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  1. GroggyGolem

    42nd Edition?

    Also the game has been out since the 70's, so that might be what the 42nd anniversary edition means.
  2. GroggyGolem

    42nd Edition?

    I don't think there has been 41 previous versions but there is that joke from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy about 42 being the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
  3. GroggyGolem

    Mounts and Encumbrance

    I have to or my players would carry arsenals with them.
  4. GroggyGolem

    Mounts and Encumbrance

    Also if you continue reading in that section it seems the rules for carrying more than you can handle have been altered slightly from Star Wars, more clearly defined for the difficulty of picking up more than your Encumbrance threshold and a cap of 4 over your threshold. Allies can now help, adding their raw brawn to the total Encumbrance threshold of the first character.
  5. GroggyGolem

    Mounts and Encumbrance

    To add to that statement in the rules, a character's equipment doesn't suddenly vanish. I'd personally count the encumbrance of all the equipment that character has on them as well when you pick them up. So if Edward is picking up Roderick and Roderick has 3 Brawn, that's a minimum of 8 Encumbrance, however Roderick has his trusty mace and Edward would like his ally to keep his weapons, so he can keep his head. So he adds the mace's Encumbrance value to that total.
  6. GroggyGolem

    Mounts and Encumbrance

    Page 84 of Genesys core rules "When carried, a living being generally has an encumbrance value of 5 plus Brawn." freaking ninja'd
  7. GroggyGolem

    Practical meteor strike

    By the rules as written, the difficulty caps at formidable unless your gm employs the optional impossible rules. For that, all that changes from formidable is that you have to spend a story point. Your GM can of course, modify it with enviRon mental factors and upgrades for being overly dangerous but that's at an individual's discretion.
  8. GroggyGolem

    Mounts and Encumbrance

    Figure I'll add into the discussion that the saddle bags will be a useful accessory for your mount if you play by the written rules.
  9. GroggyGolem

    Player doesn't like Obligation sessions

    What I plan on doing from now on is not announcing that the next session will be an obligation one at all. Make it complete surprise to everyone. Or as much surprise as I can muster. Beyond that, I am just going to have to ignore the player's complaints about obligation sessions that aren't theirs. They seem concerned about the spotlight being on the obligation player but they aren't really that much of a go-getter when it comes to roleplay or anything like that. Delicate situation since they are a close family member.
  10. GroggyGolem

    Player doesn't like Obligation sessions

    Yeah that's what happened last game and the one player still complained. The obligation lasted 1 hr out of the entire 5 hr session and everything leading up to that was main plot stuff, the obligation just happened to coincide with the main plot.
  11. GroggyGolem

    Dragonball/DBZ setting

    I threw in some new talents under the red text title "new talents" with the date next to it. Completely untested and subject to further tweaking, by request of my players as well as other GMs and players that run this setting for some of the more "Dragon Ball Super" types of transformations.
  12. GroggyGolem

    Force power: move question

    mechanically, you have 2 options: Move and Bind. I am assuming you want to deal damage in this scenario and not just move the target. Move's Hurl upgrade deals damage based on the silhouette (multiplied by 10, plus uncancelled successes) of the target you throw to both that thrown target and the target you throw it at. For anything of silhouette 0, you deal 5 damage (plus uncancelled succeses). Bind allows you to deal damage to a target for each Dark Side Force point you spend to fuel the power, ignoring soak. Both powers have a default range of Short. Against a Minion, Move will be a 1 difficulty check, per the full description of the Move power that says the difficulty of the attack is based on the silhouette of the object thrown. You will need to succeed and generate 1 Force point to activate Move and 1 more Force point to activate the Strength upgrade, so you can affect a Silhouette 1 target. Assuming you gain the minimum amount of successes, that is 11 damage to the thrown target and the target being thrown at (before subtracting soak). Against a Minion, Bind will be just a Force power check and you deal as much damage as the Dark Side points you spend. You only need a single Force point to activate the power. Note that you cannot frivolously spend Dark Side points you roll, you actually need to spend the points to activate different upgrades for the power. The target takes a minimum of 1 damage if you spend at least a single Dark Side point on the power. For both Move and Bind, you need to spend an additional Force point to increase the range to Medium, making it 3 points for Move and 2 points for Bind. Against Rivals it is pretty much the same unless they are story important rivals. For that, see below. For Story important Rivals and for all Nemesis characters (as well as Player Characters), Move's Hurl upgrade largely stays the same except that you modify the difficulty based on the talents and armor of the target. So if you are throwing a badguy with ranged defense 2 and 1 rank in Adversary, your 1 purple Difficulty Move power check is now a 1 red Challenge die & 2 black Setback dice. For Bind it is different and that is because Move is specifically called out as a Ranged Combat Check. For Bind, it has no difficulty normally, so you have to refer to the section in the book that talks about making Opposed checks against Nemeses and Player Characters when using Force Powers. Because there is no combat or opposed check already, the Bind power check now combines an opposed Discipline vs Discipline check. You have to succeed and generate the Force points needed to activate your power. For either case, if you decide ahead of time that you are attempting it from a further range away and you roll less points on the dice than is required, then it is a failure, because you cannot activate the effects on the target. Personally, my opinion is that Move does way more damage if you want to take out a bunch of Minions but Bind is better in bigger fights because you immobilize the target.
  13. GroggyGolem

    Player Disputes on First Game

    I'm going to present a somewhat different piece of advice here. I believe players making social checks against other players is fine, provided that success simply gives the other player setback on any other course of action they might take. Think of it as seeding doubt into that player character's mind or making an exceptionally convincing argument. I also think that deceiving other player characters is just fine, though I would likely not call for a deception roll, as my players know when it comes to deception you can't metagame it as much if the talking character never rolls dice. So I let them make checks on their own (Discipline is the correct one for Star Wars but I have them use Vigilance). If they succeed then the player has to tell them if they were being honest but not any specifics of which parts were true or false, as it isn't a mind reading effect, that's what the Sense power is for. As far as actually taking away player agency, I don't believe it's a complete no-no, seeing as how there is a power that allows it and is a pretty common trope of Star Wars (Jedi Mind-Trick, the Influence power upgrade that can alter emotions and beliefs of characters). It's an opposed roll, it only lasts for a certain amount of time & if the player is concerned with it they can increase their Discipline so they are no longer "weak-minded". I used the Influence power against a player twice with a nasty villain, the effects were mostly narrative tho they dealt some wounds to their party members. Here's the thing though, they still played their character while they were mind-tricked, so it was still them acting. They decided to turn that situation of dealing wounds (actually strain, because the order was "protect me and help me escape" not "kill them") to allies into a narrative result by playing up the guilt from hurting their allies while their mind wasn't their own. Made for a good story point and kind of drew that character closer to their party, more protective of them. That said, if a player was going to initiate anything beyond just a social check against another player, you might consider stopping them, asking both players if they are okay with this proceeding and ONLY continue if they both agree that it is acceptable. Personally though, my groups know I allow PvP completely now before we start a campaign. None have gone through with any PvP so far but I feel a turn to the Dark Side coming...
  14. GroggyGolem


    Rules Question: Hello, regarding the Tier 3 "Dual Strike" talent in Realms of Terrinoth, I was hoping for clarification. Do the weapons wielded need to be Melee weapons? or Can they be any two weapons, as long as you are attacking while in an engagement? Thanks Answer: Hi, Barron – Both weapons must be used as part of a melee attack, as described in the sidebar on page 103 of the Genesys Core Rulebook (an attack made in close combat with an opponent, and with a weapon designed for use in close combat). Generally, this means a weapon that uses Brawl or Melee (Light), but it’s not restricted to a particular skill, since GMs may introduce additional combat skills to their game. Thanks! -- Tim Cox RPG Developer Fantasy Flight Games
  15. GroggyGolem

    Are you an ally of yourself?

    I get that it was the intent, that doesn't make the intent less weird. Why do you make others more perceptive but not yourself? It's just one of those instances where the game mechanics don't sync up with logic and reason.