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  1. Dragonball/DBZ setting

    Depends on what skill you pick up. Could be cunning, intellect or willpower, just like the primal, arcana & divine are. It's basically just a retheme of the exsiting magic system. As far as what Goku would use, I would consider him a willpower-based ki user. Also guns and energy weapons are a thing in the series. Saiyans have on more than one occasion stopped bullets with their hands but can slip up or let their guard down and get somewhat damaged by them.
  2. Genesys Master Resources List

    i'd personally be super appreciative if there was a version of the form fillable character sheet that had like another 2 pages of the talent pyramid boxes.
  3. Dragonball/DBZ setting

    A lot has been adjusted and I'm continuing to add more stuff to the rules for this. Player group has jumped up to 4 so that's exciting!
  4. Setting with combined genres?

    I'm mixing space opera (fantastical tech that breaks realism) with modern day (earth) and fantasy (magic reskinned as ki) plus the superhero tone for my dragonball setting.
  5. magic and increasing difficulties

    so say i shoot a dude an NPC with a pistol in short range, that's 1 difficulty in normal conditions. If I shoot the same NPC in short range with a magic attack, is that 2 difficulty because of the rule of increasing difficulty with magic or does it not affect combat checks?
  6. Dragonball/DBZ setting

    Indeed, I have been considering it. Brawn has a big impact on the game with it affecting starting wounds, soak, your dice and damage in brawl checks. The saiyan players basically have to be reckless if they are to acquire their xp boost regularly. As in don't buy toughness, don't buy durable because both lower your chance of gaining xp faster. The higher your brawn, the more damage you soak, the less likely you will fall in combat. The point of the ability is to encourage that saiyan knack for being overconfident, arrogant, reckless, etc... That said, you have to watch out that you don't end up killing your character off by playing like that. If worst comes to worst, you have allies and a Story Point, you can probably be saved. If not, guess it's time to go on a quest for the Dragon Balls. As of right now, every characteristic but Presence is super useful and I think Presence can be useful if social encounters are also part of the game. I considered mixing rounds of combat with rounds of social combat with how they smack-talk through all their fights in the anime. Saiyans are generally stand-out in the series but I tried to give the other species archetypes abilities and stats that are worth considering. I have a player that looked through them and already said they want to play a member of Frieza's race, so now I'm working on how to put that setup together.
  7. Dragonball/DBZ setting

    Well, when I run Star Wars I use a houserule I made where players can reduce the cost of talents, force powers or skill ranks if they learn them from an NPC or even a PC who can teach them said things. It's based on a skill check and if they roll particularly well (triumph) then they reduce the cost of the talent/power/skill to 0. Only my Force Sensitive players engage that houserule and my non-Force Sensitives seems to have no issue with the xp difference. I have made it clear the option is available to all players and encouraged use of it. So if my players already don't care as much about xp differences, then I'm not concerned with doing a similar thing but with only a single archetype. I have further adjusted the ability as of now, though. It works now in a way that only in the more rare circumstance of suffering a 100+ crit would you gain 5xp. Otherwise, if you are incapacitated in a session, you only gain 1xp. If both happens in the same session, you take the higher benefit. You are basically rewarded with strength for risking your character's life in a reckless manner, which to me captures the essence of a Saiyan warrior.
  8. Dragonball/DBZ setting

    What's the point of spending a story point to upgrade your attack rolls if you've exceeded your threshold and you're knocked out? The reason I went for an increasing battle power ability is because saiyans do advance at a faster rate than humans and most other species. You don't see Krillin going super-human and all that and it takes him longer to advance in fighting ability. What if I limited it to an extra 1xp every time it happened? it's negligable until every 5th session, provided you are nearly dying every session, but still you are advancing at a faster rate. *EDIT* I think I see what you meant. You're concerned about a player abusing the mechanic to gain the xp by just half-killing themselves. Well, I think I have a fix to that. "Saiyan Blood: Each time a Saiyan survives a near-death experience, after they have healed, they grow much stronger. Their body adapts to compensate for the apparent weakness. This allows Saiyans to increase their power the more they fight. When a Saiyan would exceed their wound threshold or suffers a crit of 100+ from an opponent’s attack, they immediately gain 5xp. This effect can only happen once per game session."
  9. Dragonball/DBZ setting

    The magic system pretty well has that built-in, since the effects are only ever going to be a certain level of deadly. Super Characteristics can make stuff over-the-top for sure, which is mostly just used for flavor (making craters with your ki) or for raising the stakes of a battle (making your ki-attack super-sized to suggest it is of the planet-destroying strength).
  10. Dragonball/DBZ setting

    Thanks! I wanted to represent their constantly rising battle power in a way that wouldn't break the game so I figured a limit of once a session and only when they get beaten down pretty bad would work. I already have a couple players interested in it, so I might start up a game soon!
  11. Dragonball/DBZ setting

    I can see that with most of the settings but I think that's where the super chsracteristic rule comes into play. Roll 3 triumphs? You punched your opponent through a mountain or your ki attack launched them into space.
  12. Dragonball/DBZ setting

    So I decided on a whim to put together a Dragonball/DBZ setting and some setting-specific rules. What follows is over-the-top ridiculousness on purpose, for fun, because that's what Dragonball is all about. Setting worksheet: Setting.pdf?dl=0 Setting-specific rules: Special Rules.docx?dl=0 Archetypes: Archetypes.docx?dl=0 Form-Fillable character sheet with setting choices already made: Fillable Character Sheet.pdf?dl=0 Sample starting Saiyan character: - sample saiyan starting character.pdf?dl=0 Sample starting Namekian character: - sample namekian starting character.pdf?dl=0 Sample starting Human character: - sample human starting character.pdf?dl=0 Let me know what you think!
  13. Another take on the Shapeshift Spell

    Do you intend to have a "decrease silhouette" additional effect that increases defense and boosts stealth but makes you physically weaker?
  14. Another take on the Shapeshift Spell

    Regarding this additional effect, if you transform to a larger silhouette, would that destroy your armor?
  15. Looking for a Teacher

    I think everyone would start by saying "read the books". At least one of them needs to be read really. The core rules doesn't change between them but there are some differences in items, talents, etc because of the themes of the core books. They are all 3 compatible with one another and the books mention how to work multiple types of the special character mechanics into a mixed party (the special character mechanics being Obligation, Duty, Morality). Also, if you're into podcasts (if you're not, I'd start learning how to be like I did), start listening to the Order 66 Podcast. Questions are always welcome on the forums here and while it's possible someone might be up for teaching you the entire book, I think that would be pretty rare as most of us here are GMs that spend our free time working on our own games.