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  1. Even when you fall unconscious you still roll on the table. The table has the severity of the critical as well, which determines how difficult it is to heal the crit later. You will want to try and heal those criticals from your character because for each crit they have on them it will add +10 to the next time they get a crit. So lets say you have a character with a soak of 5 and a would threshold of 15. 1. you take 4 damage and they roll a triumph or enough advantage for a crit. In this instance you do not get to use the triumph or advantage for a crit because the 4 damage did not exceed the soak. 2. you take 6 damage and they roll a triumph or enough advantage for a crit. Here you do get to crit and would roll the d100. write on the character sheet what kind of critical it was for healing purposed later 3. you take 21 damage and they roll a triumph or enough advantage for a crit. Here you would soak 5 damage and then would take 16 dmg to knock you unconscious. you still roll the d100 to see the severity. 4. lets say you didnt heal the crit that you took before and got another one. you would roll the d100 and then add +10 to the roll for each crit you havent healed. 5. If they happen to roll enough advantage to trigger multiple crits in one roll, you use one activation for the crit and all other activations add +10 to the roll
  2. When you use Force Power: Move to throw one enemy into another, how do you calculate damage? Do they both take 10*silhouette damage? Does it only deal damage to the target? Does it divide the damage between the two affected enemies?
  3. Maybe Im missing something but this rule deters my players from using engaged combat because of the despair rule from shooting at enemies who are engaged with one of your party members. More often than not that despair shows up and all the damage gets diverted to the engaged player. I know there is a new talent in the Champion book that helps with this, but that is the only thing I can find.
  4. I had a character that wanted to change like mid campaign so i just worked with him outside of the game to incorporate it into the story. His original character lost his connection to the force and found out were a jedi temple was and went there to try and reconnect. When he got there he found one of the npc's they had run into before who was meditating at the temple. So we just switched the characters so that he was playing the npc and his old character stayed at the temple to try and regain his force powers. I tell all my players if they don't like their character that they can do the same, they just have to tell me ahead of time and we work it in, instead of just having a pc disappear and a new one appear
  5. I have a question about the mere-son hands free weapon system in dangerous covenant. Is this classified as dual wielding. Wasn't sure because the text says allows the wearer to aim and fire without using his hands or arms.
  6. Thanks for the ideas. I have found the adventure http://www.d20radio.com/backerzone/The%20Hovertrain%20Heist/The%20Hovertrain%20Heist.pdf , that i am going to edit to use. I plan on having them have to do the heist while one of their monster battles is going on. My wife also gave me a fantastic idea that there is a group that dislikes the cruelty of creatures and is protesting the arena contest. I am going to have them release some of the creatures in protest during the heist so that the pcs have to deal with the rampage monsters and the heist at the same time. Should be lots of chaos and fun. Ill let you know how it goes.
  7. The npcs will be using any of the ones that the pcs don't choose. Basically iI am going to create one adventure for the capture and then only have to adjust it slightly depending on what creature they choose. That way it makes a less headache on me so I don't have to make up multiple adventures only to use one of them. My hope is that i can have different obstacles they have to overcome in the battle because of the different creature they are fighting. Examples would be a flying creature versus a land based one, or one that can burrow. What i don't want it to become is a slugfest between two brutes, although this could happen once i just want all of them to be that way cause then it would get boring. I want them to have to think outside the box to try and win and not just use brute strength. My group has gotten to the point where they can take out a lot of stuff with their own skills and equipment. I want them to try and beat this a different way, so maybe the arena is a type of figurative puzzle they have to figure out before they can win each stage. We have also run beyond the rim so they pcs have meet cratala so i am planning on letting them use her to beef up their creature if they think about it. Plus they could use Iso-one to transport their captured creature for some obligation. But how do you get a large creature like a full grown krayt dragon from the ground up to the capital ship if there are no ports? I guess that was my question about transporting them. So for the type of creatures I'm looking for are ones that could pose a challenge based on the things they can do different (ie flying, breathing fire, burrow, ect..) Thanks for the feedback
  8. First off I wanted to thank everyone for the help they gave me on my last post, the one about using Jedi powers during a dream state. My players still talk about that mission and think it was the best one we have done so far, so thanks. Now to my question. What I would like to do is have the pcs be part of a Monster Gladiator Competition. What I am going to have them do is they will have 1 month to go out and capture any creature that they want to use up to a certain weight limit (examples are a rancor, krayt dragon, condor dragon, acklay, drexl, maybe a gorog but this one might be too big) also if they want to go with 2 or 3 smaller creatures to fight as one group that is okay as well. When they bring them back they will be fitted with a type mind control device (this one the pcs can control the actions of the monsters while in the arena. Which could cause havok if the device get tampered with before the fight. So my questions are: 1. How would one transport the larger creatures? Ive looked in the books and didn't see anything for that large a creature. 2. Is the mind-control scenario feasible? or could this blow up in my face and the pcs start using this device everywhere they go 3. What kind of prize would you give them for winning? I figure this is going to take at least 4 meet-ups to finish the entire thing and it will probably cost them a lot of credits to capture the creature. Also I wanted a good enough prize that it would draw a lot of people throughout the universe, maybe even Bossk (because one of my pc's has a bounty on Trandosha) My thoughts were maybe a starship that is heavily modded 4. During the battles what would you do so that all the players are doing something and not just one person is doing all the fighting. I thought about having them be able to maybe control some environmental conditions. 5. Lastly, Are there any creatures you might suggest for this? Maybe some small ones that fight in a pack similar to vornskr. I am shooting for some diverse creatures to make the battles interesting.
  9. You might want to check out the Doctor Who episode "The Doctors Daughter". It pretty much handles this idea almost exactly and would definitely be a good source of ideas. Yup that is where I got the idea. Except in the episode they have only been there 7 days, that's a lot faster than I wanted to do.
  10. This is an interesting topic for me. I was thinking of doing a session where the pc's found two groups that have been fighting each other. They tell the pc's they have been fighting for centuries. Later on the pc's find that the 2 groups have been cloning themselves to create more fighters but in the process they age fast, plus the death rate from the battle is outrages. In the end the pc's find that the war between the two groups has actually only been going on for about 4 weeks (but since there has been so much cloning and rapid aging the groups think that it has been centuries from the stories passed down to them.) In this case, do you think the aging process of the clones here could be that fast? I am assuming that the tech that they have to do the cloning is no where near the quality that you would find on kamino, which is why the aging process could be faster. Also the original intention of the two groups being there and having the cloning technology was to populate a new planet, and what they are actually fighting over is the terraformer.
  11. Just listened to a podcast that the order 66 did on minions, rivals, and nemesis. You should listen to that when you get the chance. Lots of good info on minion groups and how you should put them together.
  12. So the nanites are only controlled by the controlling device so they don't have an agenda except for the one that is given to them by the wearer of the controlling device. In this scenario the controlling device is malfunctioning due to a malfunction on the ship causing a shock to go through it. So it is going to be a dream more than a hallucination. The force user has the following force powers: Enhance- Roll Enhance Power Check with Athletics, Coordination, Piloting (Planetary), and Piloting (Space) checks. May spend Force Points to gain Success or Advantage on check. Enhance Agility- Ongoing Effect. Commit 1 Force Dice. The user increases his Agility characteristic by 1 (to a maximum of 6). Sense - May spend Force Point to sense all living things within short range. May spend Force Point to sense the current emotional state of one living target with whom he is engaged. Sense Control Defense - Ongoing Effect. Commit 1 Force Dice. Twice per round, when an attack targets the Force user, he upgrades the difficulty of the pool twice. Sense Control Offense - Ongoing Effect. Commit 1 Force Dice. Once per round, when the Force user makes a combat check, he upgrades the ability of that check once. So I am thinking the enhance abilities would work because he would believe they are still working. But the question comes in on the Sense ability. Would he actually sense anything or would he sense the people that are currently outside the real ship? As for the Doc not being there, I was thinking since he is a droid he wouldn't succumb to the affects of the gas and doesn't have the nanites either so he wouldn't be part of it. But you make a good point that they would think that he is there. They do go to him a lot for information because of his high Int, maybe I can have him have no information for them when they ask for it. I really appreciate all the help. I have already come up with a couple more ideas to use because of this, so Thank You.
  13. It should be extremely tense. They are going up against a well known bounty hunter who is tracking down stormtrooper x (thanks to the bounties to die for thready by mouthymerc.) Which means in the finally combat they will be facing 2 seperate nemisis i was thinking that he could use his sense powers but everytime he gets the same results (ie. the salavagers that are trying to get onto the real ship.) I was also thinking about making other things not work like they are supposed to like gravity. As for taking away other things, they wont have their doctor since he is a droid (which is an npc played by me), not sure what else to take away. There is a bounty hunter, hired gun, and an outlaw tech. Also if/when one of the players die that will wake them up from the dream and they will be back on the ship. Lukily I have a few weeks to flesh this whole thing out.
  14. The group started off with the beginner box adventure. As their back story, that I have not told them yet, they are just pawns for a crime lord who is trying to increase his own power. He has used the mind control on them before, hence the reason they have the nanites, and that is why they cant remember anything before they ran into the cantina on Mos Shutta. The pcs just believe they are being given jobs, but in fact are collecting gadgets and artifacts for the crime lord. I had them run through Beyond the Rim, which is were they ran into the Force user. This is why he wouldn't have had the nanites in him.
  15. Would a pc be able to still use his force powers if he was in a dream state? Next session I am planning on having my group get put into a mass dream/hallucination. The force user has sense and enhance abilities. If they are dreaming would he still be able to sense living things (I am thinking no because they are not really living?) But on the other hand, since they are dreaming he could still believe he is using them. Also there is another kicker to this. The force user started later than the rest of the group so he isn't exaclty the same as the rest of the party. In the last session the group found a mind control device that turns out to be a device that the technician actually created himself but cant remember that he did it. The device uses nanites to control its victims. They now have this device on their ship. In the back story that they dont know yet, they were all subject to this device and have these nanites in them already and dont know it. Since the force user wasnt with the starting group he wouldnt have been subject to this experiment, but I dont want to leave him out of the session. On their way back from their last mission I am going to have their ship malfunction and release either a gas into the ship or a electric jolt into the controlling device so that they all have a mass dream together. Since the bounty hunter with an obligation of revenge (towards Bobba Fett) was triggered for this session I am going to have them compete with him to capture a bounty and then have a massive battle against him in the end. Also since it is a dream I am not too worried if they either kill Bobba Fett, or Bobba Fett kills them because they will wake up and realize it was all a dream. The entire session I am going to have them hear a metal on metal sound no matter where they go. In the end the sound is going to be another ships crew trying to get into their ship since it is just floating in space. So my two questions 1. How would you incorporate the force user into the session? 2. Would he be able to use his force powers in the dream state?
  16. Knasser, that is fantastic! Thanks a bunch. I am relatively new at making my own stuff. So thanks.
  17. How about this then if I did them as rivals instead of minions soak 6 wounds 16 brawn- 3 agility- 3 int- 1 cunning- 2 will-1 pres-1 athletics 2, perception 2, stealth 3, survival 3, vigilance 2, brawl 3 Teeth, claws, +4, brawl, crit 3, pierce 2, vicious 2 tail attacks, +3, brawl, crit 3, Pierce 2, Knockdown vicious 1 acid blood - if engaged when takes dmg, attacker must take 5dmg with breach 2 talent- Queen (nemisis) soak 7 wounds 22 strain 12 brawn- 4 agility- 4 int- 1 cunning- 2 will-1 pres-1 athletics 3, perception 1, stealth 3, survival 3, vigilance 2, brawl 4 Teeth, claws, +4, brawl, crit 3, pierce 3, vicious 2 tail attacks, +3, brawl, crit 3, Pierce 2, Knockdown, vicious 1, concussive acid blood - if engaged when takes dmg, attacker must take 5dmg with breach 2 talent- Adversary, crippling blow, deadly accuracy, Feral strength
  18. Ahh missed that Fang thanks. Was just putting it together as I was typing it into the post. I just came up with the idea of having the pc's running into a ship in space if they ever fail a astro check bad. And have the xenomorphs on there. Thought it would be fun.
  19. yes but if you think about it as if 10 of them are coming at you all in one minion group. That would make them pretty beefy. Also if you think about the stats for a stormtrooper who is supposed to be well trained, they are also stated as minions. If I have 10 of them coming at the players as rivals, that would take forever to play through.
  20. If you were to create one in the SW universe what would be the stat block for it (minion, and queen) This is what I was thinking minions soak 2 wounds 4 brawn- 3 agility- 3 int- 1 cunning- 2 will-1 pres-1 athletics, perception, stealth, survival, vigilance, brawl Teeth, claws, tail attacks, acid blood talent- Queen (nemisis) soak 4 wounds 18 strain 12 brawn- 4 agility- 4 int- 1 cunning- 2 will-1 pres-1 athletics 2, perception 1, stealth 2, survival 3, vigilance 2, brawl 3 Teeth, claws, tail attacks, acid blood talent- Adversary, crippling blow, deadly accuracy, Feral strength
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