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  1. Well a lot of what they do is mix Canon and legends already.
  2. GroggyGolem

    Jedi Order, 6000 years old?

    I came here to say this exactly. Obi-Wan said "For over a thousand generations..." which, yeah, puts it around 25k years that the Jedi Knights were part of the Republic.
  3. KotOR book. /thread
  4. GroggyGolem

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    It's like it was intentionally aired in the wrong order. There's a chronological list. It's a lot of switching back and forth but the story flows better that way.
  5. GroggyGolem

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    One of my players is a Zygerrian Jedi that has a real hate for slavers and is indifferent to his people.
  6. GroggyGolem

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    I'm curious to know if they are going to bring in more "Jedi" specs for the Jedi career that they are introducing in Rise of the Separatists. There's only 2 known specs for that still, Padawan and Knight, right?
  7. Deadly Accuracy talent (I think that's what it's called) that grants damage to 1 combat skill equal to ranks in said skill (I think it costs a Destiny Point to use?). The talent is in at least Mercenary Soldier and can apply to using a Lightsaber. Not technically a Force ability synergy but that's all I can think of at the moment.
  8. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/8/collapse-of-the-republic/ So this was announced. A companion/sequel to a book we're still waiting on. Let's discuss.
  9. I love it. Everyone's like where's this super delayed book? *FFG employs some sleight of hand* https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/8/collapse-of-the-republic/
  10. GroggyGolem

    Why do people hate Jedi?

    I mean, they were a bunch of young single guys and I think 50% of the game was them taking their aggression out on things that don't exist so there wouldn't be real life consequences. It was a really creative group for the first year and we had a lot of laughs throughout the game's length. It was as equally mentally exhausting to GM, however. I don't regret it but also I wouldn't run a game for that group again.
  11. GroggyGolem

    Why do people hate Jedi?

    I can only talk of the group I ran a 2-year campaign for, as they had a bias against Force Users. I think it was a mix of jealousy and hard feelings. Nobody in the initial group branched into the Force Sensitive Exile tree (everyone had to start with EotE careers since that was the 1 book I had at the start), so newcomers starting off with that spec was outside what they viewed to be the game's focus. Regardless of what I told the group the focus of the game was to be, most of that group had differing desires for the game's focus but never communicated such. It was a tough game to run. The hard feelings came when the one player, fed up with being teased, had his character attack other player characters. We discussed it at length and agreed it wouldn't happen again, then the player decided to text me asking if they could attack the others again mid-game and I responded out loud with "no, you cannot attack them". Said player was not invited back but the group decided from then on that they hated all Force Users, no matter what. Cut to the 2nd year of the game, in which the party becomes a group of murderhobos with no real direction that spends half of every game arguing like children and hates 2 of their original members because they can now use the Force. Cut to the group hitting an impasse in the final few sessions of the game because 6/8 want to help what is clearly the main antagonist destroy all life in the galaxy and 2/8 want to do the sensible thing and stop said villainy. Cut to me saying if you can't talk it out then I'm unbanning PvP and you can fight it out. Cut to the group saving the galaxy and then going off on their own epilogues at the end and murdering families, creating their own cults, generally becoming the villains. Cut to my father's character who joined for 2 sessions saying "you're all sick, I'm outta here" in his epilogue.
  12. GroggyGolem

    Question about Morality

    Well there's always the rules from EotE and AoR. Keep the Destiny Point and Strain cost of using the other side of the Force, throw out the Morality and Conflict entirely. It works really well. I prefer to just tell the players that a significantly important and dramatic selfish action will make them go dark and only a significantly important and dramatic selfless action would bring them back into the light. When it came time for that the first time in the campaign I am currently running, it was a player choice: Accept Sith training and more power at the cost of going to the Dark Side or reject it and become a Paragon of Light. The party is half and half but through story reasons and their own desire not to betray one another, they have found reason to work together as a group. At least one player has had the chance to go back to the Light since but had decided against it at that time.
  13. GroggyGolem

    Quck clarification on heal/harm

    To add to this, the Medicine skill upgrade also adds a flat amount to your heal/harm total based on your ranks in Medicine.
  14. GroggyGolem

    Kung Fu Styles

    Seems like a bit of a dead topic but I'll just throw in I did a little bit towards fighting styles with a low tier, non-ranked talent in my Dragonball Setting. Essentially you get 1 style from a list as your permanent style and then you can alter the regular Brawl attacks to reflect that style by taking a maneuver to take up that stance. Each had a benefit and a drawback to them, and usually they simply were taken from the list of item qualities (so one attack might have the Linked 1 quality but it added Setback to the check, etc). Do note that I removed strain damage from Brawl attacks in that setting. Mainly that was done because I made a very strain-heavy setting, so being able to directly target it always would be kinda broken. I'm sure one could make it a ranked talent so that you could learn multiple styles over the course of a campaign.
  15. GroggyGolem

    The Nimble talent clarification

    That's how it looks to me as well, just wanted to see if I was off-base or not by asking you fine folks.