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  1. Hello FFG! i'm here to say that ROAD TO LEGEND is probably the best way to play descent ! i love to have to beat an Overlord that is not one of my friends! I'll love to see other campaign and even pay for them! Keep up the good work!
  2. hello ! Which is the correct timing when i destroy my enemy command tent ? I check for victory first and then i gain the 2 points or, i gain the 2 points and then check if i Win the game for having more then 16 points ? Thank you !
  3. Hello ! I live in Italy and i love this game but there's no retailer here that can order the expansion : banners of war ! Is it still produced or ffg is going to make the revised edition of the expansion ?
  4. Hello everyone! I just noticed that when running the base campaign ( the shadow rune ) you have to play only 9 adventures not all of them . I am thinking if is it possible to make a Longer campaign , playing all the act 1 scenarios then all the act 2 scenarios selected by the winning players ! Is it possible for you or it Will become incredibly unbalanced ?
  5. Ok thanks to all ! Im going to play in 15 minutes and i'll tell you if everything goes well !
  6. Hello again friends ! Is it possible for you to have a party of heroes composed only of warriors class ( in the base game of the dwarf berzerker and the elf knight ? ) Can be a normal, easy or difficult victory for the heroes ? What do you think ?
  7. Hello ! Just finished to read the manual and tomorrow i Will have my first game but , i have a question about attacks . Can a monster or a hero make an attack with a ranged weapon ( like a bow ) if his target si adjacent to him ? Or ne must use its "punch" attack instead ? Thank you !
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