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  1. So, I noticed in the craft item in the equipment section, for armour, none of the templates are labeled as powered, as some of the purchasable armours are. I tried attachments that I thought would require power, like the repulsor-assisted lifting, but that did not seem to give it the powered quality either. Sorry if there is just something I am missing, but I noticed while checking out the pre=release, and decided to mention it in case it was some sort of bug.
  2. Awesome man! I just wanted to say that one of the ways I learn systems is by making characters, and in addition to asking some members of the forum here, using your character generator has been one of the biggest helps in learning this one, and for that, I thank you. You really are an amazing member of this community. Cheers!
  3. Is there anyway to change the base characteristics, as like a GM grant something along those lines?
  4. Man, it must be nice to have a character you have played for so long. Bet you got a lot of memories with them.
  5. So, I was wondering, what attracted you to Padawan Survivor? Was it the secrets of the Jedi?
  6. I haven't had a chance to play the game, but a build that looks fun to me is a sage who dips into Soreasou, who makes int their primary stat, and gets the heal/harm power. You wont be able to get this right away, but it shouldn't be very long. If you get both your int and medicine up to 5, and get the appropriate control upgrade, then heal has a base wound of 10, and if you want to use harm and take the conflict, then harm has a base damage of 10 which ignores soak. The Soreasou allows you to use your int as your lightsaber stat, making you able to stand your own in combat somewhat. With Soreasou's defensive abilities combined with either heal, or the upgrade to harm that allows you to heal equal to the damage you dealt, you can stand your ground really well in meele well by just healing by wounds whenever you take a significant amount of damage.
  7. So, I was thinking about the thread I made the other day, talking about how much higher Obi-wan's stats were than the base, and how much xp you would need to get it. I had an idea that might be a fun little thought exercise for those interested. You get 3500 xp to make whatever kind of character you want. You can only use the normal starting xp to boost your stats, with anything else coming from dedications. Other than that, see what kind of character you can make, whether it is meant to be some major villain, some kind of crazy/silly character idea you always wanted to make, but knew you would never have enough xp for, or even just the most mechanically broken character you can design.
  8. So, on average, how much xp do characters usually get by the end of the campaign?
  9. So, I have yet to get a chance to play the game, but I am interested, but there was something I wanted to know. After seeing Obiwan's stats in the teaser for Rise of the Separatists, I noticed that his stat total is 12 above the base for that of a human. Let's say a player wants to play a game where they are like him. Assuming they chose to get 10xp based on the option on page 49, that gives them 120xp. They can use that to boost four of their stats to 3. That gives them 4 above the base stats. That means, in order for a character to get the same stats as Obiwan, they would need eight dedications, in order to match him, assuming they used all of their xp at character creation. I know that NPCs aren't made using the same rules as players, but I have to ask, does anyone ever get that much xp in their games, or is the system designed for you to never get that strong? I ask, because if I ever want to set a game during a different time period, where the players are the main heroes of the era, it would be kinda weird if they were effectively the weakest main heroes ever, so I have never been a fan of systems where players are eternally locked into a status of being significantly weaker than npcs.
  10. Any suggestions on ways for PCs to get unnatural Willpower like they could in DH1 Ascension?
  11. Thought that seemed a little overpowered. Where did they mention this by the way? I'm not saying you're wrong, just saying it it would be nice to check out any other clarifications they have given. Also, with regards to the part about accumulations, would things like maintained psychic powers increase them?
  12. A question has come up with regards to things like the Ki ability Characteristic augmentation and Physical increase powers. First there is Improved Characteristic Augmentation from the Dominus Exxet, which allows you to put a chosen characteristic up to +4 its normal value, and only pay one Ki point every 10 turns. Now, this means you could feasibly do this with all of your characteristics and maintain it for a fair bit. That said, you probably wouldn't be using your accumulations that much, for the sake of maintaining it However, combine it with the 3 C.P. into Ki recovery, and you now recover a point every two turns. I think you can by now, see where this is going. This means you actually recover 1 point every ten turns, even while maintaining this. This effectively means that, for as long as they are awake, they have a semi-permanent +4 to all of the physical characteristics. Combined with stuff like maintaining physical increase Psychic powers, and there is a potential for a level 7 character to have a (assuming they rolled ludicrously well or min-maxed the **** out of themselves in point buy), a constant 15 or 16 physical stat character, with, assuming they have had time to rest since activating said powers, a full ki pool. Now they wont be using high level techniques, but if they got something like say, improvised techniques, they could pull off some funky **** with those kind of stats. So, to make my long explanation for why this question came up short, if you get these kind of stat increases, would their Ki accumulations increase from the normal one or two, up to the new three or four, as a result of this? As a more thematic note, if you were to accumulate the Ki for activating all of these at once, your aura would become visible. Would you run it so that the aura disappears since once activated, the accumulated Ki is used, or would you have the aura remain, as the effect of that Ki is still in use on the character. This could be important, as it might dissuade some players from keeping it active if it meant having their aura visible at all times (though it might have the opposite effect on some players).
  13. If I may weigh in, personally, I think the +/-40 is fair, at least for some skills. Especially science and history. When you think about it, most people are not that high a level. Take from Gaia beyond the dreams for example, the abilities of a level 2 University Graduate from Lucrecio, someone who has dedicated themselves to intellectual pursuits. Class: Freelance; Level 2 Initiative 50; LP 80; AT None; Attack 10; Dodge 30; Weapon None; Damage 10 AGI: 5 DEX: 5 CON: 5 STR: 5 PER: 7 INT: 8 WIL: 6 POW: 5 Abilities: Swim 10, Style 25, Persuasion 55, Poisons 30, Notice 35, Search 55, Animals 50, Science 80, Herbal Lore 50, History 50, Medicine 30, Memorize 50. Resistance: PhR 35, DR 35, VR 35, MR 35, PsR 40. Note that their highest secondary ability is science at 80. I speak from experience having attended University myself, that as much as you want to do everything, you can't unless you A) teach it to yourself outside of class, or B) take several years to acquire more time. The specialization represents, in effect, what you took a degree in. Keep in mind, to reach 80 without an advantage, they would have to spend 120 DP out of their total of 700, assuming they used their natural bonus and +10 from being a Freelancer. That means they have dedicated more then 1/7 of their entire life to science. For them, to specialize would be over 1/10 of their life to a specific field, as the +40 translates to 80DP. If you have ever forgotten something from school in a single summer, imagine what you would forget dedicating years of study to acquire a PhD in a singular thing. Go look at any University course table and you will see just who narrow a specialization can be. For the sake of relevant humour, have this: http://i.imgur.com/3TcuTuI.png?1. A Biological Engineer is not also going to have a PhD in Quantum mechanics. You need the basics of the other sciences to conduct you research, but you are not going to be the best at everything. The specialization is the equivalent of what you trained to do as you professional career. Not everyone is going to be a level high enough to be able to afford that level of skill in everything, and the specialization is so that low level characters can be good at at least something, but at the cost of other things, because only a handful of people in the world are great enough to do so many different things, and most simply don't have the time to not lose a lot of knowledge in others. Even Einstein himself did not work part time as a Surgeon or Engineer. With the sheer unbridled amount of knowledge that exists in the world, you are going to miss out on a lot. It largely comes down to the fact that the skills are so broad. The specializations could have specializations! If you take Science (Physics), which kind? Quantum physics? General Relativity? Engineering you say? Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, or Biological? Biology? Do you focus on cells or evolution or what? Besides, even just having an 81 puts you above a University graduate without specialization. Final recommendation: If you really want, you could make an advantage that reduces the penalty of specialization by half for one or two CP, but the penalty makes too much sense for some secondary abilities (like History or Science) to not be an actual penalty that does not have a cost to overcome. Another addition that I would recommend that you vary your degree of specialization. If you want a minor amount of specialization, maybe you could have +20 in one field and a -20 in others. I know in the fan work Anima Beyond Science they made it so Mastery doubled the bonus and halved the penalty, but that just seems ridiculous. That said, what TyrHawk recommended could also work in terms of applying the penalty to two field, but as he said, it is abusable. So are the other suggestions. Rather than make Specializations cost DP, why not make specialization in field a one CP advantage? A sizable bonus, but only to one specific thing, is a fair trade for it I should think.
  14. I suppose what tripped me up is the fact that "Divine Stats" (16-20) aren't listed in the chart on pg.282, and it just stops at 15. I guess I will have to break the bad news to the number cruncher. Thanks for the response man!
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