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    OK, I did a bit of reworking tonight.  I managed to finagle Dedication in as a GM grant.  I had left it out before because it was more complicated than other types of talents.  I also modified the GM Grants dialog a bit.  Each grid now has a filter so you can filter by part of an item's name.  This is especially handy for the talents list, since it's so long.  Also, I changed the way I store GM Grants with characters.  All grants will be stored with the character as before, along with an indicator of whether or not they should be applied.  When you run the GM Grant dialog, you will now have additional options to "Suspend" and "Reset".  Suspend will keep your GM Grants, but temporarily turn them off for the the character.  This is on top of disabling GM Grants, which will also turn them off.  Reset will remove all GM Grants and let you start fresh with new grants.  Cancel will now actually cancel and keep your old GM Grants.  I don't think it quite did that before.
    So... it'll now do what everyone wanted it to do.  You can grant Dedication and choose different starting values for your characteristics.  You can also grant a Force starting rating, and add as many Force Rating talents as you like.  This should make everyone happy  
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    My signature character, Korath Lorren, Jedi Master. I've been playing this guy since WEG D6 2nd Ed Revised. 
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    Elias Windrider is currently at 1500xp and I have a detailed build plan out to 2000xp, here's the Elias 2000 ogg dude sheet
    With another 1500 xp I'd get the right side and bottom row of ascetic, probably makashi duelist (avoiding the presence based talents as much as possible), the second from the left column of gadgeteer (and a few other talents) putting the deadly accuracy into lightsaber and maxing the lightsaber skill ranks, the right 2 column of doctor but the rightmost column wouldn't go below pressure point and max out the brawl skill probably a talent or 2 from the second from the left column, take the switch skill brawl upgrade of unmatched ferocity, and then I might look at racer or star fighter ace, so 4 or 5 dedications on top.of the "current" (2000 xp) attribute line of 3 4 4 2 6 2, so brawn and cunning up to 4 and a 5 in agility and maybe int or brawn.
    Another character
    Call him Whistler (cause he whistles binary)
    Smuggler:gambler/shipwright/scientist/rigger/modder/droid tech/ maybe cyber tech
    He would take a ir-3f light frigate, strip off the hull, add a sleek cara silpace with maxed armor, maneuverability/hardpoints and integrated system (hyper drive), then add a luxury passenger compartmens, retrofitted hanger bay, high output ion turbine, all the droid brains (maxed out) upgrade the small guns to quad medium laser cannons, and probably reinforced shield generators, Make a sil 3 hyperspace capable drop ship, the final product would look like a modernized/sleek consular light cruiser where the sil3 drop ship is a flattened egg shaped "salon pod" that has a chin turret mounted quad medium laser cannon as a weapon and a gunnery droid brain.  The sil 3 "salon pod" docs with the mothership li tuke the original consular, so the salon pod would be able to shoot while docked.  Maybe add a few vulture droid fighters (crafted if need be) because the retrofitted cargo bay has room.  The gist of it is the ship flies it self while following the orders of Whistler who speaks binary to up their dice pools the chin gun can fire every round because it's on the salon pod, and the mothership's gunery droid brain alternates between the two twin light turbolasers, the thing has a base speed of 5 and Whistler can "push the specs" to get it to 6.the ships AI uses a female human replica droid as a gynoid avatar als rommie from gene roddenberry's starship andromeda
    Another character, the ultimate force sensitive but otherwise stereotypical hot chick smuggler (ultimate pilot, gambler, face, gunslinger, but the only smuggler spec I might take is )
    Female Pantoran probably starting sentinel:racer, sage, star fighter ace, parts of operator (offensive driving), squadron leader (right side, 2 ranks of defensive driving which has crazy synergy with offensive driving), and maybe/not likely (cause it doesn't fit the concept) middle of ataru striker (right 2+ columns of doctor right column stopping at pressure point) and probably rigger and/or right side of modder that flies a massively tricked out kst-100 (tricks include high output ion turbines so it has a base speed of 5 and with supreme full throttle can get it up to 7), maxed out agility, the enhance (control skills), sense, foresee (for initiative), and influence control skills upgrade, if I could squeeze it in mechanic for bad motivator and some hot shot, maybe  some performer for distracting behavior, maybe the second from the left column of gadgeteer the thing is the character wears performers attire (boost die to attract attention and perform) with armor inserts, and she just trolls npcs in space combat and in person (distractinceg behavior & bad motivator) might get an dexterity increasing cybernetic arm and the avionics interface that gives a free rank of piloting so 7 agility and 6 ranks of pilot space, with 5 force dice being rolled with enhance control skill pilot space
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    The tank to end all tanks still dies horribly to a Hutt on a floater that hits with the built-in Auto-blaster. If that Hutt has equal experience, then expect a dice pool high enough to cut through defenses well enough to land at least 1 success. That's 40 damage.
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    Master Drez'n Bercilak is @2000xp and would take the Colossus, force adherent and Padawan survivor. The tank to end all tanks.
    Armorer\Soresu\shii cho\seer\arbiter\+
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    Reaching the Dedication talent in a tree needs less than XPs. That means you can have 8 dedication by buying Talents for less than 800 XPs. Buying the 7 specialisations needed, the 1st dedication comes from your 1st specialisation tree, needs 350 (20+30+40+50+60+70+80) more XPs. So it's possible to achieve the same stats' rise as Obiwan with around 1150 earned XPs.
    Of course if you add the Force Powers mastered by Obiwan, it needs a lot more XPs to buy them with their upgrades. And even more XPs are needed tu raise skills levels.
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    I made a character that does everything!!!!
    Versatility/Jack of All trades/Psychic/Gift
    His name is Froggy, and despite all odds, he was the most OP character in the group. On creation,  had no backstory or plan for him, but when he met the party the first thing he said became his trademark.
    "Let me help you with that."
    Froggy, the man who will help anyone with anything for no reward. Need a towel, Froggy hands you one (he stocked up). Need a meatshield? Froggy stands in front of you and is pincushioned with arrows, screaming in pain and shouting at the top of his lungs, "I'm helping!!!!"
    In the campaign at the end of the GM book, Froggy ran up to the attackers and chucked them off the ship (because another PC asked him to). He worked in the inn, and single-handedly DESTROYED the Night Attack. When another PC was caught robbing the General Store, Froggy did the manual labor decreed as punishment.
    Outside of RP, the group has a saying when someone does something impressive, but for no discernable reason.
    "Froggy: He does whatever he wants. . .because he CAN." We think his dying words would be, "I helped. . ."
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