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  1. I'll take your word on that FFGEvan, because I know typically questions about the future are difficult for FFG to see. Something about the future always being in motion. 😄 1. Will we see a Superhero themed sourcebook for the Genesys Role-Playing System? 2. What's your favorite Twilight Imperium 4E faction? 3. In the process of working with Lucasfilm, are there specific requirements for lore, tech, or characters that are requested or expected to be included?
  2. I meant the falling rules themselves don't factor in speed, the effects are determined by the distance that is traveled, so I was confused about that. I get what you mean now. Oh, most definitely. I still have players after nearly 2 years asking what difficulty dice they add to initiative checks and getting confused about whether they are looking at successes or advantages. It's a bit draining having to watch over all their rolls to make sure they read it right and repeat stuff like how initiative checks work, among everything else a GM has to do...
  3. I haven't used tractor beams in years in my games but I just did on Sunday. Here's how it went: Flipped a Destiny Point, said the group was caught in a tractor beam. Gave them a Formidable check to escape and they failed. Ship was pulled in. Now the group has to find their way into this base and disable the tractor beam before they can leave. Personally don't like that a tractor beam has 2 chances to fail, one from the initial attack and one from the pilot getting a chance to escape, so it's just a destiny point and a piloting check at my table.
  4. What does speed slot mean? Piloting check (what is the difficulty?) How does a PC secure themselves? If a failure on the non-secured character check equals a crit, what does a Despair do? The requirement of 2 Triumphs to avoid a secured character check is a very slim possibility, it will not come up much in play. Still the same question about failure = crit. What about a Despair? Speed doesn't factor into the falling rules at all, so how does this apply to characters?
  5. Somewhere around 700-900xp. We've been playing since January 2018. Players got varying amounts depending on their participation and if they worked towards resolving obligations.
  6. It's a good thought! Next time I GM it will be with the Sentinel Comics RPG for a superheroes game. Instead of a serial campaign that only ends when we're all done with it, my plan is to do 3-4 session story arcs, much like a limited comics run. This gives the group a chance to alter their characters as they see fit or start with new characters entirely, retire and bring back characters over time. I'm also planning to swap out players between arcs, both to cut the player count down in any one session and to allow a variety of people to play. Story arcs would hopefully be played through in the span of a couple months, so every couple of months it can be fresh and exciting with a new plot and a new mix of players/characters.
  7. If you want that then use the No Mere Mortal rules in Genesys Core and treat it as if the PC's are affected in reverse (so an NPC Nemesis would only take at most, 1 wound or 1 strain from a PC's attack but would deal their usual damage to the PC's). Then just bring in your concept of weaknesses and let those weaknesses bypass the No Mere Mortal rules so that the NPC is as vulnerable to a PC's attack as a PC would be to theirs. Basically, make the NPC's Superman (from the animated series). He could get hit, knocked out and occasionally injured, but it was like chipping away at him slowly. However, you bring out some kryptonite and the dude can get his butt handed to him.
  8. There's a few ways I can see to handle this. 1. Have the NPC's roll an Opposed check. It's the most boring option for the player but doesn't require anything beyond what the rules say. 2. Have the PC roll an Opposed check. All you have to do beyond the normal skill/proficiency to difficulty/challenge dice conversion is to turn those negatives the camo suit gives into positives for the player. 3. Have the PC and the NPC's roll a Competitive check against the same difficulty (PC rolls Stealth skill, NPC's roll Perception), giving the negatives to the NPC's as per the camo suit's rules. Whichever rolls higher would be the successful party. As GM, handle it how you like. My preference for my table would be option 2.
  9. As the title says, I'm wrapping up my last campaign in FFG Star Wars as a GM. It's been fun, these four years. Now, I feel the desire to run other systems and settings once I've had a bit of a break. I'm sort of burned out on running Star Wars as far as the setting goes. My last game should be Sunday and then from there one of my players decided they are going to take a try at GMing but just for our family, pretty excited about that. I'm looking to play a character that no one has ever done in any of my campaigns: A Colonist/Entrepreneur. I'm curious to those of you who haven't had much chance to play but have had the option at some point, what species/career/spec did you choose for your characters?
  10. I mean, so kill them? What are you really trying to ask the forums if every question is met with a response of "no I'm not doing that"? What are you looking for from the responses here?
  11. I mean, just do that then. Major collision for the ship and a Crit for the occupants. easy peasy.
  12. Hello, Groggy here. I've run FFG Star Wars since 2015 in about 9 different groups over the years. I contribute to the GM Resources section of EotE when I can all under one dropbox link. As for Genesys, I've run a steampunk/fantasy setting of my own creation and worked with a group of friends/players to create a Dragonball Z setting that's been posted here to the "Your Settings" section. Currently I have no intent to submit anything to the Foundry. Right now I'm running Shadow of the Beanstalk (4 sessions in) and wrapping up my last Star Wars campaign (just ran the penultimate session), but more recently have gotten the chance to be a player in Star Wars.
  13. *Chewy furiously shaking his head after the trash compactor*
  14. I really don't use much random generation, just make stuff when I feel like it would be beneficial. Thanks for the link!
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