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  1. Just get your opponents to agree to the same House Rules you propose. DONE. I think the balance of Soldier weapon ranges and effectiveness for this system is fine as it is, but if you and whoever you play it with agree on any house rules, then play it that way.
  2. 1. Initiative is based on each unit you have, so with a few exceptions (like attached Heroes, Commissars, and duplicate Commissar linked units) you count everything in your force. 2. You may assign whatever Orders you generate as you see fit, to a maximum of one Order to each unique unit (or linked up unit in the case of Commissar joined units).
  3. 1. No. If you check the first paragraph under the Commissar rule, you'll see that it ends in 'Only one Commissar may join each unit.' 2. It would've if the answer to 1 hadn't been 'no.'
  4. Was reading through the rules for shooting/attacking vehicles in Rites of Battle, and came across a quirk, assuming I'm reading this right that is... If I attack a vehicle, I usually need to get enough damage (before or after armour/armour penetration etc) to bypass it's Integrity, kinda like wounding characters. Cool, easy enough to understand. But it I roll Righteous Fury on -any- attack on a vehicle, it's an automatic Critical Chart roll of unmodified 1d5? There doesn't seem to be anything requiring the attack to do any damage first. Is that correct? Does this mean I can throw a rock at a Land Raider, get a Righteous Fury off it, even though the damage from the rock itself can't even penetrate the Armour Value, and get a critical result of 1-5? On the other foot, with 50 armour value all around, even a Krak Missile or Multi-Melta at short range seems to need righteous fury just to do anything bar lick the paint. EDIT: Buh, recently shown that I didn't read it properly, still need to have done damage after Armour. But this still makes Krak Missiles incapable of doing any damage to it, post-errata. Even short range Multi-Melta has difficulty doing damage versus Land Raider.
  5. So what happens in a fight when you have a player group composed of both Astartes grade characters (traitor or otherwise) as well as regular humans facing off against a Horde? Obviously the post-humans get the benefits of dealing Magnitude damage to them, though what about the rest? I'd have thought things like missiles, full auto bursts, flamers and grenades could well do magnitude damage irrelevant of whether you have superhuman dna on your side, though perhaps not so much for the melee side of things… Do the humans just attack an individual in the horde (or as many as their regular combat options allow) and dish at best 1 magnitude damage or what?
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