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  1. Loved Fab's Fleet Builder, not sure it's still being worked on though. Seems to be a fair bit missing which has been around for quite some time.
  2. I had this exact same issue come up today and we settled on one tile, although I never thought to add one token for each unique fire (which could be hard to track once they merge). We also randomly placed the fire, otherwise you would just place it out of the way,which seems against the spirit of the game. The other thing that cropped up was whether or not we could move/attack/move as our 2 actions (move+attack) because it led to someone walking into a room, firing off a spell and leaving the room, which seemed a bit cheap. The worrying thing is that while we really enjoyed scenario 1 and 2 (which we have yet to finish) once we have, there are only 2 left. 2 more coming out in the future doesn't fill me with hope.
  3. So, the first thing that springs to mind on looking at the game is the colour of peoples skins? Nothing wrong with you lot at all is there.
  4. The message log will likely help with your last point. I agree it could use work to be more accessible, it would likely lead to more people buying these games, being worried you won't understand it all might put you off buying in after all. Can you attack through doors? If you can't measure range through a door, then you can't attack through one either imo.
  5. I just rolled a dice in the end. I must admit these dice don't like me lol, more bad rolls than good. Or it 'feels' that way, not saying they are actually bad dice.
  6. Doubt those will be used again, I can't quite recall what we used them for in 1st, think it's what we put the wound counters in.
  7. Cheers. Just managed to 'more or less' complete the first mission. I don't know if it is because I added all the 1st edition stuff or not, but it was an utter nightmare lol. Barely scraped by, faced all sorts of horrors and was well on the way to a full party wipe. Only thing I didn't care for was a runic puzzle, it had far too many possible combinations to be fun to work out.
  8. Hi folks, just had the app ask me to apply an effect to the Investigator with the lowest 'insert thing here'. Mine are tied, I chose one at random between the tied ones, but can't find a rule covering this. Anyone care to point me in the right direction? Cheers!
  9. Is Harvey still capable of fighting like a Ninja? It always made me laugh out loud when that happened in 1st.
  10. I missed that, thanks. It's not a big deal for Combat of course, but the other thing I skipped probably would have made the game a bit harder for me had I managed to read it.
  11. Just flip the base and use your thumb to push the cards in. Those little nubs can be a pain however. As for quality, they are better than 1st ed miniatures, but what are you comparing them to? I don't like soft plastic all that much myself, but these are somewhat above average quality for soft plastic. I prefer hard plastic (Kingdom Death Monsters only $400) or Metal, my last Infinity purchase was around £40 for a single model. So be careful what you wish for Resin/hard plastic/metal, not cheap. I think one of the last board-games I paid for was probably Nova Aetas, and it's 4 resin heroes cost $30 on their own.
  12. Only issue I've encountered with the Steam app is that two times now I've tapped the mouse by accident causing the onscreen text/instructions to disappear. When I was attacking I simply relaunched the attack option. But when it happened during a Mythos phase I had no way to find out what I'd missed. An undo button would be lovely Or at the very least, don't let us leave a text box without specifically hitting exit.
  13. That would be nice, if nothing else I'd like to see 1st edition missions as playable and with an editor I'm sure some folks will make it happen.
  14. Was looking forward to it arriving today myself But I guess next day delivery doesn't mean what it once did.. God knows when I'll see it.
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