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  1. Ooof, I'm getting a 404 on ones that I'm spot-checking too.
  2. Nice idea with Bulletjournal. I do a poor job of this, mostly because it's cumbersome to take these notes while I run a game, and when it's over I'm spent and I don't feel like sitting down to document things. Usually, I'll take a bulleted list in Scrivener, which I've repurposed as my GM Holocron. For me as well it is not a failing of the tool but a failing for me. I've tried Evernote for this as well as a handful of other things, but nothing ever really sticks. I know Campaign Logger is a much-appreciated tool in the space but I kinda like to have all my tidbits in one place in my GM Holocron. That custom journal is nice!
  3. Additionally, some open issues were addressed at the same time. Thanks @drainsmith!
  4. Why, there's a book about that: How To Write Adventure Modules That Don't Suck However, many people have said there isn't a "right" way, you really have to find what works for you and your players. If it's not fun for you to prep, then it's not right. So grab the reigns of the things that excite you and it will come through in your adventures. I guess this is sorta meta advice but it applies regardless of how you approach it.
  5. themensch

    RPG Sessions App

    You might try the discord for a more expedient - I'm not seeing any reports of an outage but granted I didn't search terribly hard. https://discord.gg/drXA7B
  6. I didn't know they even published a font, I'll go check!
  7. I haven't seen one but that would be a great setting!
  8. I hear you, and yeah I don't have that issue either. The tone of the forum thread and your discussion centering around this perceived penalty is where I'm interested in figuring out how not getting XP is a punishment. But I guess this is the participation trophy zeitgeist and I won't continue to beat the dead horse. You're right, we're all here to have fun and if equity in absence contributes to that, it costs absolutely nothing to do it that way. And for what it's worth, I 100% agree with your team's point that if someone is just showing up for the XP and neglecting other aspects of their life, that's not the way I want my games to be either.
  9. Sorry, this must be a local colloquialism. It means to not really solve the problem, but to move it to another place in hopes that it goes away. If this system didn't provide a means for a farm boy, a princess, a jedi knight, and a smuggler with his centuries-old warrior pal to all play in the same story, I'd definitely place more concern on character advancement. But if XP is the only means of character advancement and growth, then I feel like something is missing. It's my hope that characters would work towards their motivations and to overcome their flaws rather than accumulate points and consider this the outcome of progression rather than its effect.
  10. I get that, Hooly, and I agree. I just think if the intention is to prevent hurt feelings, offering up a free use of a talent is little different from XP. to be honest this has never once come up in the many decades I've been playing, so I am always interested to see not only how this is handled by others, but also by how it came to be in the first place. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  11. Hey Hooly, can you explain to me how granting people who show up free access to an improved version of a Tier 3 talent (Natural) is better than awarding XP for the same attendance? It seems like your team's solution is just to kick the can. You either give everyone the same stuff, or you don't. Changing the way a GM awards attendance doesn't change that fact. I disagree withholding XP is punishment, but the case for parity among players for easing the GM load is apt. However, it's akin to setting aside a pool of dollars for an absent buddy when you and your pals get together to play poker.
  12. Adults adulting! 😱 From my point of view this is the right answer!
  13. So, technically, you were rewarded by the other activity you chose to do, and thus didn't have them feels about being punished? 🤔
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