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  1. More storm troopers in different poses would be good. Likewise for the rebel troopers. Assorted bounty hunters and scum and villainy henchmen. Some droids maybe ? But definitely NO EWOKS !!! All Ewoks must die ! Too cute and annoying.
  2. I managed to find some of the map pack expansions for the Star Wars Miniatures game. The maps are quite good and are large (24" x 36"). The figures however are not very good at all.
  3. In a casual game there is no reason why you could not use a YT-1300 or YT-2400 as a scum and villainy ship as they would be used by criminal organisations such as Black Sun or the Hutt Cartels to transport their ill gotten gains. Any ship produced by a corporation and not by the Rebel Alliance or the Empire would be available to them. In a competitive game such as a tournament you would need to stick to the proper forces, but in a casual game as long as your opponent agrees anything could be used.
  4. I am going to assume that the dials are the same as the rebel ones, i.e. a scum Y-wing has the same moves as a rebel Y-Wing, and so for casual, non-tournament play I see no problem in using scum dials and ships as rebel and visa versa. In tournaments players should stick to using only scum ships and dials if they want to play a scum faction, as a tournament is a more formal way of playing. As the Scum & Villainy faction is meant to be smugglers and pirates etc. I like the idea of flying a Black Sun YT-1300, (I'll use the Outer Rim Smuggler card), maybe I'll buy another YT-1300 and paint it in Black Sun colours. As far as I understand the B Wing, X Wing & Y Wing were designed and built by corporations in the star wars universe, with the A wing designed by the Rebel Alliance. So there is no reason why a Scum & Villainy faction could not use just about any of the Rebel ships. No Empire ships though, they would probably be too hard for Black Sun to get hold of. Remember, this is a game, fly what you want to. Just stick to the proper factions for tournaments.
  5. Does anyone know if suitable scale models of pod racers are available. I would like to try to adapt the x-wing movement system to a pod racing game.
  6. On mine I found that although the curved peg on the model was a tight fit it was not actually glued in. With a pair of pliers and by going slowly and carefully I found that I could turn it. Still need to cut and reposition the cockpit though. In my case the unglued peg may have been a one off, I am making no claims that my method would work for everybody.
  7. Does anyone know what canon upgrade cards come with the B-Wing? One looks like the Ion Cannon that came with Slave-1, the other is too blurred to read when you zoom in on the picture, but it looks like 'Autoblaster' ??? I was hoping for the heavy laser canon.
  8. The KR system is quite good. You can get a set of a tray that holds ten fighters on their bases and two more trays for dials, cards, templates etc. Could have done with more spaces for movement dials though. They also do a falcon/slave 1 tray though I havn't got that yet. Of the various systems I've seen KR seems the cheapest.
  9. Are wave 1 & 2 ships still available for retailers to order? If not when will they be re-released?
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