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  1. GroggyGolem

    L Master List (7.1b)

    Is this sort of just a repost of the old thread you had?
  2. I think I figured out why I just don't get into the new main characters. They are written to be like the youth of today: unsure of themselves, not having a clear view of who they are or what they want out of life. I'm young myself but I've always known what I wanted in life. I don't really identify with the way they are written, so I think that is why I don't really feel an attachment to the characters.
  3. GroggyGolem

    Humans Undercosted?

    Humans are undercosted, making them in some respects a superior choice among other options, due to having more xp to spend right from go. However, they are worse options if you plan to specialize in any one characteristic. If you want 5 brawn, pick a 3 brawn archetype and put 90xp into your brawn: 40 for rank 4, 50 for rank 5. As a Human, you would need to spend 120xp to start with a 5 (30 rank 3, 40 rank 4, 50 rank 5), so you're technically limited to a maximum of a single rank 4 characteristic at creation. It's a trade-off. You are more well-rounded and have some good archetype abilities but you take longer to get a characteristic to max.
  4. GroggyGolem

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the favor rules sound an awful lot like Obligations in Edge of the Empire. Is anyone else expecting it to be in typical genesys fashion, to be the same but better?
  5. GroggyGolem

    Embracing the dark side

    Mine were both nomads and they got very lucky.
  6. GroggyGolem

    Embracing the dark side

    Oh that game ended last year, only campaign of mine to actually have a conclusion oddly enough. All others died early on; the murderhobo group stuck with it to the end. 😆 While I certainly agree on the concepts of what the Jedi and Sith philosophy is as far as Selflessness and Selfishness, I think it's not quite as simple as that in real life, nor is it as simple in the context of Star Wars. Nobody is entirely selfless or selfish, Everyone has a mix of both aspects. When you go too far to one end, you tend to become imbalanced. One can see this reflected in the characters in the movies. Prequel Jedi were so selfless they gave up a lot of their own agency to be guardians of the Republic, which backed them into a corner when a war began. Even Palpatine, as evil incarnate as he is, still treats Vader like a friend for the most part, up until he's beaten by Luke in their duel. In the context of the RPG, it gets even more complicated. While a movie can certainly have characters act a certain way at their core, that's usually due to a singular vision. In an RPG, the GM can't really dictate the way a PC acts without removing the agency of the player. Within the rules of the game, it is possible to be a Dark Side character but that doesn't mean you suddenly lose control of your character to some mysterious, corrupting, invisible dark side entity that possesses them. The way I see it, you aren't corrupted by an outside force, you are corrupted by your own desires and the actions you take toward those desires. So with players in an RPG, it really rests on them as to how "dark" they become. Do they flirt with temptations but ultimately overcome them like Luke? Do they give in to the darkness for power for a short time and then return to the light like Ezra? Do they fall hard like Darth Vader? Do they stay dark like Palpatine? Do they redeem themselves like Anakin? These choices are theirs to make, just as their character is theirs to control. I encourage them to make whatever choices they desire in the game, with the added caveat of there is always consequences to actions. Just like how Jedi are tested in their beliefs and in how far they will go to be guardians of peace and justice, those that align with the dark side should also be tested in similar manner. This next session the dark siders will be tested to see how far they will take things, the choice is theirs on that matter, just as the consequences are theirs for whatever choices they make.
  7. GroggyGolem

    Embracing the dark side

    This is pretty much exactly what my now dark side players want. They told me as much multiple times out of the game that they want to pursue this storyline but they want the group to be together still, which puts it on me to create a goal for them all to work towards, regardless of their Force alignment. I also find this discussion pretty interesting, I hadn't looked at it in a few days. The topic of discussion was never about playing evil characters but about playing characters that went to the dark side, or even characters that came back from the dark side. From my point of view, the dark side doesn't necessarily mean evil, it just means a different method of using the Force (using emotions to fuel it instead of serenity and calmness). There are numerous Legends examples and even some canon ones (Asajj Ventress towards the end of Clone Wars and in Dark Disciple) of characters that primarily use the Dark Side (emotions) to use the Force but they aren't cackling-while-torturing-innocents evil. That said, there are likely way more examples, especially in canon, of characters that are on the dark side and are evil. So it's a very real possibility that that evil mentality can transfer into a game. In this respect, I really like my group, because we're all level-headed enough to realize this is a game, we are doing this for fun and that the character choices are often to enhance the drama and the story of it all. They wouldn't think to attack one another openly or be jerks to each other because I have expressly allowed PvP in the game, so they know the consequences if they push another character too far. They also know I only allow PvP if it fits the story, IE you cannot impale others with your lightsaber in their sleep just because the rules of the game allow it, but you could fight each other if it fits within the current story and character choices, and if all parties are okay with it. I will state again that I never intended for this to be a discussion about playing evil characters. I've already had a game where the group went evil (not necessarily dark side but just straight evil). They became the most evil you can be in an RPG, a pack of argumentative, unruly, murderhobos. This was my first game and though I repeatedly stated my disinterest for running an evil campaign and that the intent from the start was always a heroic campaign, the players ignored it and did what they wanted. Rather than be a jerk and kill the game just because it didn't fit with my interpretation of the most fun, I decided to view it as a challenge on how to run an evil campaign and make it fun for everyone, including myself.
  8. GroggyGolem

    Embracing the dark side

    Those two statements seem mutually exclusive. Regardless, I agree with the first one I quoted. That's why I'm running an old republic game.
  9. GroggyGolem

    Embracing the dark side

    That kind of seems like a rigid pathway you want for your game. Personally if I were playing I'd want little to do with the stories in the movies because we already know the outcome of those. Now if it was a non-canon game where our help actually mattered and it's possible for the Empire to win, then it gives a reason to join the Rebellion.
  10. GroggyGolem

    Embracing the dark side

    Well yeah only time will tell. They just decided to learn the dark side and one player definitely pulled off an evil move by orchestrating the death of their jedi teacher just to see who was more powerful, a Sith or a Jedi. That is definitely evil. We'll see how far they will go come next weekend.
  11. GroggyGolem

    Embracing the dark side

    Interestingly enough they have not decided to stop their mission but one of the player characters did betray the group's NPC Jedi Knight leader in order to see if Sith or Jedi are stronger (arranged a 1v1 and basically ordered the Jedi's death). Beyond that, the two that stayed behind at the academy haven't done anything against the other player characters. It seems the driving force for the one is to obtain power and the other one just doesn't want to disobey his former master (who was always Dark Side but is now Sith). So far the characters are just gaining power. This could very easily be an Ezra sort of situation where they realize the error of seeking power sooner rather than later. Oddly enough, one of the player characters that resisted the temptation of the dark side feels so betrayed that the two stayed behind, he is considering an airstrike on the academy with the ship they used to get to Moraband. He knows there are children at the academy too, so that's an interesting situation. It's actually made him seek knowledge from a stolen holocron, so the betrayal was deep for the character, deep enough to betray his own training and upbringing. Outside of the game, the players that went dark basically said they want to pursue the dark side but they still want to work with the group, so it's not like they are going dark with the intent of being jerkwad murderhobos or outright attack the others. So I've been working on creating a common goal/enemy to unite them but the choice is ultimately theirs.
  12. GroggyGolem

    Talent skill checks

    Does this apply to things like the Unleash Force Power then as well? It specifies an average check but it is considered a ranged combat check, so I always went with the idea that it can be modified by everything that normally modifies combat checks.
  13. GroggyGolem

    Chirrut Imwe Rogue One

    True. They were both religious at one time.
  14. GroggyGolem

    Chirrut Imwe Rogue One

    Well Baze said that and he could see, so that's okay.
  15. GroggyGolem

    Brawl and Harm

    Strictly speaking from a rules perspective, brawl and harm difficulties are built differently. Brawl is a combat check and follows those rules, starting with a base difficulty of average. Harm is a force power check and does not list a difficulty in the power, which means it depends on your target. Minions and unimportant rivals, you would simply roll force dice. Important rivals, nemeses, other player characters, you are then making a discipline check opposed by the target's discipline it could be easier but more than likely is much more difficult to pull off than a brawl check. Which is understandable, considering you could deal massive damage that ignores soak, can't be parried or reflected and you can't use dodge sidestep or defensive stance against it because it's not a combat check.