice and didn't really achieve much with her.
  9. I have seen some excellent Firespray repaints on these forums and I think most have been of Kath's ship. I am not surpirsed by that really as the artwork for Kath Scarlet looks great. So I figured I would jump on the Kath Scarlet bandwagon and repaint my first ship inspired by her colour scheme. More waffle about how I went about it at splayedpaintbrush.com.
  10. I was pondering attempting to try my hand at scratch building something, and that Baudo Yacht was top of the list as I'd just read about the Pulsar Skate* in the X-Wing novels. I have some ideas for how to go about it, but it'd be good to see how an experienced builder would go about it. *I also realise that there seems to be some difference in looks of the Pulsar Skate but the above yacht matches the description in the novel.
  11. Doc_H

    Slave-1 Repaint

    oh wow you have painted the clear base too. Didn't notice on first look as it sort of blended into your kitchen worktop.
  12. Cool thanks for that link. I am working my way through the X-Wing series of books and read Bacta Wars a few months ago, but from memory the various colour scheme descriptions were very vague. I'd seen Rodent Mastermind's fantastic X-Wings ages ago, before i realised what they were lol, and had forgotten about them. Shame on me They are seriously good work. @Khyros I am currently repainting a Firespray and for my weathering I have really had to make the highlights pop more to make the worn effect stand out. Although i am painting a much bigger ship, i do not know if the same would be valid for a ship the size of an E-Wing.
  13. Just found this thread and found it to be a really useful summary, so wanted to say thanks for everyone's input, as i am usually a lurker rather than an active member of the forum. I am still a Rookie Pilot really and when browsing the forums sometimes struggle with all teh jargon and the acronyms so I have been putting this together for my blog over the last few days, if it's of any use to anyone.
  14. I hadn't even noticed it was the same picture as above lol
  15. I like it, I think it looks pretty good. Also like teh reference picture, i don't suppose any thing like that exists for the rest of Rogue Squadron does it?
  16. I think 4 Bs would be better for the pun
  17. Not hard really, you got any experience messing around with some simple imaging software like Paint on your PC? Its just a case of being patient and taking your time, to create a blank card. My current PC has GIMP installed as its free, but my old PC had Paint Shop Pro. The wife's PC has Photoshop Elements, think it came with her camera. Any way there's loads of software out there that could be used for this, and probably just as many different methods of doing it in each piece of software. I even think I could do this task in PowerPoint, although it could be a ball ache to do so. As old the saying says 'there are many ways to skin a cat'. My method is to copy different parts of the original card image to different Layers in the software i am using. Most software has pretty clever selection tools to make this easy. Once that is done its simple a case of erasing what you don't want from various layers (depending how complex you card/art is), and replacing those bits with either external images or copy/paste other sections of the card (to blank out the original text for example). Here is one i knocked up one evening for a tournament we just had at our gaming club (it was stuck on the back of the trophy) So for the above card, i probably had the following layers: spoon image nebular image text copy/pasted cream coloured sections over old text the standard EPT artwork (ie lower half of original card) the original image Don't know if that was of any help really. Have a play with some software and come back with a little more specific questions, and we'll be able to give better answers I suspect.
  18. Doc_H

    Do I need the Starter?

    I think the only sticking point would be the damage cards. However people have bought more than one starter set to get cheaper models, so it kind of stands to reason some one out there will have a spare damage deck and may be willing to trade for it. See if you can find a spare deck, have you tried ebay? you never know there might be one on that site.
  19. Excellent article, thanks for posting the link. Google translate managed to let me read it too, rather than just look at the pictures.
  20. Hmmm i feel like a light weight compared to you guys... I made a playing card box out of the Falcon's and Slave-1's packaging to store all the pilot cards. I got a space scene printed on a vinyl poster. I painted my Falcon's engine glow. (forgot about this) just made a 'wooden spoon' trophy for a little mini tourney that's being run at our games club. I have seen a few ideas I am going to steal though ;-) oh, and first post, hi folks.
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