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  1. In the Blood of Gondor quest, after activating Faramir's Action (Turn a hidden card face up and if its an enemy deal 3 damage to it), the enemy is killed before the forced effects of engagement? they engage me before they die?
  2. I will slowly (very slowly) buy the game until I have a full play set for 4 players (12 core sets?), another good thing is that I can replace my older encounter cards (shadows of mirkwood, dwarrowdelf) with the new ones that have the difficulty indicator.
  3. Hi, I am at work right now and cant see the actual cards, can someone please spoil the text and the stats of the player cards? TY
  4. Can wsc mitigate some damage from the forced effect of abandoned camp if its the active location from passage through mirkwood nightmare¿? Also the forced effect of this active location is triggered before we put the excess progress tokens on the current quest. Ty http://hallofbeorn.com/Cards/Details/Weather-stained-Cloak-TDR http://hallofbeorn.com/Cards/Details/Abandoned-Camp-PTMN
  5. Advanced tracking device Tech. 2 Squad Points. If you have a target lock on the defender and is inside your firing arc, you may perform a secondary weapon attack with the (missile, torpedo) upgrade icon even if it is beyond range 3.
  6. It is from Khazad-dúm - "Flight from Moria" heading down quest card Cheers!
  7. S - Eomund T - Rumil U - Ingold V - Arwen W - Haldir of Lorien X - Gimli Y - Gleowine Z - Bofur (Spirit) AA - Treebeard AB - Faramir AC - Legolas AD - Boromir AE - Anborn AF - Beorn AG- Dori AH- Gandalf (Core)
  8. Hi, the wording in Ithilien Archer says: Response: After Ithilien Archer attacks and damages an enemy, return that enemy to the staging area. Lets say I am attacking a 3 defense enemy and Im attacking with Ithilien Archer and another ally or hero with at least 2 attack, I can say that the damage is always done by the Ithilien Archer? so I can trigger his ability. That is important if I have a 6 or 7 defense beast and I want to return it to the staging area attacking with the archer and 4 or more other allies. As a bonus if I have different allies with different abilities that trigger at doing damage, can I trigger all or some? Ty
  9. Hi, I don't quite understand counter-spell in the Shadow and Flame quest. If it resolves I have to discard my whole hand too? Thank you
  10. An Eowyn Ao Frodo Ap Boromir Aq Beregond Ar Gandalf As Haldir At Celeborn Au Aragorn
  11. none of the mirkwood cards have received errata, according to FAQ 1.5 Do you think the "difficult" encounter cards will have the gold border?
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