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  1. themensch

    Pod racing rules

    I'm actually designing a course (my PCs are a podracing team) but I want it to be a little better than what I presently have. I'm ripping directly from Jewel of Yavin but there's so much more I feel like I need to add to make this interesting and not end too early or drag on. This is supposed to be the prime action for them.
  2. themensch

    How long is long enough

    1. That depends on the story we're trying to tell - one shot, 3-round burst, or full clip? I've done all three. 2. Running and playing are different for me - usually 1 is too little, 3 is just enough to get into a character well, but by 10 can be too long. This really depends on the group/story/gm but it's been my experience with one group that after about 5-6 sessions we peter out and start trying to find the best porridge on Nal hutta or whatever. When I run I throw a lot into building the world and it's exhausting. I don't build a railroad, though. Usually no end is planned. My longest running game in this system lasted something like 2 years with sorta-2-times-monthly sessions at 4 hours a pop. 3. Usually we peter out 2-3 sessions after the porridge hunt. Note, no end was planned. I've taken to trying to plan for an exit now, as it frees me from that feeling like I have to consider everything and plan for everything. If I can limit the scope, I presume I can head off burn-out at the pass. I'll let you know how that works out, presently not so well 🤯
  3. themensch

    Are "zip ties" in the game somewhere?

    100 for $4, or twice that for "heavy duty." The ones the pirate suggests I've never seen in stores but I see them online for 100 for $12. In game terms, a pittance, and a Rarity of like 1 or 2.
  4. themensch

    Are "zip ties" in the game somewhere?

    Hm, I must be magical then, I seem to be able to break even the heavy-duty ones with a stick and a twist, and with something sharp they come off pretty easily. Multiple sets, though, resist shearing pretty well as you say.
  5. themensch

    Are "zip ties" in the game somewhere?

    Sounds like you solved this! I googled the tensile strength of zipties and of course they come in different strengths, and it doesn't really account for shearing force - e.g. a cunning person could twist them to snap them without having to use brute strength to overcome them. You don't even need anything sharp, just something solid. Heck, a strong stick will do. I agree, it should be a Simple task with something sharp, maybe Easy with the assist of a strong tool, and probably Average to Hard if they're just trying to twist them off without the aid of a tool. It's probably worth noting that one doesn't need to snap them to be able to get free, they could probably stretch them enough to wiggle free if they were Cunning enough. Source: I use the heck out of these on my farm.
  6. themensch

    Are "zip ties" in the game somewhere?

    I don't recall seeing any, but I'm hardly a definitive resource. My mind boggles at what stats you might need for these - something like what brawn rating it would take to snap them?
  7. themensch

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    It's one of those books on GMing style: http://johnwickpresents.com/product/play-dirty/ I've not seen the 15th anniversary edition though, I only read the original. Originally I took away from it mostly "build the stories and challenges from PC backgrounds instead of ramming your story down their throats" but I feel like it's time for a re-read to pick up on some of the more subtle bits in the art of GMing. edit: I had no idea how maligned this book has been. Of course every GM does it a little differently, and I'm always interested in adding things to my tool chest, even if they only get used once in a blue moon.
  8. I presume you've picked up Special Modifications? It has tips for running slicing encounters, which won't give you directly what you've asked for but might spark your creative flow to be able to put some things together. I would also advise giving your Nemesis a couple bodyguards with a couple ranks of the Bodyguard talent, just in case the PCs do somehow get close to him.
  9. themensch

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    Is that from Play Dirty? I need to reread that, and this serves as a good reminder.
  10. themensch

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    I can see that point of view, mechanically - but in my mind, that is plot sauce, extra spicy. Unless the PCs are actually dead, then they are not dead, but I presume this semantic varies from player to player, table to table.
  11. themensch

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    I was about to call out that Star Wars doesn't do the TPK but then Rogue One....
  12. themensch

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    Fair point! Games like Mothership also excel at this - and more power to groups that set that precedent and play to it.
  13. themensch

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    This has always worked the best for me. Trying to teach players a lesson through abusing their characters is rarely fun for anyone, and you're right, the reason everyone sits down to play is to have fun.
  14. themensch

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    I dunno, TPK isn't always fun for everyone, or maybe anyone to be honest.
  15. themensch

    Narrative Money

    I think that it could probably be accomplished with some rough guidelines. I think you're on to something there modeling it after Silhouette, maybe it would be easy enough to just assign credit sums there. But the point, in my mind, is to completely remove the need to do that sort of accounting and I'm not sure it still wouldn't be a lot of work to put a framework around it.