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  1. It's best completed by imagination and a little work, two things that are often lacking in the more vocal detractors of any game. So I guess, lacking those two elements, it is an incomplete game, much like a car without a driver won't win any races.
  2. I think this is an astute observation - we often talk about railroading, but I think the term is often confused. Just because a GM has a story in mind and wants to keep it on track doesn't mean the GM is railroading - that only comes into play when the player agency is removed in my mind. Ultimately it comes back to Rule Zero but there are definitely instances where a GM leading the group is not only fine, it's actually welcome.
  3. Good point, I've spent $30 on a single bottle of beer before. No, why do you say that? Of course I don't have a problem.
  4. No sweat! I just wanted to report the issue. Everyone was new once!
  5. I want to work where all these people work.
  6. You'll never know if you need it until you need it and don't have it. I tell ya, having it on my GM Laptop and being able to pass books around to players is going to be a huge boon. Now all I need is some friends.
  7. Whatever issue I had seems to have resolved itself. I deleted and re-added the feed and now I see both episodes. At least the internet is working as it should for a little while longer.
  8. I guess FFG is going to have a very merry holiday on my dime then, since I bought 2 books, 2 sets of dice, and the PDF to boot. Maybe I'll get to ride in their personal private jets one day.
  9. Hm, I'm using another podcast app and I directly input the link to the rss feed, still no joy. I guess I can go about doing it the way our caveman ancestors did and directly download the podcast.
  10. I agree, but I am fortunate.
  11. Is it just me or is the feed not offering up Episode 1? Not the live-play, I can see that one. I've deleted and re-added the feed and I'm still not seeing it.
  12. Hey me too! That was pretty quick, I haven't even finished reading the hardcover. And now begins the whinging and whining about the price....
  13. I was once of that mind, but technology let me down and now I do both.
  14. I have always found the Star Wars Essential Atlas to be invaluable. But for one moment we should think about scope - for every one planet that's colonized, there are likely a billion planets that could support life and nobody knows about them. And 10 billion that are close to that. And another 100 billion that are just balls of rock or ice. It's a monumental task to try to keep track of all of them that are known, much less the massive numbers left uncharted.
  15. I would be interested to know the scope of your research on the subject. In my observations, it's not been geographically-centered, but rather a natural progression in GMing style for many folks all across the globe. That said, the vast majority of my exposure to European RPG culture, and really anything other than American RPG culture, has been online so my scope is limited thus.