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  1. GroggyGolem

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    I get to play in RPG's more often than anything else now, despite my gaming group's large board game collection. Both as a GM and as a Player, which is nice. I'd love to get a few board game nights in though, haven't done any of those since May.
  2. GroggyGolem

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    Oh, absolutely, going from a company known for their transparency of product to random blind buys seems very much a business decision (and tbh, a smart one, as pokemon, yugioh, mtg have been selling product for yeeeaars). It just probably isn't a popular business decision with some customers (such as myself), given that FFG has built a reputation with their customers regarding their transparency of the distribution of cards/components in their games. There's definitely people out there who enjoy blind buys; I used to enjoy it when I got into Heroclix years ago, before I was disillusioned with it after spending so much money and having very little of the rare figures to show for it. Still I had fun playing the game when I got the chance, I just found I had to quit the game to break myself of that mentality of impulse buying to hopefully get the epic loot and when I see a game that has that same sort of distribution model, I choose not to buy into it. I definitely enjoy certainty in experience, it's why I have bought many, many FFG products (collected some of Star Wars LCG, had a modest collection of X-Wing waves before I sold them due to never getting the chance to play anymore, I run Star Wars and Genesys RPG's and I've got the base game and an expansion for Cosmic Encounter). Yeah my experience with X-Wing was that the excitement came with announcement articles and theorycrafting a squad I would enjoy with what I had at the time, seeing how the new stuff fit into that and then playtesting it with a friend. Unfortunately it was a game I couldn't get many into and 1 vs 1 games can fizzle out when the other person's life gets busy. I stick to boardgames and RPG now, as I prefer group gaming over 1 vs 1 gaming.
  3. GroggyGolem

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    Yeah it is quite an interesting shift to the polar opposite end in distribution and transparency of products. I imagine there will be other games coming out besides just Keyforge and Discovery that will use this model. They even have a separate section of the forums dedicated to "Unique" games, so it seems to be an idea they are going to promote for a while if it sells well enough.
  4. GroggyGolem

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    It's probably because, although there are some that complain about FFG selling expandable, collectible games, the vast majority of their games are expandable and collectible. So it's kind of a trained response from those who buy their products and expansions to their products to expect it to be collectible and when they say it isn't, it's off-putting. If I'm going to invest in a game that I will enjoy, I'm going to eventually want everything there is for the game. I personally don't buy into an FFG game without immediately reminding myself that the vast majority of their games are collectible and have had years of expansions. Say I buy a box and it is jungle themed, but I like mountains, or I want different scenario quests/characters than what I was given. My only option would be to buy the entire game again at $60USD or wait for others to buy it and start up some sort of secondary market of component swapping. We don't even know if component swapping is viable either. It's possible that components are key to each unique game and cannot be swapped between versions. Example: you need x of this meeple to complete quest A, if you don't have x meeple because you swapped it out for y meeple, tough luck. For myself it isn't just about it not being collectible. With the vast majority of FFG products, I know 100% what is inside each box. With this game, they have intentionally been vague (as they said in the article) and I think it's probably a poor move to do so after years of being the boargame company that had transparency on product information. I can go online and look up every card in any pack of LotR cards, see what I want and decide to make purchases based on what fits my playstyle or interests best. It's a great model that gives a lot of freedom of choice to consumers. I can't do that with this game, so how can I be sure I'm purchasing a product I'm going to be satisfied with owning? It's sort of a gamble, in terms of what you'll get and to me, that immediately turns me off to it.
  5. GroggyGolem

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    Yeah, this feels like it's specifically designed to target people who collect and targets them because they collect. I am known to collect the "full game" of games I really enjoy but I tend to take a long time to do so (just now finishing out my collection of Firefly: The Game and that hasn't had a new release since early last year). Most of the time it's because I could have a new game with different mechanics, theme, player amount and feel than just making a single game more extensive. I've also had my time playing games with random draws of product (Heroclix) and don't ever want to return to games with that sort of distribution model.
  6. GroggyGolem

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    Personally I don't see the point of a random board game other than to convince board gaming groups that there's reason to buy multiple copies. It's a way of making the game "expandable" or "collectible" without actually introducing expansions and keeping that $60 price for every copy. In my gaming group, we try to buy new games each time, so the variety is vast and there's minimal duplicate games (only one I can think of is Smash-Up and I stopped buying expansions for it when the others bought all of them). If the components and theme is different but it has the same rules and generally plays the same, I think maybe one of us would get the game at best, because at its core, it's still the same game. I'd personally be happy with a game that handled a few different scenarios and had an adjustable difficulty, like Flashpoint: Fire Rescue. I have played that game numerous times with only the core game and it's always been satisfying (except for that one time a dude picked the captain and intentionally moved other players away from the fire with the captain's ability so we'd all lose *shakes fist at the sky*).
  7. GroggyGolem

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    I recall a PC having the wounds and soak of a rancor due to upgrade choices and a suit of power armor. I had to remind myself this was 2 years into a campaign with 1000+ xp. The stats for the NPCs in the article are probably 500xp or so, very strong still compared to beginner characters and low-xp characters.
  8. GroggyGolem

    How do you handle the item generation costs?

    So today I took at look at the prices in Realms of Terrinoth and that even doesn't match up with their table. A bow is priced at 275 with a rarity of 2 in RoT but by their own tables for item generation it comes out to 500, which would be all the money a starting character has to spend by the default setup in Genesys. I am guessing they must use some sort of modifier based on the rarity they decide to give the item.
  9. I'm putting together a setting and grabbed several items from Genesys Core as a baseline. From there I planned to create some custom items for the setting using the Weapon and Armor Cost Calculation tables. After getting a little confused when trying to build a custom item, I began to try and build all the pre-statted items using these tables that I planned to put into the game and found the item costs to be different for every item. The majority of items seem to be undercosted and a few of them are overcosted. I'm not even sure how to factor in the Limited Ammo quality exactly. The Clockwork Grenade comes out to 1350 in price but there's no baseline for how much the Limited Ammo quality reduces it. After doing the math, the pre-statted item cost (75) is just over 5.55% of 1350. I am having a hard time finding a baseline when the most generic of items, a knife (25 units), is priced 5 times lower than it is if you built it using the tables in the rulebook (125 units). How do you handle this for your games? Do you ignore the pre-statted costs and use the table to calculate them? Do you create custom items only and ignore pre-statted equipment?
  10. GroggyGolem

    After re-watching the trailer...

    Yeah that would be nice.
  11. GroggyGolem

    After re-watching the trailer...

    If the announce article is correct, that's 104 Septillion possible combinations. Personal opinion within, ye be warned.
  12. GroggyGolem

    Alchemy homebrew

    I'm looking to take the alchemy rules from Realms of Terrinoth and allow them to craft concoctions that work like the magic actions in genesys core, including the additional effect lists. The setting I'm running is a steampunk fantasy hybrid and alchemy is basically the only method of achieving anything close to "magical" that isn't powered by steam or electricity. I figure this is fairly doable already, just make the difficulty to craft the potions or poisons the same roll as if you were taking the magic action, making all the effects set once it's crafted. Your thoughts?
  13. GroggyGolem

    Dragonball/DBZ setting

    Since there's a forum section just for custom settings I figured I would throw in a link to my work on a custom Dragonball/DBZ setting. This is simply just linking to the original forum topic so that it isn't entirely a repost. I haven't done work on it in a little while since the group I was running for didn't last too long but I am looking at putting together some resources for a Steampunk Fantasy setting, so keep on the lookout! https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/269668-dragonballdbz-setting/
  14. GroggyGolem

    Mundane animals?

    Depends on if the player has the Animal Companion talent or if they simply just want a fur baby.
  15. GroggyGolem

    You can't save everyone...

    It's probably already been said here but you need a minimum of 5 Force Points to use the Heal mastery upgrade. 1 to activate the power and 4 more to activate the mastery upgrade. You will only consistently do this when your character has a Force Rating of 5. Any Force Rating less than 5 means it is a chance the character will not roll enough. Even at 5 Force Rating, the character may have to dip into the Dark Side to activate all of it and that might be a problem if the party used up all of their Light Side Destiny before a character dies. There's also a very short window of time to pull this off, where you basically have 1 chance to revive the ally, possibly 2 if they took "the end is nigh" crit as opposed to the "complete, obliterated death" crit. Beyond that, there is definitely limitation built into the description of the power. You are bringing someone back from the brink of death. If they fell an impossibly long ways, landed in some sort of vat of acid or lava or were instantly vaporized, blown to bits inside of a ship and scattered into space, turned into stardust from the death star, then there's really no chance of Heal mastery working. Personally I wouldn't pull out too many of those cinematic "you can't revive them" moments because it makes the power that the player spent xp on quite useless.