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  1. Pressing Needs reads Doomed 2. When Revealed: Either search the encounter deck and discard pile for an encounter side quest and reveal it, or choose a different quest card in play to be the current quest until the end of the phase. Shuffle the encounter deck. If there are 2 quests in play and this is revealed outside the quest phase can you pick a different quest to be the current quest until the end of the phase even though technically there is no current quest? Or would you be forced into the search option because if an "either or" effect happens you still must pick one that is possible to do. In other words is the main quest considered the current quest in all phases of the game? If it is then you would be able to pick another quest if say this popped in the combat phase. This is important as one might want to let this card wiff if able and take the doomed 2 and save that precious cancel for a worse treachery.
  2. If the base is full but I get an enemy in the base what happens?
  3. If player one area effects (1) every opposing unit and a unit dies then player 2 interrrupts and puts down one or more Elysian Assault Teams, would they also die?
  4. Edited this, wrong forum, meant to be conquest, please delete.
  5. Still waiting for SpearAgorn. How can you have 4 Aragorns and not spirit after a Dunadain cycle? I think we'll get Leadership Denethor with some sort of amazing ability or stats but also a negative ability and Imrahil will be an Ally or a Tactics Hero
  6. Does anyone know how often a pack is going to be released? It seems they are doing 6 packs and 2 big boxes in a 3-1 ratio with a release monthly. LotR was similar but they keep it to about one cycle a year. I heard 2nd cycle for AGoT is Q2 2016. So is this game getting no breaks between cycles and constant monthly releases?
  7. They will attack because you havent reached the "enimies engaged with players resolve attack step" yet. They will NOT under normal circumstances however receive a shadow card (unless it's Carn Dum or some special circumstance). Shadow cards are delt to all engaged enemies at thw beginning of the combat phase. He was not engaged at the beginning of the combat phase. Understand that enemies do get shadow cards if they make additional or immediate attacks in or outside the combat phase but this is not an additional or immediate attack. This would be considered its first normal attack during the framework of the game and it simply missed its opportunity to get a shadow card by not being engaged at the beginning of the combat phase. This is similar to how the Balrog in Shadow and Flame might attack a player if that player raised its threat above 0 in the combat action window after shadow cards were dealt. It's considered the first normal attack in the game framework and will not get a shadow card and is one of the few times an enemy won't get a shadow card.
  8. The problem with this is it creates a paradox where you have Heavy Curse in play, Gloin with no resources and a Tactics resource icon and a copy of Book of Eldacar attached and a copy of Gondorian Discipline in your discard pile. Gloin takes 1 damage, gains 1 resource due to his effect, you use this resource to play Gondorian Discipline for one resource (the one you just gained) to cancel the damage. So now you go back, and remove the 1 damage Gloin suffered and you also roll back the resource that he gained meaning you could never have afforded playing Gondorian Discipline in the first place...so you couldn't have played Gondorian Discipline, so Gloin takes 1 damage, and gains a resource, and .... so on and so forth. And this is exactly what Seastan's crusade (okay maybe crusade is too harsh, but I'm quite enjoying watching it ) is all about. You can't use the books to play response events from discard pile because the books say "action:" actions can't trigger only responses can so if a test of will or gondorian discipline is in your discard pile you can't use the respective spheres books to play them as there is no action window when you play those cards responses
  9. Get the highest cost units like northern trackers or shipwrights in the discard pile via Stargazers-Miners, Emery, and Eowyn etc. Use Frodo or Merry as third hero. Use Caldara's ability then 'good meal - fortune of fate' her back in. 2 Trackers (3 with sword thain) for 3 cost is crazy good
  10. I suppose that's what I'm arguing is just because something is official doesn't make it correct. They have went back on changes before upon further review. This game has always been about the function of a card in a game mechanic sense. So just because something is literally an encounter card with an encounter card back doesn't mean that during gameplay it always functions as such. It has been understood that shadow cards are not encounter cards, they are shadow cards. The second that card from the encounter deck is placed on an enemy during combat it ceases to be anything but a shadow card. It is not an encounter card. That was always the understanding. Similarly the use of the word reveal in a functional sense commonly confuses new players. If an enounter card is added or looked at it is technically revealed in the sense of the literal meaning of the word reveal, it was hidden then you see it, but in a game functionallity sense it was not "revealed". Game functionality has always taken precidence over literal meaning of words to avoid confusion in a complex game. When an enemy or treachery becomes attached it functions as an attachment and then during gameplay is an attachment as long as it's in play even though it is literally a treachery or enemy card. So when cards with encounter deck backs are placed on enimies during combat they should be considered shadow cards not encounter cards because of a long understood sense of card functionality.
  11. I was thinking of that yesterday while noticing the fluidity of the new AGoT. Assuming at the end of cycle 6 they'll have both rotk boxes out. I bet they go there next
  12. Lol wow. You didn't just agree with me you REALLY agree with me. All things considered I actually think Caleb and Matt do a fantastic job. I simply disagree with the ruling but I was just being an over the top d-bagish troll because I felt like poking a bit of fun in my frustration. Shadow cards to my understanding have always been treated as a sort of bonus ability enemies get on attack. Other than that they cease to be encounter cards, basically everything else is blank. Things in this game have a very specific classification system for a reason. Things that come off the top of the encounter deck into play are "encounter cards". Hence why Thalin doesn't damage things coming off the orc deck or stewards fear conspiracy deck for instance. Cards that are placed on top of enemies are shadow cards with a possible bonus ability, not encounter cards, everything else is blank. "When revealed" is different than "discarded" or "added". Terminology matters. Yes you are technically "revealing" it in the English sense of the word "reveal" as you get to see it with your eyes but these terms always have been used in a game function sense not a literal sense. Therefore just because it has an encounter card back and is functionally an encounter card while part of the encounter deck or non-functionally an encounter card when you are storing it separately organized from player cards in your closet for example, in a game function sense it ceases to be an encounter card when it becomes a shadow card. Finally, consider 'sacked' from Carrock. When revealed as a treachery it cannot be cancelled but when its shadow effect tells you to resolve the when revealed effect, that shadow effect can be cancelled. It makes perfect sense. The hasty stroke would cancel the shadow effect before you even read the when revealed text as the card is functionally different until the effects are resolved. I swear if they change this I will go medievil on them. Mediearth rather
  13. This is inaccurate according to the FAQ. You cannot cancel shadow cards during night while playing Wastes of Eriador which is one of the reasons it is difficult, in my opinion. Where are you reading that shadow cards are no longer considered to be encounter cards? 'Sigh' That is complete bull.
  14. Yes because encounter card effects cannot be cancelled but shadow cards are not encounter cards. They are shadow cards. If the objective said "card effects cannot be cancelled" or more correctly "non-player card effects cannot be cancelled" it would mean all effects
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