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  1. Well, this paints an interesting picture: Board game company Asmodee explores sale: sources
  2. themensch

    Wealth Rules

    I dig it! I've seen similar mechanics in other games and often wondered how it would work. I'm interested to hear the results from playtests. Giving your players a ಠ_ಠ might help, but at the end of the day, if they've invested XP in Wealth instead of Talents and Skills, why not cater to it? To me this doesn't represent a hard figure, but more a character's ability to access wealth. I agree there should be some guidelines but if a player builds their character to exploit this, then it's not preposterous to assume that's the kind of game they want to play. If THAT is a problem, no amount of rules will fix what a quick OOC table chat can.
  3. themensch

    New GM, looking for must have things

    This is an often-overlooked consequence and deserves to be called out on its own.
  4. themensch

    New GM, looking for must have things

    Even better, one can prepare to wrap tangents into the story. If the story is 100% pre-built, most tables are going to have a bad time with that. A Wise gm might only build one or two steps ahead of the players and keep everything else loose so that not only can the GM accomplish the story they want to tell, the players have full agency to pursue the best fried rice on Nar Shadda if they choose to spend their game time doing so. This is, to me, the key to the concept of narrative storytelling for this system, but it works pretty well for most games I run.
  5. themensch

    Player communicating with each in game

    One more vote for "the party understands each other unless previously agreed they did not." While it makes for some interesting roleplaying on a rare occasion, it's more often an annoyance for the party to not be able to communicate.
  6. themensch

    Word Template or style guide for Setting documents

    It's fun to segregate the data payload from the presentation layer. It affords me the opportunity to present the data however I like. But differen' strokes and whatnot.
  7. themensch

    Latest Darth Vader comic.

    It was the opposite for me - "Hey, I can finally keep up with what is canon!" Since this is my game prep, it's time well-spent!
  8. themensch

    Latest Darth Vader comic.

    Thanks buddy! I too use comixology and I spent a good 30 minutes yesterday searching for everything I missed. I didn't see this one, but armed with the cover, I cannot fail. edit: wow, there's a whole Vader series I missed. Dang. Wish comixology would make it easier to see that.
  9. themensch

    Character sheet

    Nice design, I dig how you denote skill ranks there.
  10. themensch

    Why a new RPG system?

    That's where I'm sitting. Sure I had plenty of good times, but thinking back how the many stories would have played out with this dice mechanic really does set the mind aflutter. I find myself unsuccessfully trying to bolt the concept onto other systems, and thankfully we now have this toolkit to just drop in whatever setting we like. It's not complete by any stretch of the imagination, but it has all the essential tools I need to finish the work on my own, like a well-appointed toolbox.
  11. themensch

    Latest Darth Vader comic.

    I have everything 2015 and on, and I didn't find a new issue that came out yesterday, so clearly I am not in the know here. Why, I just discovered the Thrawn comic!
  12. themensch

    Latest Darth Vader comic.

    Thank you for making me aware of a new Darth Vader comic! Here I thought I was all caught up!
  13. themensch

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    This, this, a thousand times this
  14. Did you contact customer service to mention your dissatisfaction? I know you probably won't get satisfaction, but if they start hearing from people that preorders will be canceled, all of a sudden there's a dollar figure attached and that gets attention. I know traditionally they've been tight-lipped but there's always room for a procedure change to appease your customers.