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  1. Conflict? How about Initiative!
  2. Not yet I'm not. But now it's worth looking for.
  3. How is the droid maintaining itself alone on an uninhabited planet? How about power? Surely the planet isn't as uninhabited as the droid proclaims and is hiding ... "something." "Something" could be something fun like the wreckage of his ship, with the final mission being to arm the self destruct sequence to destroy the MacGuffin contained within. Or maybe the long years without maintenance and regular recharges has left the droid a little crazy, ala Mr. Bones. Maybe that final mission is to "get even" with a paranoid delusion.
  4. Dealing with Kleptomania

    A man of discretion. I like that.
  5. Dealing with Kleptomania

    I see. I guess when dooknobs haven't been invented in your galaxy, you can't beat someone with a sack of them.
  6. Now we see why patience is a virtue
  7. Let's make "spells"

    In all my RPG travels over the past many ... ahem.. time units, Mage the Ascension was my favorite magic system and upon reflection and with a little research, it looks to be actually easy to bolt that magic system and paradigm onto Genesys. I'm not at all trying to replicate the setting, just the very basic mechanics so I can apply them elsewhere - lots of elsewhere.
  8. PDFs?

    sI noted that too, and I ran them through a free pdf-diff (difference finder) that said they were identical. A smaller file loads and turns pages much more quickly on a lesser tablet, so I appreciate that change.
  9. Dealing with Kleptomania

    I look forward to the explanation of why every 4th locker in a stormtrooper barracks is boobytrapped against theft.
  10. Maybe it's already here and you just don't know!
  11. At the risk of presenting Edge of the Spreadsheet, I don't see why cost tables from GURPS or any other supplement couldn't be refactored and put to use. The trick is to keep the characters and thus the players hungry, so big scores should be few and far between, and wouldn't you know it, they never can quite get ahead....
  12. It really feels a little light on the promotions side of Genesys, which is telling because it seems to have great sales. This makes me think it's a labor of love for a small RPG team. I wish proper blog postings were also a labor of love.
  13. Dealing with Kleptomania

    I like to mix Encumbrance and time. Searching and stowing everything takes time. Lots of time. Even a highly-experienced party is likely to falter with back-to-back strain-draining shootouts. However, this problem doesn't seem like it's an in-game problem and it's hard to solve meta-problems in the game. Could you pull the player aside, privately, and just level with them? Rest assured, this is not an uncommon problem and friendly conversations can usually convey that it's spoiling the moment, the momentum, and The Good Time™.
  14. That's been my experience too, but if only a few questions trickle in, no wonder they don't bother explaining.
  15. I'd suggest listening to some live-plays, there's a lot of way to spice up space combat but relying on the rules will leave it pretty bland - like everything else in this system, it benefits from narrative embellishment. It was helpful for me to hear how others were doing it.