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  1. This is exactly what i needed. Thank you kind sir, may the force be with you.
  2. Thanks for the advice on the Over specialized thing, ill do my best to avoid that. As far as concept, i of course want to be powerful with the lightsaber. I also want to be strong in the force regarding physical movement and reflexes, as i do intend to specialize in piloting. Without sounding too cliche's, i would go for a Boba Fett version of a Jedi. So mostly combat and instinct stuff. I dont care to force folks to take republican credits, discourage a droid search, or sense, that my ex-girlfriend is at the same night club as me.
  3. Hi All, so im about to embark upon my first Star Wars campaign. I know nothing of the system, yet, but would like to play a Jedi. I of course want to be the best i could be so i dont want to make any "mistakes" during initial character creation. Now while i dont need a comprehensive build, i could use some help in getting started. So im looking for suggestions and guidance on what i should do to start off on the right foot.
  4. Yea, i think i overthought this one as you said. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. OK i did some research and it seems from the article i was able to extrapolate the answer: Finally, Leia Organa’s leadership skills are on full display even when she’s working on her own. Although theCoordinated Bombardment command card only allows you to issue orders to Leia Organa, it does give you a good chance of going first. If you activate Leia Organa first, she can carry out her normal activation, then launch three attacks against different enemy units at Range 4 or beyond. This gives Leia Organa the potential to send the enemy army into disarray with four straight attacks before it even has the chance to activate a single unit.
  6. So i did my best to look this up and have found contradicting statements... in one case from the same person, wont name names Anyways im sure this has already been fleshed out by the community but as a new player, im scratching my head. Basically im trying to figure out if Leia or Veers can do a normal attack action then do a bombardment. Obviously this is dependent on the timing of the respective command cards. So does "at" in the wording infer its after the activation or during. And the below from the reference guide doesnt do much to clarify. Notice the word At in the "When" definition and After in the "After" definition. • If the timing of an ability uses the word “after,” that ability’s effect occurs immediately after the described timing event has occurred. • If the timing of an ability uses the word “when,” that ability’s effect occurs at the exact moment of the described timing event.
  7. Someone more qualified may come along and correct me, but off the top of my head, i believe the player who applied the condition would get to choose, and would be able to choose any model in that single rank unit.
  8. You comment is very revealing But yea RAI, in wargaming is more as you said, which can be chalked to "desperate attempts". In RPGs however, RAI is almost required and RAW typically can fall into "Rule Lawyering", which is taboo in some circles. In RPGs a good DM does their best to set expectations prior to campaigns and such. However not everything can be foreseen and much time can be spent deliberating when a bump occurs.
  9. Yea those terms come up more with Table Top RPG's like DnD, where interpretation is viable and malleable since the game intentionally lends it self to that. Wargaming, especially competitive wargaming, not so much. Since our ilk need hard fast confirmations of the rules lest the world be spun off its axis and hurled into the void of despair.
  10. OK to sum up; RAW: Death Grasp is OP. RAI: FFG need to FAQ. The Real World: Its easier said then done, and 8 turns limits its over the top abuse. Truth: Screw the summary and lets beat this horse some more.
  11. So i have always wanted to play TI but never found the time or the group willing to find the time to play. Assuming 4th Ed will spark renewed interest, would it beneficial if i try to play a previous edition? Or is the hopes that 4th ed will be easy enough to wrap the brain around?
  12. Ahh, no worries, and not my intention. Full disclosure, at the time i was deciding which Core faction i wanted to focus on. So i wanted strong evidence to support my final decision.
  13. Not wanting to hijack this post any further, but i do want to ask you. In order to maximize the blight mechanic, is it best to use single tray Carrions?
  14. Ahh i already read this and should have known it was your post That said, i have since grabbed two cores and am focused on playing Waiqar, your post was one of the deciding points.
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