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    MarkAnthonyHorne got a reaction from earlyfang in YT-1300 scum an villainy ?   
    In a casual game there is no reason why you could not use a YT-1300 or YT-2400 as a scum and villainy ship as they would be used by criminal organisations such as Black Sun or the Hutt Cartels to transport their ill gotten gains. Any ship produced by a corporation and not by the Rebel Alliance or the Empire would be available to them. 
    In a competitive game such as a tournament you would need to stick to the proper forces, but in a casual game as long as your opponent agrees anything could be used. 
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    MarkAnthonyHorne got a reaction from thereisnotry in Gammorian Guard, Rancor, Boba Fett and other speculations   
    More storm troopers in different poses would be good.   Likewise for the rebel troopers.  Assorted bounty hunters and scum and villainy henchmen.  Some droids maybe ?  But definitely NO EWOKS !!!
    All Ewoks must die !  Too cute and annoying.
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