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  1. You know that's legal there, eh? 😁
  2. This has as much to do with damaging the brand as anything else going on. I don't think I need to remind anyone the damage a small but vocal minority can cause. I definitely agree something is up over at FFG/Asmodee, but I'm not ready to issue grim portents. There's still blood in this stone.
  3. themensch

    Hard Sell

    License holders, site owners with links to pirated copies, ISPs, gubmints.... yeah. Also, trash belongs in a trash can, I can't stress that enough.
  4. But that means something, doesn't it?
  5. themensch

    Longest reprint wait ever...

    Hm, I think my FLGS has a first-run copy if you're pining for this release.
  6. Dang, that was quick. But it's always quick, isn't it?
  7. themensch

    Gm rolling dice

    You, me, and pretty much the sum of human experience. That's why we tell stories.
  8. themensch

    Gm rolling dice

    Get some help, friend. You don't have to live like that.
  9. themensch

    Air in Space?

    I remember a time when people could discuss flights of fancy without having everyone chime in about how dumb it was.
  10. It's likely worth reiterating just how small a part of their portfolio the RPG lines seem to be - I'm happy they're at least finishing the line here.
  11. themensch

    Air in Space?

    I guess, if jumping out of your seat to say, "that's preposterous" is the 'exciting audience experience' one is going for.
  12. Amazon is probably affected by the same delay that has spurred the other complaint threads. Short answer: we don't know. Long answer: only FFG support knows and they're not telling.
  13. themensch

    Air in Space?

    Well, not only do some folks exit a perfectly good starship inside an exogorth in an asteroid field with little more protective equipment than what I use when I spray paint, another set of folks ride on top of space creatures in the arguable vacuum of space with similar feeble protection. I too thought, "maybe there' just atmosphere out there, somehow. How would that play out?" Could the pressures and temperatures be such that only breathable air is required? The Force works in mysterious ways!
  14. themensch

    Ideas for Unique Slicing Gear

    I agree regarding the cartoons - and the books & comics throw some interesting tidbits in there too. I'll admit I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it, but feasibly, there's nothing in the cyberpunk genre that wouldn't be right at home in Star Wars. The setting has evolved into an asimovian "technology is magic" trope in my mind, for better or worse.
  15. themensch

    Comedy has Consequences (Spoilers TLJ)

    You're probably right, I listened to them some time ago as well so my memory is fuzzy on the details. I doubt the New Republic could hug the crime out of the galaxy where the Empire couldn't exterminate it with force. Mon Mothma's peacenik ways paved the road for the First Order's easy rise - I can't imagine cartels, unions, corporations wouldn't also take advantage of that situation. Yet, given how little we know on the subject, it's all just conjecture.