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  1. I couldn't find these boards on the FFG site after they lost the 40k license. Today on a whim I searched for "40k Rogue Trader RPG Discussion" and ended up here. Are these boards still used/functional (I guess I'll get my functional answer if this post works ).
  2. Thanks for the advice. Shame they removed the Pariahs. Odd move on Ward's part, even for him.
  3. Anyone know where stats for a necron pariah can be found?
  4. I don't see why it can't. It would just be very rare because you are talking about the top 00001 percentile of the human population who are rogue trader houses and then crossing that with another 1-in-billions occurrence. Pretty sure in the fluff there have been psyker rogue traders. Doubt in real terms the inquisition would be involved, at least with established rogue trader houses. I'm pretty sure RTs don't turn their psychic children over to the black ships, they either get private tutors or "disposed of" if they prove a danger to their family. The inquisition, in turn, probably doesn't press the issue because what's the point of picking a fight with one of the few groups that can take on the inquisition and win (and arguably still be in the legal right - peers of the imperium and all that) when they're operating outside the imperium 90% of the time anyway? I mean, what does the inquisition care if the RT implodes and turns Xenos world XYZ32 into a deamon-infested hellhole? For them its a win-win. For game balance its not really an issue. Guy still has to pay the same XP for everything; if he dumps everything into being a psyker he won't be as good a RT, at least not until he tops out one career or the other and starts dumping into what he passed on earlier. And to be fair we ARE talking about game balance in a setting that requires a tacit agreement between the players and the DM that the RT won't just send an army of red shirts and an assload of money against every problem
  5. Which god would you think would have been responsible for which race? My takes thus far... The Slaugh (spelled wrong probably): Cthulhu. The Necrons: Nyarlathotep maybe, for the egyption theme. The Tyrranids: Could be either of the above, I frankly can't decide.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Turned out I was wrong about what a Chimera actually was I thought it was like a halftrack armored vehicle, not a small tank Anyway, I need to stat out this halftrack armored truck the tech priest/heretek in training has nursed back to health. I found the vehicle section in "Into the Storm" so I'll probably make up something for that. Mind you, if anyone has any stat suggestions I am open to them. Basically this thing...
  7. Hello. Which book was it that had rules for vehicles (not daemon engines)? I have the core book and all the tomes and I know I saw it somewhere, but having no luck finding it now...
  8. Anyone know where I can dig up the stats for a standard imperial chimera?
  9. In the campaign I am playing in, my Rogue trader has a ...greivance with a particular inquisitor. He ferried this person around into the expanse at the inquisitor's request, and shortly after the inquisitor departed a headless brutish daemon-thing started picking off crew. I later find out the daemon-thing was put there by one of the inquisitor's agents by mistake...what was ACTUALLY supposed to end up there were tyrranid spores that were meant to kill of me and my crew and therefore (somehow, I don't have the details) lure in the person the inquisitor was REALLY after. Fast forward 8 years or so, and now the inquisitor (now a Lord Inquisitor) has declared my RT excommunicate tratoris, citing the use of a xenos parasite to create berserkers to attack the imperium (simplified). In fact, this was the work of said inquisitor, using the xenos that he found while my RT was carting him around. So basically he pinned his crimes on me. Currently I am laying low on a planetary stronghold deep in the expanse, having faked my death for multiple reasons. Eventually, however, I will return and me and my dynasty will go to open war with this inquisitor. An example must be set; that not even the Inquisition may trifle with us. My wife, an inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, will declare my enemy Excommunicate Tratoris for HIS crimes. The inquisitor, his family, his retiune, his allies, and THEIR family, retinues, and allies, will all die. If I'm feeling generous, I MIGHT not arrange for their homeworlds to be rendered uninhabitable.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I tend towards Chaplin's view, as in the lore the biggest badasses tend to be the ones who made it to the top as undivided, even gaining the mark of all 4 gods in the process. (Archeron the Everchosen, Abbadon, Horus, Belakor the Dark Master, etc). This is reinforced by the list of psychic powers one can only gain access to as Undivided in the core rules.
  11. I just got the Tome of Decay and read through the section on daemonic ascension. My one big problem with it is that it completely rules out Undivided Daemon princes. Which, in the lore, certainly exist. My question is has anyone come up with any homebrew Unaligned daemon prince traits/advances?
  12. I doubt you could get a warrant amended to legally deal in the cold trade. From what I have gathered, though, the cold trade is selling Xenos tech to those not allowed to have it. The mechanicus, inquisition, other rogue traders, etc ARE allowed to have it.
  13. Yeah, every book has a text block like that. I still wouldn't recommend it - the games are different and designed to be internally balanced. Ever asked yourself why Deathwatch autoguns are incapable of autofire? That said, what does OP's group look like? Are we talking CSM here? Humans? Mixed? Thank you all for the replies. Basically, I am planning ahead: right now the party is a DH group of acolytes that, if things go as planned, will eventually graduate to BC and convert characters to that system. Operating under the assumption that everything happens as I think it will (possibly a flawed assumption ), the party at that point would consist of 2 Renegades (one with daemonic traits), a Tech Magos of Forge Polix (or whatever its called; the Sorcerer-heretek from one of the expansion books), and a rogue psyker with some nurgle blessings. The planet they are on has, unbeknowest to them, a genestealer cult infestation. At some point, the planet (an imperial world out on the western fringes) will be taken over by chaos, around the time I estimate the players will be serving said chaos. At some point after that, I plan on having them sent back to this planet to help fight off a full scale tyranid invasion (obviously as part of a much larger force, not by themselves).
  14. Hey folks. I need to know where I can find stats on the majority of tyrranid bioforms. Gaunts, gargoyles, tyrants, carnifexes, tyrranofexes, etc. What books (if any) have these?
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