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  1. Could this be solved by posting the delta per archetype and then give the player X credits after the fact? While I personally wouldn't sweat the credits, I can recognize that some folks will and it would be simple to accommodate both play styles. Are the numbers as posted the range of the delta, or absolutes?
  2. themensch

    When will someone make this?

    So I get it that Genesys isn't SWRPG, but there seems to be very little a Genesys GM couldn't leverage from stoogof's site with minimal effort. I agree a PDF isn't the same as a searchable database with a web front end- different strokes for different folks. I actually use both, and would benefit from both! edit: ouch, stoo is a little behind here.
  3. themensch

    What do PCs do in the Android setting?

    A topic like this deserves its own thread, my friend!
  4. themensch

    Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration

    Oh, how could I have forgotten Transmetropolitan?!? It's of course NSFW but it would fit right in as good inspiration.
  5. themensch

    Shadow of the Beanstalk errata

    This could use a pinning. Thanks for collecting this!
  6. themensch

    Beanstalk PDF?

    Can we pin this frequently-asked question for the curious passerby? Our pal @WillisRBC isn't the first to express confusion about this and it might save others a little time and energy trying to find the answer.
  7. themensch

    Suggested fonts for SOTB handouts?

    Someone has posted these in Discord, which I would repost here but I appear to be unable to connect presently. EDIT: @DrainSmith offered that they are: Bebas Neue, Minion Pro, Futura Condensed Light, Monkrita Pursuit NC
  8. themensch

    What do PCs do in the Android setting?

    Brilliant idea! If you can manage to wrap at the end of each session, this is the perfect way to set the stage for episodic play with a rotating cast of PCs. It sure beats meeting in the saloon. Well, okay, not always. Consider this yoinked!
  9. themensch

    Conversion of other cyberpunk system modules

    I'm failing to recall a ton of cp2020 modules, but man that gear ....
  10. themensch

    Facebook group

    One hopes that one leads to another and vice versa.
  11. themensch

    Facebook group

    Is the engagement on facebook so much that it warrants further community diaspora? I mean yeah "facebook bad" and all that but what's preventing interested parties from engaging here, in Discord, or in the subreddits?
  12. themensch

    Shadows of the Beanstalk

    Looks like I'll be picking that book up after all. Alchemy, Runes, and Heroic whatsamacallits also seem intriguing even if I've had my fill of elves and pixies.
  13. themensch

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    The PDF complaint was voiced by others - apparently, Drivethru is marketing it as a watermarked PDF. I felt compelled to share this information to the group at large.
  14. themensch

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    Reportedly no, and it's also not a watermarked PDF but an epub and a mobi. I own the physical copy and can confirm they're in there.